Denon MC7000 Review – Expressive Control with Great Features

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. To find a similar product, we suggest reading this guide.

The Denon MC7000 is a professional level DJ controller. With 4 channels and an extensive list of features, it ticks a large number of boxes. Let’s check out what it brings to the table.

Denon MC7000

Top view of the Denon MC7000

Mixer Section


Performance Pads


Looping Controls


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The Denon MC7000 is a quality controller. It delivers DJs an extensive range of features. With a bunch of included software, it can tackle almost any type of DJ setup. Add in large jogwheels and excellent performance features and you end up with a top of the line 4 channel controller.




There is plenty to breakdown with the MC7000. Let’s dive into the details and see what it has to offer DJs looking for a 4 channel controller.

Mixer Section

The core of the Denon MC7000 is the refined and spacious central mixer section.

It offers DJ control over 4 channels. Each channel sports excellent faders. Above the faders is a dedicated Low/High pass filter knob that is a different color from the other knobs. This makes them stand out more preventing you from activating the filter when you are planning on killing the bass. A Cue button for sending the audio to your headphones resides underneath the filter knob.

A full 3-band EQ sits above the filter and is full kill. This means that it will completely cut that frequency. Some other controllers will leave some residual sound when the EQ is fully down. If you need clean frequency cuts this is a great feature.

Denon MC7000 Mixer Section

The Denon MC7000 has a refined mixer section that is comfortable to use.

Each channel also has level meters so you can keep your music volume out of the red. Another grey knob sits above to control your volume level per channel.

Above the gain knobs are switches to allow you to assign inputs for external gear like turntables. The center of the mixer contains the master volume control including level meters. You’ll also have access to cue/mix control along with headphone volume. There is also a Sampler volume knob for full control over your mix preparations.

All other features live on the deck sections which has kept the main mixer clean. A logical and professional layout that allows you to focus on the mix.


The Denon MC7000 goes beyond other controllers and offers a large selection of included software. A full Serato DJ Pro license is just the beginning. 

Serato Pitch ‘n Time is the first inclusion. This expansion gives you further control over pitch and key elements. Great to enhance harmonic mixing.

Next is Serato Flip. This opens up creativity with on the fly remixes. Add or move sections of the track to create unique remixes or add more DJ friendly intros and outros.

The final addition is the Serato Video expansion. With this software, you can explore mixing video as well as audio.

There are also Serato navigation controls located on each deck. A great way to avoid having to use a mouse or trackpad for searching and loading your tracks.

Serato is among the most popular and widely supported DJ software platforms. With the extra expansions included it adds a lot of extra value.


The Denon MC7000 also has impressive jogwheels that will impress scratch DJs. They offer a good level of resistance but still loose enough for executing scratch routines. They include small LED tracking meters to allow you to see the needle position.

The jogwheels support both vinyl and slip mode. Vinyl emulates turntable style control. Slip mode allows you to perform scratches. But, when you release it will continue playing from the point your track would have reached.

Denon MC7000 Jogwheels

With large and capable jogwheels, the Denon MC7000 is well suited to scratch routines.

Grid Adjust buttons offer you the flexibility to adjust beatgrids using the jogs. A Stop Time knob also gives you the option to adjust how long it takes for a track to stop. There is also a Censor option to temporarily reverse the playback. Useful if you are playing to an underage crowd and need to cut out any swear words from tracks. Standard reverse mode is also available.

A touch strip is also located above the jogwheels if you need to jump quickly to a certain section of a track. It’s also great for quick skimming when previewing tracks.

Plenty of useful features on and around these robust aluminum jogwheels.

Pitch Faders

The Denon MC7000 has long pitch faders. Excellent for accurate adjustments to the BPM of tracks. Beatmatching is easier when you have precise and long pitch faders available.

Control over your music doesn’t end with the pitch faders. The Denon MC7000 allows you to lock the Key so that the harmonics of your music don’t change when you adjust the tempo. Or, you can also Sync the Key with the existing track that is playing. Very useful for longer transitions and progressive blends.

Pitch Bend buttons also sit beneath the pitch faders. This will give you access to temporarily adjust the speed of the track. If you prefer for the software to handle matching your beats you can also use the sync button.

Performance Pads

The Denon MC7000 has a large selection of pad modes which is sure to please controllerists.

Each deck has 8 multicolor backlit pads that cover a wide range of functions. You can assign the pad mode via 4 buttons above the pads. 

With the first button, you’ll have access to set and trigger cue points. You can also access the cue loop feature to trigger cues with an auto loop attached. There is also a Flip Mode for direct control over Serato’s Flip Expansion.

Saved Loops and Roll Mode are available with the second button. This gives you even further loop control and opens up more creative mixing options.

A Slicer and Slicer Loop pad mode is available on the third button. If you have beatgrids in place for a track you can chop and jump around for further remixing on the fly flexibility.

The last button opens up the Sampler and Velocity Sampler pad modes. You can play with stored samples that you’ve preset in Serato with these functions.

Finally, you can also activate the Pitch Play mode to adjust the key up and down. Great for tonality shifts.

With a total of 10 pad modes, there is plenty of flexibility.

Connection Options

Another excellent feature of the Denon MC7000 is the extensive range of connection options.

The master output gives you the choice of balanced XLR along with unbalanced RCA. This should cover you for whatever type of speakers you want to connect to the MC7000. A balanced XLR Booth output is also a nice touch compared to the common RCA Booth option.

Denon MC7000 Connection Options

The Denon MC7000 offers DJ a wide variety of connectivity options.

