ADAM Audio T7V Review – High Tech Features At A Great Price

ADAM Audio is no stranger to the studio monitor space. Both their AX and S Series monitors have won over many professionals. Fantastic sound quality and dependable. The T Series is ADAM Audio’s answer to other entry-level monitors on the market. In this review, we check out the T7V to see how it stacks up in an already crowded market.

Adam Audio T7V

Front view of the Adam Audio T7V studio monitor.

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The ADAM Audio T7V is the largest in the T Series and boasts some impressive specs and performance. It’s inspired by the technology behind their more expensive monitors. An appealing choice for both beginners and professionals.




There is a lot going on with these monitors that separate them from other options out there. Below we take a look at closer look at what the T7V has to offer.

Sound Quality

I’ve had the chance to listen to a lot of studio monitors over the years. Some are great and some are not so great. Entry-level monitors are particularly hit or miss. The ADAM Audio T7V is definitely in the great category.

The highs are refined and clear thanks to the Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter. Not a hint of distortion in the top end. This is excellent as often a harsh top-end is a sure-fire way to fatigue your ears sooner rather than later. There is also plenty of transparency here. An airy delivery that highlights details in the top end well.

The majority of the mids are equally tight and precise. Instrumental components are well-defined and spatial compositions within the mix are easily identified.

Perhaps the weakest element is the lower mids. There is the slightest hint of mush here. But in no way does it interfere with the overall experience and your capacity to mix accurately.

The bass response from the 7-inch woofer is also dependable and full of life. Not colored or over-hyped like some monitors. But also not as flat and boring as some of the favorites at this price point.

There is plenty of accuracy here and a good balance across all frequencies. For more detailed sub-bass work I’d still recommend a subwoofer. But that is a recommendation I’d give for all 7-inch monitors.

The waveguide and port design also do an excellent job of keeping everything in check. Spatial delivery and imaging are excellent. Roomy and dimensional without any overt over expansion.

It’s an impressive outing and a clear showing that ADAM Audio knows what they are doing. Utilizing their experience with high-end monitors has translated well to the entry-level T Series.

Build Quality

If there is one area that is often a compromise in entry-level monitors it tends to be this one. Effectively balancing the cost of materials with performance is tricky. One that many fail miserably at. Thankfully that is not the case here.

Adam Audio T7V Details.

The T7V features a High-frequency Propagation System for maximum consistency.

The cabinet is robust and durable. Thick enough to be able to handle the odd bump but not overly heavy either. It is 15mm thick and made of MDF. The front baffle is plastic and features the iconic ADAM Audio shape. I’m also happy to see that this monitor doesn’t resort to shiny plastic. Something which is ultra-prone to fingerprints and scuff marks.

Component quality is also high. Efficient Class D Amp, good connection points, and reliable switches. For an entry-level monitor at this price point, ADAM Audio has done an excellent job of delivering a good quality unit. The two-year warranty also provides peace of mind and extends to five years upon registration.


The ADAM Audio T7V has an impressive frequency response of 39Hz – 25kHz. The 1.9″ U-ART tweeter does an excellent job to surpass other monitors in top-end reach and accuracy. While the 7″ polypropylene woofer hits a depth of 39Hz, a noticeable improvement over the 45Hz that the 5-inch model offers.

Adam Audio T7V Specifications.

The T7V has plenty of depth in the low-end and reach in the high-end.

On the power front, ADAM Audio has opted for a highly efficient Class-D amp. One for the woofer and one for the tweeter. I’ve always liked this style as it allows for tighter control over each. A total of 70W is on offer with 50W for the woofer and 20W for the tweeter. Crossover frequency resides at 2600Hz.

With a Max SPL of 110dB at 1 meter, these monitors also offer plenty of headroom. Performance at higher volumes is also impressive. But as with all monitors, I wouldn’t recommend you push these at high volumes for long periods. In a near-field environment that these belong in you won’t have any shortage of volume power up your sleeve.

Tuning Options

ADAM Audio keeps things simple in the tuning area. You’ll have access to HF and LF adjustments. Each offer +2dB, 0dB, and -2dB options. This allows you to tweak the output to suit your studio space. I found that these perform great out of the box with both settings at 0. But the LF -2dB option might be required depending on your space and how close the monitors are to the wall.

Adam Audio T7V Tuning.

The T7V allows you to adjust output to suit your studio space.

Other monitors offer a little more flexibility in this area. But for most situations, these straightforward options should be enough to deal with any issues. As always your mileage may vary depending on other factors that are unique to your studio space. ADAM Audio does provide plenty of useful setup information in the manual to help steer you in the right direction. 


I quite like the appearance of the ADAM Audio T7V. It is a departure from other studio monitors and certainly has its own character. The all-black appearance might be a little bland for some. But these blend perfectly into any studio environment. The slight hint of color from the ribbon tweeter does draw the eye. But the angled baffle is the most striking feature.

A pair of Adam Audio T7V studio monitors.

The T7V is a sleek and modern-looking studio monitor.

