Why Trust Us

Our sole mission is to provide practical advice on topics and products that DJs, studio producers and live performers can trust.

Over the past 15 years, we have researched, tested and reviewed a countless amount of products.

We follow a thorough research process as outlined below. This ensures we provide the most knowledge and detail in our product reviews.

The most important thing to us is reader trust, and we strive to instill this in all of our content.

Products We Research

Our research covers a wide range of products related to DJs, studio producers and live performers.

For DJs some of these products include DJ controllers and mixers. For studio producers they include studio monitors and headphones. And live performers include PA speakers and systems.

As the landscape for all products within these major categories is huge, this is only an example of some types of products we cover.

How We Research Products

We research products using the following process. Our goal is to extract the most knowledge we can in order to provide an in-depth product review.

Depending on the type of product, our research can take weeks and is backed by years of experience.

Gather Data

Usually the first step in our research process is to gather data only from trustworthy sources. These include:

  • Manufacturers – to get accurate information on the product itself.
  • Major Retailers – such as Sweetwater and Thomann to get further product information.
  • Trusted websites – to gain deeper product insights. These sites must hold the same editorial standards as us.
  • YouTube – to get a visual hands-on perspective of the product.

Consult Experts

We reach out to our network of experts who have direct experience with the product. These include:

  • Manufacturers we have direct relationships with.
  • Staff at local music stores.
  • People we know in the music industry.

Hands-On Testing

Ideally we would love to get our hands on every product we review but it’s simply not feasible. When we do, it’s usually provided directly to us on loan from the manufacturer or retailer and put through our stringent testing process and rating criteria.

In some cases we may be allowed to keep the product, however this strictly does not influence our review. We are committed to honesty as part of our core values and will always keep an unbiased opinion. We often then give these products away as part of our monthly giveaways.

We may also buy the product if we really want to test it ourselves. Here’s an example of a product we managed to get our hands on to test and review.

Customer Reviews

We get feedback from real people who already own the product we’re reviewing. This involves us reading, analyzing and fact checking customer reviews from a variety of trusted websites. These include:

  • Music Retailers – major retailers in the music industry such as Sweetwater and Thomann.
  • Specialized Forums – highly specialized forums on certain product categories.
  • General Forums – large open forums such as Reddit and Quora.
  • Department Stores – large department stores such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Google User Reviews – user reviews shown directly in Google search results.

We understand that sometimes customer reviews can be faked so we used tools like Fakespot to help mitigate this.

Local Stores

Being a local business ourselves, we often go to local music stores to get another perspective on the products we review.

This allows us to speak with trained staff who are experts in their field. It also gives us the opportunity to get hands-on experience with products.

Trade Shows

Occasionally we go to trade shows which are held to give businesses the chance to showcase their products and services. This allows us to gain product knowledge on a wider level and discuss industry innovations and trends.

Businesses often feature products which haven’t been released yet. This gives us great insights into future trends.

Networking with industry experts, building direct relationships and getting hands-on experience are other ways we build our product knowledge.

Personal Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in the music industry and our personal music journey started in the early 90s.

Over such a long timeframe, we have researched, tested and reviewed countless amounts of products.

Ultimately this means we have a wealth of personal experience and product knowledge.

About Us

If you would like to learn more about how and why we started, along with our core values and where we are today, head over to our about us page.

We welcome all your feedback so please feel free to contact us directly. You can also find us on our social pages.


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