The Denon also supports two microphone inputs. Both XLR and TRS are available. Plenty of flexibility to handle your preferred microphone or the one at the venue. Volume control knobs are above each deck. You’ll also have access to a 2 band EQ, Echo FX, Tone, and a Talkover feature. This Talkover feature will automatically reduce the master output when you speak into the microphone. Perfect for MCing.

There are also 4 RCA Line in options for connecting external gear. 2 Line and 2 Phono/Line. You can plug CDJs or turntables in and use the Denon as a standalone mixer.

The MC7000 also supports two USB connections. You can connect up to two laptops at any time. This is great for DJ handovers or for back to back mixing sessions.

FX Controls

The Denon MC7000 has a dedicated FX section at the top of each deck. You can chain up to 3 FX and easily assign them to channels. The Beats knob will control the duration of the FX or you can manually adjust this with the tap button. Serato offers a solid selection of FX options so you’ll have plenty of flexibility to add FX to your mixes.

The FX section is clean and intuitive. If you like to incorporate a lot of FX into your mixes you’ll be well covered with the MC7000.

Looping Controls

The MC7000 has dedicated loop controls next to the pads. You can set an auto loop based on your software preferences. Adjusting the loop in increments of half or double is also available with the dedicated buttons. Easy and effective to use.

Some further looping controls are available within the Pad modes for extra flexibility. It is worth noting that the placement is different than other gear. Usually, this function would be sitting towards the top of each deck. It might take a little bit of time to get adjusted if you are familiar with other gear.


The Denon MC7000 hits the sweet spot in size. Since it is a 4 channel controller it will always have a larger footprint than 2 channel controllers. But, it doesn’t feel overly big like some 4 channel controllers. Maintaining a clean and ergonomic layout within this size is an achievement.

Denon MC7000 Dimensions

The MC7000 is a large controller but still very portable.

At over 7kg (15 lbs), it isn’t the lightest controller. Not surprising since the controller has a metal body. Even then it’s still light enough for easy transport to gigs.

Build Quality & Design

The Denon MC7000 is a working DJ’s dream. It’s solid and built with metal components. It has a heft to it without being cumbersome. All the faders and knobs feel great and are of high quality. With an excellent built-in 24-bit soundcard it delivers exceptional sound quality. It’s a controller that can handle the rigors of consistent use.

Three quarter view of the Denon MC7000 DJ controller

The Denon MC7000 is well built and dependable.

The layout and design are also of high quality. It retains a professional appearance and has a logical layout. But, the MC7000 does have mirrored decks. For DJs familiar with club gear this will take a little getting used to.

What Others Have To Say

People have praised the MC7000 for its robust build quality. Excellent Serato integration is also a huge positive. But, some have questioned the decision to have the decks mirrored.

Denon MC7000 Reviews

Should You Buy A 4 Channel Controller?

Before we dive into the details of this excellent controller there is one vital question you need to ask yourself. Do you need a 4 channel controller? The answer will depend on what type of DJ you are and where you see your DJing progressing.

If you are a new DJ having access to 4 channels is a bit overkill. As you come to grips with the fundamentals of DJing you’ll want to focus on just 2 channels. Once your skills have progressed you can explore 4 channel mixing. But, you may find by then that you prefer mixing with 2 channels. In this case, you would have overspent.

DJ mixing on a 4 channel DJ controller

4 channel DJ controllers open up more creative options. 4 channel mixers are also what you’ll likely find in clubs.

But, if you know you’ll want to layer several tracks a 4 channel controller is essential. Having access to 4 sets of faders and EQ’s gives you precise and timely control over your mix. It can be tricky juggling between 4 decks if your controller only has 2 sets of faders and EQ.

Understanding what type of DJ you are or intend to be can save you a lot of money. Take some time to consider this before you buy a new controller.

Other Options

If you are looking at 4 channel controllers there are plenty of enticing alternatives to the MC7000. Below are some other controllers worth considering.

Pioneer DDJ 1000 Review

The Pioneer DDJ 1000 is the flagship 4 channel controller for Rekordbox. It has huge jogwheels and jogwheel displays. It also takes inspiration from Pioneer’s pro-level gear making a future transition much easier.

  • Full-color jogwheel display including waveform.
  • An impressive selection of quality hardware FX.
  • It only works with Rekordbox.
Top view of the Pioneer DDJ-1000

Pioneer DDJ 1000


Denon Prime 4 Review

If you want an option that includes a screen the Denon Prime 4 is an excellent alternative. It offers a big screen and plenty of connection options. Perfect for mobile DJs that don’t want to bring a laptop to gigs.

  • Huge 10-inch hi-res screen.
  • An extensive selection of connection options including SATA drive slot.
  • Engine Prime Software isn’t ideal when in standalone mode.
Top view of the Denon Prime 4

Denon Prime 4


Numark NS7III Review

The Numark NS7III is an excellent alternative if you are a dedicated scratch DJ. The excellent jogwheels simulate the feeling of vinyl. A heavy piece of gear but the closest you’ll come to turntables in controller form.

  • Motorized jogwheels to give you that turntable experience.
  • Detachable screen unit with 3 displays.
  • At over 14kg (31 lbs) it’s not a great controller to transport.
Top view of the Numark NS7III

Numark NS7III


Should You Buy?

The Denon MC7000 is a fantastic 4 channel DJ controller for Serato. It has excellent integration with Serato features and offers DJs a portable option. It’s lightweight, not too big, and has an extensive range of connection options.

Plenty of performance features and good jogwheels give you lots of flexibility. It’s also constructed from metal making it able to handle the rigors of regular use. If you are looking at 4 channel controller the MC7000 should be high on your list of options.

Top view of the Denon MC7000

Denon MC7000


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Article by Patryk Biernacki

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