But there are a few design decisions that I feel could be improved upon. Most notably the power switch is located on the back which can make it tricky to reach. Even more so there is no power indicator on the front to identify when the unit is on. Likewise, no limiter light to signal when you are pushing the monitor too far.

The other minor gripe I have is with the volume control. There is no indent on the 0 position. Something that would be especially useful if you are adjusting volume blindly.

The rear-facing bass port could also be an issue for some people. Space is at a premium in smaller studios so you may not have the ability to keep these away from walls. While the LF adjustment can assist setup is easier when dealing with a front-facing port.

Despite these few nitpicks the thought and intelligent design behind these monitors is apparent. I’m always happy to see companies that utilize technology from their higher-end options in their entry-level monitors. A taste of the good stuff without the high price tag.


The ADAM Audio T7V is a larger monitor but manages to be a little sleeker than comparable options from the competition. A 7-inch woofer does demand some space so there is only so much that can be done to keep dimensions down. I’d suggest making sure you have an appropriate amount of space to set these up in your studio.

Adam Audio T7V Dimensions.

The T7V is a large yet relatively lightweight monitor.

At 15.7 lbs. (7.1kg) these strike a good balance. Lightweight enough for easy mobility but hefty enough to add stability. As always a good pair of stands or isolation pads should be high on your list of upgrades. You’ll get much better performance from your monitors.


The focus on the studio is also evident when it comes to the connectivity choice. You’ll have access to a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA point. A small switch between the two customizes output based on your connection. I’d have liked to see a combo jack or TRS option here just to add that little bit more flexibility.

Adam Audio T7V Connection Options.

The T7V supports both balanced and unbalanced signals.

As with most studio-focused monitors you won’t get any other options. Things like a headphone port or Bluetooth are not present. If you are coming from more consumer-orientated speakers you may miss some of those features. 


Value can be subjective. I’ve rated speakers at triple the cost of these monitors as good value. It is all relative to what you get for your hard-earned money. But these are undoubtedly a great buy.

There are plenty of entry-level monitors that float around this price point. The T7V can go toe to toe with them. And compared to some simply blow them out of the water. If you want a good-sounding monitor that doesn’t tax your wallet the T7V is a solid investment.

Customer Reviews

ADAM Audio has built a stellar reputation in the studio market. The T Series is a popular and highly-rated entry point into their line of products. There are a lot of 5-star reviews for the T7V. And upon its release, it also picked up multiple awards from industry groups. 

The Benefits of Accelerated Ribbon Tweeters

There are many common tweeter materials. Paper and Kevlar are often among the most used but they are not the be-all and end-all. Ribbon tweeters are an alternative to cone tweeters and in some people’s minds the superior choice.

Adam Audio T7V ART tweeter.

The U-ART high-frequency driver delivers excellent performance.

Ribbon tweeters like the U-ART high-frequency driver from ADAM Audio provide some key benefits. The most important of which is the high level of detail and accuracy they produce.

Instead of a piston motion to generate air movement the ribbon brings air in and squeezes it out based on the source input. This process is faster than conventional tweeters. The result is higher levels of clarity, low distortion, and accuracy.

The T Series in particular features a high-tech polymide film. This design helps the T7V reach higher than comparable monitors. Stretching to 25kHz while others cap out at 20kHz.

If definition and accuracy in the top end are high on your list of priorities an Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter is a superb choice.

Other Options

Selecting studio monitors is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make when setting up your studio. With a crowded market, picking solid entry-level options can be challenging. Here are some other worthy options if you don’t want to spend the big bucks on high-end monitors.

PreSonus R65 V2 Review

The PreSonus R series is another excellent choice for beginners. It is similar in appearance to the T7V but does feature a different AMT tweeter.

  • A generous sweet spot that makes finding the correct position easy.
  • High clarity and neutrality along with a front-facing bass port.
  • More expensive than the ADAM Audio T7V.
PreSonus R65 V2

PreSonus R65 V2

Yamaha HS7 Review

Another popular option in the entry-level space is the HS series from Yamaha. It’s a highly capable monitor that offers excellent precision for analytical listening.

  • Ultra-accurate and flat for maximum transparency.
  • Solid cabinet and high attention to detail. Built to last.
  • Low-end may be too flat and ‘boring’ for some people.

KRK Rokit 7 G4 Review

If you are looking for deeper flexibility the Rokit 7 G4 from KRK is a good alternative. Iconic in both design and sound. It is a popular choice for beginners.

  • Advanced tuning options with LCD screen. Highly customizable.
  • Iconic styling coupled with great audio delivery.
  • Not as balanced and neutral as other choices.
Front view of the KRK Rokit 7 G4 studio monitor

KRK Rokit 7 G4


Should You Buy?

ADAM Audio has achieved what few can do. A highly capable, accurate, and pleasing sounding monitor. Without a big-ticket price tag. I’m a big fan of ADAM Audio’s high-end lineup so I did have concerns that an entry-level option from them would not live up to expectations. Thankfully that isn’t the case. The T Series and in particular the T7V is a great monitor for beginners. If you are looking for a dependable monitor the ADAM Audio T7V should be on your list of options.

Front view of the Adam Audio T7V studio monitor.

ADAM Audio T7V


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