DJ Accessories For Your Home DJ Studio

Setting up your home DJ studio is a lot of fun. Once you have all your core components organized you’ll be ready to jump into the world of DJing. There are some extras you can pick up that can take your DJ set up at home to the next level.

While none of the DJ accessories I’m going to cover is needed they can improve your quality of life in the studio. They can also add some extra flair and pizazz to your setup. So let’s dive into the best DJ accessories to add to your home DJ studio.

DJ Desk

Let’s start with one of the most obvious components of your DJ studio. When getting set up you want to make sure you have a quality desk to put all your gear on.

The gear you get will directly play a role in the size of the desk you will need. If you plan to DJ on laptop you may be able to save a little space. However you want enough room to have your DJ gear sitting comfortably on your desk.

Unless you have bought wall mounted studio monitors you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for them as well.

Also, be mindful of the height of the desk. You don’t want to be hunching over your gear. You also don’t want it too high either. Stand behind the desk to get a feel of how your hands will feel when you are in the middle of a mixing session.

If you buy a compact controller you may have the flexibility of moving it around easily. In this case, you can use your existing desk. Then you can connect and slide your controller into place when you want to start mixing.

If you do have larger gear I’d recommend having a dedicated table. This way you’ll avoid having to move bulky components into place every time you start mixing.

There are also some fantastic DJ desks available that have multiple tiers dedicated to the various components of your setup. If you don’t want to fork out a bunch of cash you can DIY many of the extra bells and whistles that these desks offer.

One of the things you may notice is the addition of LED lighting to some of the desks for added ambiance and flair. LED strip lighting is inexpensive and can be a great way to get you into the zone when mixing by bringing that club feel to your home.

The last point worth mentioning is portability. This becomes crucial if you do plan on taking your gear around to a friends house or plan on playing parties. Invest in a dedicated portable desk like a foldable trestle table.

Desk Lighting

While LED strips will add some flair to your setup they may not quite offer the amount of light you will need when in your home DJ studio.

It’s worth keeping in mind that if you plan to work in a dark environment you’ll need some sort of lighting to help illuminate your workspace.

Most DJ equipment these days tends to be backlit in one way or another but usually, it isn’t super bright. If you are running a computer or laptop as part of your setup there will be some ambient light from your screen. This light isn’t very bright especially with most DJ software running on a primarily black background.

If you’re a beginner it’s good to be able to see your gear clearly to avoid simple mistakes. There is nothing worse than hitting the wrong button or spending too much time trying to find the right button. A compact and inexpensive desk light is all you’ll need to fix this problem.

If you do have plans on producing your own tracks you’ll find yourself staring at your screen for endless hours. It does take time to fine-tune and refine your killer tracks.

Once again good lighting is crucial here as you want to avoid eye strain as much as possible. By avoiding the strain you’ll stay in the zone and more motivated to complete your tracks.

Studio Chair

Speaking of strain there is nothing more uncomfortable than a back strain. You’ll be spending a lot of time preparing your tracks and sets while sitting down in front of your computer or laptop. This is one of those DJ accessories you don’t want to skimp on.

Aim for a high-quality chair that is ergonomically designed to support your back and encourage good posture. This becomes even more critical if you do plan on producing your own tracks.

You’ll find yourself sitting in front of your computer or laptop for extended periods of time. This means it’s worth making sure you have a comfortable chair for your various DJ activities.

Speaker Pads & Stands

The next item for your home DJ studio is speaker pads or speaker stands. While you can get started without these they’re a great addition.

Even budget studio monitors can benefit from some pads or stands. It ensures you get the best possible sound experience from your DJ speaker set up.

They allow for the isolation of your speakers from the surface they are placed on. DJ speakers with stands remove vibrations that can alter the sound.

Luckily quality speaker pads are not very expensive since they’re made of foam so it’s worth picking these up for your studio. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on say a pair of Yamaha studio monitors then you can spare some extra to buy some pads for them.

Speaker stands offer the same benefits that pads offer but also allow you to place your speakers at your preferred height. You want your speakers to be at ear level. If your current setup doesn’t allow that height speaker stands may be a good option for you.

You can get DIY speaker stands but considering how inexpensive they are I wouldn’t recommend bothering. Additionally, you run the risk of not getting the benefits of isolation that professional pads and stands offer. Remember if your speakers still vibrate there is a chance they can move around and fall off your DIY stands.


