The Best MP3 Record Pool For Digital DJs (2024)

One of the most frequent questions I get from new DJs is how to build up a music collection. There are several ways that you can build a music library but one of the easiest and most cost-effective options is to join a DJ record pool.

But with so many choices out there it can be a challenge to choose the right one. In this guide, we take a detailed look at the best DJ record pools on the market today.

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Why Use A DJ Record Pool?

Before we dive into the DJ pool reviews let’s cover why you should use a DJ record pool.

First and foremost it is one of the cheapest ways to acquire a large selection of music for your DJ sets. It is also an excellent way to discover fresh music across a wide range of genres. Plus having access to high-quality DJ-friendly edits ensures your mixes sound the best they can be.

All you have to do is sign-up for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. Then you’ll have access to a staggering amount of fresh music to download and add to your collection.

Whether you are an open format DJ, wedding DJ, or a professional DJ there is a DJ record pool out there for you.

Review Of The Top 11 Digital DJ Pools

There are a lot of DJ pools on the market but there are quite a few differences between them. Below we take a deeper dive into the leading DJ record pools so you can choose the right record pool for you.

BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme logo.

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BPM Supreme is one of the best DJ record pools out there and the go-to choice for many high-profile professional DJs.

BPM Supreme offers an extensive selection of music with a huge back catalog. An excellent choice for DJs that want to cover a broad range of music from yesteryear.

Fresh tracks are added daily meaning there is always something new to explore and download. File quality is excellent at 320kbps and an easy-to-access history allows you to redownload tracks. A great feature if you happen to lose your music collection.

BPM Supreme exclusive edits from the in-house team also give them an edge over some competitors. Popular songs with a range of track versions mean you can always get the version that is right for your needs.

BPM Supreme also offers reasonable pricing compared to other DJ pools. Plus the super cheap first month is an excellent way to test out the service without forking over a bunch of cash upfront.

The BPM Supreme app is also fantastic. It is easy to preview and create playlists on the go. Light and Dark mode for the web interface is also a welcome choice.

This combination of features and pricing makes BPM Supreme one of the best DJ pools available.

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ZipDJ logo.

ZipDJ is another juggernaut in the DJ pool space. The sheer amount of music available and their excellent website set them apart from the competition.

They have partnerships with over 3000 leading labels from around the world. And not just any old labels. Heavyweights in the industry like Ministry of Sound, Universal, Armada, and Anjunabeats to name a few. The result is a staggering selection of the hottest tunes for your DJ sets.

They also have an extensive selection spanning over 60 subcategories. Excellent trending lists along with professionally curated playlists. A great way to dive into a new music genre or get the essentials for your preferred genres.

Pricing is on the higher side but they do offer a good selection of subscription options. The Intro plans are a great way to test out the service but the Pro plans do offer the best value with unlimited downloads.

High-quality 320kbps MP3’s all tagged up and ready to import into your preferred DJ software platform. A good selection of DJ-friendly edits, acapellas, and exclusive remixes.

The user interface is also slick and clean. Easy to navigate and preview tracks. And it does an excellent job to help you find music in their vast catalog.

If you are looking for the best DJ pool with a huge selection ZipDJ should be on your list.

Crate Connect

Crate Connect logo.

Crate Connect is an exceptional DJ record pool with some unique features.

They offer a broad selection of music. And not just the latest hits but also a huge back catalog of older music. A perfect choice for wedding DJs that need to add some oldies to their collection.

The selection of genres is also extensive with 80+ available. Crate Connect also includes some more lesser-known genres which will be ideal for some DJs that focus on specific musical niches.

The user interface is also quick and responsive. It works great on mobile and offers a waveform view to preview tracks. Great for quick skimming.

High-quality MP3 files are available but what sets Crate Connect apart is the ability to download WAVs. A feature that is not available on other DJ pools.

Crate Connect Go is also an excellent feature. You can preview and add tracks on your mobile. When you have finished you can opt to have the tracks sent to your email address in a convenient ZIP file.

The pricing is also very reasonable. This is one record pool that is definitely worth trying out.

DJ City

DJ City logo.

DJ City is one of the oldest and most established DJ record pools. And while they might be old they are still among the very best record pools out there.

One of the main things that set DJ City apart from other record pools is its extensive selection of exclusive music and edits. The in-house team of remixers and producers does some fantastic work. Whether that is bringing new life to older songs or DJ-friendly remixes of current hits.

But keep in mind that many of the tracks on DJ City have a limited available timeframe. Some tracks will be gone from the service after 6 months so you need to grab them while you can.

The user interface is also clean and well organized. Finding track versions is easy and a handy popularity bar shows the most popular options.

