Our Story

Hello and welcome! Robert and Patryk here, the guys that created this site.

Our electronic music journey started in the early 90s and we have over 20 years of experience in DJing.

We have known each other since primary school and first became friends at the age of 5.

Photo of Robert and Patryk

Before CDs became the norm, Robert would record tracks from the radio to cassette tapes. We would then listen to these tracks together by sharing a walkman at school.

Robert’s older brother then introduced him to the world of electronic music through all the compilation mix CDs from that era.

At the time this was like a goldmine! Like any good friend, Robert introduced those quality tunes to Patryk.

Photo of Robert's CD collection

Through our teenage years, we were constantly listening to electronic music. Together we analyzed this music, always talking about the various elements we loved.

This drove our ambition to become DJs from a young age. In our late teens, we even developed a business plan to become local DJs.

Here’s a logo Patryk created for Synergy Entertainment, the business we dreamt of creating…

Synergy Sessions Logo

Back then the internet was still young so learning was a process of trial and error.

Robert used to experiment with DJing and create mixes using basic software. There was no way to cue the tracks in your headphones, so this made things tricky!

As we got older and technology advanced, we discovered weekly radio shows from our favorite DJs.

Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance and Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World just to name a few.

From the moment we were old enough we began going to clubs and festivals. This allowed us to experience electronic music on a whole new level.

Our hunger for DJing only grew from there and we wanted to emulate our favorite DJs.

We eventually purchased our first DJ controllers and would get together for epic 8 hour back-to-back DJing sessions.

Patryk on the original DJ gear

DJing has always been a passion for us. An outlet to be creative and mix our favorite tracks.

To this day we are constantly pushing our skills simply because we love it.

So many years later, even with regular jobs, partners and kids, we still find time to get together and mix tracks (both new and old!).