You can also look at soundproofing options for your studio. If you want to play music loud it will be worth getting some form of soundproofing. The last thing you want is an angry partner or roommate. Even worse is getting a knock on your door from the police due to noise complaints.

I won’t go into too much detail here as it’s a broad topic to cover but you’ll need to invest in items that will absorb the sound coming from your studio.

There are a variety of ways to do this so I’d suggest you do some research on this topic if this is something you feel you’ll need.

If you do practice with DJ speakers at home soundproofing becomes even more important as these types of speakers can get very loud.

If you’re intending on recording vocals and moving into music production soundproofing will be something you’ll need to look into as well.

This will reduce ambient sounds finding their way into your recordings. It also helps when mastering your own songs.

Surge Protection

After you have spent your hard-earned money on your DJ equipment the last thing you want to happen is for that equipment to get fried. I’ve heard the horror story of a friends expensive Denon DJ controller becoming a useless hunk of plastic after an unexpected power surge. That’s why this is another one of those DJ accessories you don’t want to skimp out on!

You’ll have multiple items in your studio that need to be powered. It’s worth investing in a quality powerboard with built-in surge protection.

Many of these powerboards come with warranties and protections for the equipment you have plugged in. Even if they do fail and your equipment is ruined you can lodge a claim. Try to stick to trusted brands when buying a powerboard. This increases the likelihood that they have quality customer support in case something goes wrong.


Speaking of power supply lets take a moment to cover UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply. These devices store battery power. This allows you to continue running your devices even if the power fails or falls below acceptable voltage levels.

Smaller devices can provide you with a few extra minutes which can be crucial to save your latest project and power down your PC. Larger devices can provide enough power to continue running for hours. These can be especially useful if you plan on playing parties. They will make sure your equipment is still receiving power if there is a temporary power outage. It can even save you if someone unplugs your gear from the power supply.

Be sure to shop around and read reviews as these devices vary in cost and effectiveness.

DJ Lighting

This next item is not required for your studio. However, it’s one of those DJ accessories that will add a lot of fun and satisfaction when you’re putting together a great mix.

When it comes to DJ lighting for your home studio you don’t need to go all out and get expensive lights that are designed for a club or even for a mobile DJ. A few key smaller items can add a lot of atmosphere to your studio and help you get into the zone when you’re mixing.

A small strobe light will give you the feeling of being in a club. Some allow you to control the frequency and type of strobe manually while others will react to the music you are playing. Either option will instantly add atmosphere to your setup.

Laser lighting has also become dramatically cheaper with a range of colors and effects now available in compact packages.

Depending on the size of your room you may only need a small laser light to make a huge impact on your studio. Of course, be sure to set it up in a way where the laser will never directly shine into your eyes!

Other lighting options include illuminated disco balls that bathe your room in various colors. There are also lights that respond to music.

Any of these small party lights can transform your home DJ studio. They can change it from a static environment to a lively and uplifting one. This is a great way to keep motivated to do more mixes and enjoy the learning process that comes with DJing.

Sky’s The Limit

When it comes to DJ accessories for your home DJ studio you have a large range of bits and pieces that you can add to your setup. Some are functional while others add to the atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to continue to expand on your setup over time by adding in some of these DJ accessories.

Having said that these are extras. Don’t feel you need these items for your studio especially if you’re on a tight budget. The single most important thing is you have a studio space that allows you to explore your creativity and hone the skills needed to be a quality DJ.

Of course, if you have the extra funds and want to expand your studio space there are lots of things you can do instead of adding these DJ accessories.

If you have the room you can add a comfortable couch or chair as an area for listening to music. You can add some posters of your favorite DJ’s or even your favorite piece of art for inspiration on the walls.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your studio and it’s a great way to express your individual personality and create a space you can call your own.

Your mind should now be full of ideas you can use for DJ accessories. Add the items you want to create a fun and productive space for you to enjoy the world of DJing at home!

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Article by Robert Calabrese
Article by Robert Calabrese

Robert has over 15 years of experience working in the digital marketing industry. From a very young age he was influenced by music theory as part of his education and played a variety of instruments. From there, his passion moved into electronic music and the equipment used to create it. Using his education and experience, Robert started his own digital marketing company and successfully operates his business in the music industry.

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