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Photo of Robert and Patryk

Hi there, Robert and Patryk here. We have over 20 years of experience in DJing. We began our DJing journey all the way back in the mid-’90s.

Robert’s older brother introduced him to the world of dance music through all the amazing compilation mix CDs from that era. From the legendary Global Underground series to Gatecrasher and Trancemaster. Like any good friend does Robert introduced Patryk to those quality tunes.

Photo of Robert's CD's

So many amazing tracks and memories on these CDs.

Robert would record the best tracks to cassette tapes (remember them!) and we would review and critique the latest music while at school. We fell in love with the music and would go crazy for the epic drops. Tracks like Corona – Rhythm of the Night (Space Remix) and Hocus Pocus – Here’s Johnny (such simple times!)

At the time we wanted to become superstar DJs. We even developed a business plan for our own entertainment company called Synergy Sessions.

Synergy Sessions Logo

The original logo created all the way back in the late 90s by Patryk in his teenage years!

As time went on we discovered weekly radio shows from our favourite DJs. Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance (back when it was still half Dutch!). Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World and Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast just name a few. From the moment we were old enough we began going to clubs and festivals and experiencing the music on a whole new level.

Our love for DJing only grew from there. From the very beginning, we wanted to do what those DJs did. Back then the internet was still young so learning was a process of trial and error. Robert used to create mixes using basic software without even having access to headphone cueing. Before long we moved onto Virtual DJ and eventually, we both purchased our first DJ gear.

From there we would get together for epic 8hr back to back VS sessions. Since Robert lived in a rural location without neighbours nearby we would practically blow the roof off.

Patryk on the original DJ gear

Basic equipment from a long, long time ago. That didn’t stop us from having an awesome time!

We bought party and strobe lights and would set up our own personal club. Epic parties were held and everyone knew who to go to for the latest tunes. We would share mixes between each other and our friends spreading the love for the music to anyone who would listen!

Even as we got older and realised the DJ touring lifestyle was not what we wanted we continued to mix. Constantly pushing our skills and looking out for the latest gear. So many years later and even with regular jobs, partners and kids we still find time to throw down an epic set with both old and new tracks.

“Our Mission Is To Teach Home DJs How To Choose The Right Equipment & Evolve Their Skills.”

Now you know a little bit more about us and why we have created this site. Let’s dive into how we approach our articles and why we think you’ll find value in them.

How We Write Our Articles

All the articles you’ll find on this site are researched and written by us. Using both our own personal experiences and the experiences of people we trust. This is the core of everything we publish.

Where possible we aim to get our hands on the products we review but sometimes that isn’t possible. In those cases, we rely on feedback from others who have bought and used the product. We also rely on the expertise of staff in our local stores to get another perspective on the products we review.

From the start, we wanted to create a hub of information for both aspiring and seasoned DJs. A site you can trust to give you an unbiased opinion on the topics and products that matter to DJs.

Photo of Robert testing a DJ controller

Testing products in our local store gives us a hands-on feel of the equipment we review.

How Are We Different?

Our focus is on the life of a DJ at home. From the hobby DJ who wants to just play the music they love all the way to the professional DJ/Producer. We want every level of DJ to have access to the best information for setting up and mastering their own personal home DJ studio.

What’s In It For You?

So why read our articles? I would say the main reason is you want quality well-researched information about the world of DJing at home.

If you can relate to the following, you’ll be sure to enjoy the content on our site.

  • You want a home DJ studio that you’ll love spending time in.
  • You want gear advice based on experience, not from a sales page.
  • You want to become the best DJ you can be.

If that resonates with you we look forward to having you read our guides and reviews. You can start planning your ultimate home DJ studio by clicking here.

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