Light and dark mode is also available. Let’s face it you’ll be spending hours digging around their huge database so it’s good to have that option.

They offer a good range of genres but certainly lean more towards more mainstream hits. Not the best place for underground bangers. But with a super cheap intro price, it is certainly worth dipping in to see if it suits your style.

The mobile app is also solid and easy to navigate. Bulk downloading of all the tracks you have selected is also available. Plus advanced searching makes discovering new releases simple and intuitive.

If you want exclusive music and edits of popular songs DJ City is the best DJ record pool for you.

My MP3 Pool

My MP3 Pool logo.

My MP3 Pool is a relative newcomer to the DJ pool scene. But they have rapidly established a great reputation as one of the best record pools available.

They offer a massive library with over 1.2 million tracks spanning 365 genres. The selection is continually growing with new releases added daily.

The easy-to-use interface also does an excellent job in helping narrow down your searches. Navigate with genres, year of release, track version, BPM, and more.

The files are high-quality 320kbps MP3s with multiple edits available. Clean, dirty, intro, instrumental, and remixes to name a few. Plus they also offer exclusives not found on other DJ pools.

Bulk downloading is also available which is a must-have feature for a modern DJ pool.

My MP3 Pool also offers a free sign-up option that will allow you to dive in and explore. You won’t be able to download any tracks. And you’ll also be limited to 30-second previews. But it is a great way to check out the service before committing. Something that other DJ record pools don’t offer.

If you want to check out one of the fastest-growing DJ pools My MP3 Pool is worth exploring. Especially since it offers a free peek behind the curtain.

Digital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool logo.

Digital DJ Pool takes the existing model of record pool and adds its own unique social aspects to it.

Not only does it offer a comprehensive selection of over 150,000 songs across over 40 genres it also boasts an intuitive personalized feed.

You can follow other DJs, record labels, and your favorite artists. This creates your own personal DJ network and they are the only DJ pool that offers this. You’ll never miss out on the latest tracks. Plus it is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse.

Navigation is a breeze and the search function is capable. Although surprisingly sometimes excludes certain edits. The mobile app is also sophisticated and modern. Great for listening when you are out and about.

All files at Digital DJ Pool are high-quality and even include preset cue points. Simply drag and drop into Serato for instant playback. A huge time saver for DJs that dread manually adding cue points to their tracks.

But one of the most appealing aspects of Digital DJ Pool is the sign-up price. You can try out the service for 5 days for just $1. An excellent way to explore the interface and selection. The ongoing price is also more than reasonable.

For the socially-minded DJ that wants a more personalized experience, Digital DJ Pool is one of the best record pools.

Digital Music Pool

Digital Music Pool logo.

Digital Music Pool is another easy-to-use digital DJ pool with a good selection of new music from a solid selection of genres.

Genres include everything from the latest electronic music to a variety of House music genres. But more open-format DJs will also appreciate the selection of R&B, Country, Latin, and more. A great choice for DJs that play in bars where the needs of the crowd change throughout the night.

The interface is also easy to navigate and provides enough tools to easily search and download tracks.

High-quality 320kbps MP3 files are available for all tracks. A range of edits and exclusives also make Digital Music Pool an enticing option.

Browsing on the go is great for DJs thanks to the responsive site. Easily save tracks for later.

Unlimited downloads at a reasonable price point are another tick in our books. But you will be limited to a maximum of 3 downloads per track.

Sign-up does start with a quarterly package so unlike other services you do need to commit a little more money upfront.

While it does require a bigger upfront commitment, Digital Music Pool still offers plenty of value for all types of DJs.

Direct Music Service (DMS)

Direct Music Service logo.

Direct Music Service is another long-running DJ pool. They also offer some unique features not available elsewhere.

The selection is exceptionally large thanks to over two decades in the industry. If you need older tracks this is among the best DJ record pools available. Multiple genres from rock to electronic music solidify it as among the most expansive options out there.

Exclusive and DJ-friendly edits are also top-notch. And if you can’t find an edit you can always request the team to put one together. This level of personalized service is not available on other records pools.

File quality is also good but there are a few 256kbps files floating around. But the vast majority are 320kbps.

DMS is not without some issues. First is the price. They come in as one of the most expensive out there. But considering the huge back catalog, it is not surprising.

The other issue is the outdated interface. Don’t get me wrong it works well on both desktops and in the mobile app. It just lacks the polish of the more modern user interfaces other record pools offer.

If you want the deepest back catalog Direct Music Service is one of the best record pools. Well worth checking out.

Club Killers

Club Killers logo.

