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When Home DJ Studio first launched, the idea was simple: Teach aspiring home DJ’s how to choose the right equipment and develop their DJing skills.

Using in-depth product comparisons and reviews, we showed our readers exactly what to look for when choosing DJ equipment. Then we created informational guides teaching them how to use it.

Over the coming years, our dedication to providing the very best content in the DJ industry allowed us to expand into the wider industry of studio producers and live performers.

As we’ve grown, so has our vision to become a leading resource for advice on DJ, studio and live performance gear.

Our Story

Everything you find on this site was created by Robert and Patryk. We are the original founders and sole owners.

Being lifelong friends, a large part of our friendship has been based on the mutual love of electronic music. This inspired us to get into DJing which we still do to this day.

If you’re interested to learn more about our history, you can read our full story.

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Why We Started

Home DJ Studio came to birth out of pure passion. We have loved everything to do with electronic music and DJing from a young age.

Having worked professionally in the digital marketing industry for over 15 years, we saw an opportunity to bring this passion to life. We thought that having a website dedicated to topics related to DJs would fill a void.

Before we existed, there were very few websites that covered these topics in full. There was a lack of good quality and detailed information, particularly when it came to product reviews. This made it difficult to for us compare products that we personally wanted.

From there our mission was clear. Create hubs of content comparing all types of DJ equipment. Write in-depth product reviews for this equipment. Provide informational guides on how to use it.

Focusing on just DJ equipment helped us to establish a presence in the market. This allowed us to expand into all types of studio and live performance equipment. Today we work directly with many large retailers and brands that engage us to endorse their products. 

Our Current Position

Currently we have over 60,000 people worldwide coming to our site each month and reading our content.

We cover three major categories of equipment related to – DJs, Studio Producers and Live Performers.

For each category, we publish the following types of content.

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Product Comparisons

Provide a top level view of all products within a specific category.
We currently have over 50 product comparisons across all categories.
> Product Comparison Example

Product Reviews

Go deeper into each specific product, analyzing all major features.
We have reviewed over 200 products across all categories.
> Product Review Example

Informational Guides

Aim to educate and assist on a variety of important topics.
We have created over 40 guides in different categories.
> Informational Guide Example

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to provide practical advice on topics and products that DJs, studio producers and live performers can trust.

Our Core Values

We believe that by striving to provide the very best content, we can build a deep level of trust with our readers and help them find exactly what they need.

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We absolutely love what we do. This means our content is infused with the best we can offer.

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Every product we recommend comes with an unbiased opinion. If there’s something we don’t like, we’ll tell you.

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Everything we do is focused on attention to detail. We’ll go the extra mile to provide more value.

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Every day we strive to be better. We’re always learning and never settle for good enough.

Why Trust Us

Reader trust is our top priority and we follow a thorough research process before publishing our content.

Rigorous testing and rating criteria are also applied to products we’re hands-on with.

To learn more about why our readers and customers trust us, and how we research products, head over to our dedicated trust page.

Our Community

Thousands of readers have joined our newsletter which keeps them updated with our latest content.

We also run a monthly giveaway to our loyal subscribers as a way to give something back to them.

Since launching our monthly giveaways, we have drawn over 25 winners.

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About Us

Photo of Robert Calabrese

Robert Calabrese

Founder & Chief Editor

With over 15 years experience working in the digital marketing industry, my focus is mainly SEO and affiliate marketing. Anything related to the core business operations and marketing, reach out to me.

Photo of Patryk Biernacki

Patryk Biernacki

Senior Writer & Editor

Creativity has been a lifelong passion of mine, both professionally and personally. Content research, writing and design are my core focus. Reach out to me for anything related to the products we review.


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Our office is located in Australia at this address:

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