Club Killers is a name you may already be familiar with. Their DJ mix shows are very popular. And it’s plain to see why. Epic tracks made to make a dancefloor party hard.

Club Killers’ specialty is in their excellent range of club edits and mashups. But the selection available is more limited than the competition. There is a distinct focus on the Hip-Hop and Trap genres. But what their in-house team produces is awesome.

There are other genres available and the overall selection is still quite decent. Navigating the site is also good but the lack of an app does hold it back.

If you are curious to see what Club Killers offers I strongly suggest you check out their mix shows on Mixcloud.

Also, a word of warning the Club Killers site doesn’t appear to be a DJ pool at first glance. But just navigate to the sign-up and got through the process to unlock this side of their business.

Price-wise it does creep up there, especially without the inclusion of a handy mobile app. But for the best dancefloor fillers, it is hard to look past this record pool.

If you have a focus on club-style tracks Club Killers is worth your attention. But for open format and wedding DJs, other DJ pools will be a better choice.

Promo Only

Promo Only logo.

Promo Only has an extensive history in the record pool space. They are also one of only a few record pools that offer audio and video files.

Established over 25 years ago Promo Only has built an excellent reputation in the scene. And to go with that comes a big selection of music across multiple genres. Everything from Top 40 hits, Urban, Electronic, and even Christian Rock.

The site itself is fairly easy to navigate but does lack the slick polished appearance of more modern options. Search functionality is also well defined with plenty of filters to get to what you want.

But where Promo Only falls short is in price point. While it does offer some top-level options this is an expensive DJ record pool.

You can however subscribe to individual genres, though this can add up very quickly if you like to spin different types of music.

The most appealing aspect of Promo only is access to HQ video files. For VDJs this is among the best DJ pools available.

If you like to play one specific genre or want access to video files, Promo Only is worth trying out.

iDJ Pool

iDJ Pool logo.

iDJ Pool is similar to Promo Only. They have been around for a very long time and offer a deep selection of older music.

Launched in 1985 in Chicago, iDJ Pool offers a rich selection of tracks ideally suited to mobile and wedding DJs.

Intro and DJ-friendly edits of popular tracks throughout the decades with unlimited downloads. A handy way to build up a formidable collection quickly and easily.

All files are high-quality and tagged correctly. They also offer DJ tools like samples, scratches, and loops.

Their selection of more club-focused music is not as expansive as other options. But the depth of the catalog is exceptional.

iDJ Pool also offers an FTP option if you have been subscribed for at least a month. It is the only DJ Pool I’ve found that offers this. For some DJs, this will be a quick and simple way to get the latest promotional tracks.

The site certainly lacks the finesse of some of the newer pools. And the pricing is on the higher end with some genres not available in some packages.

Despite the high price and dated interface iDJ Pool is still among the best DJ record pools for older music.


How Much Does A DJ Pool Cost?

DJ Pools cost anywhere between $20-$70 per month. Prices vary based on download limits, genres selected, and in some cases file quality. Most offer a cheaper monthly rate if you purchase a quarterly, 6-month, or yearly plan.

Are There Any Free DJ Pools?

There is a small selection of free DJ pools but they do not compare well to the paid options. The small music selection and restrictive genres mean you are better off selecting a paid DJ pool option.

Is Beatport A DJ Pool?

Beatport is a music buying storefront that doesn’t offer a record pool option. But they do provide a streaming service for DJs, BeatportLINK. If you don’t want to download music it is a good alternative to traditional record pools.

Which One Should You Choose?

Selecting the best DJ Pool for your needs is not an easy task. Each record pool offers its own unique benefits and no two record pools are the same.

If you already know what type of music you like to play it can help narrow your choices. But many record pools don’t provide a clear indication of their selection until you sign up.

Thankfully most have a monthly option so it can be relatively inexpensive to try out a few different ones each month.

Every DJ will have their personal favorites. The only way you’ll find yours is by trying out different DJ record pools until you find one that meets your needs.

DJ playing in a nightclub.

Selecting the right DJ pool will give you access to plenty of tracks to rock your next gig.

Signing up for a DJ Pool can also be confusing at times. Most require you to show that you are a professional DJ.

The strictness between pools also varies. Some are content with DJs that just produce mixes to share online. While others want to see more detailed information.

Most DJ pools offer unlimited downloads. There is no reason why you can’t sign up for one month. Download an epic amount of tracks. And then cancel the subscription service.

With so many quality new releases coming out each month, I’m sure you’ll end up sticking around with your favorites. And in the long run, it works out a lot cheaper than having to buy each track individually.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for a subscription service that sounds like it will meet your needs and start building your music library.

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