EV Everse 8 Review – Outstanding Battery-Powered Speaker

The battery-powered loudspeaker market continues to see strong growth, and while there are some excellent options available, they all inevitably have shortcomings. In this review, we check out the Everse 8, which looks to tackle some common complaints and deliver a comprehensive battery-powered portable loudspeaker.

EV Everse 8

Front view of the EV Everse 8.

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The EV Everse 8 is among the best portable speakers for DJing. With an extensive list of useful features, it has set a new benchmark for battery-powered loudspeakers.


Electro-Voice has looked at all the feedback regarding battery-powered systems and set out to address nearly all of them, and the results are spectacular.

Sound Quality

This is one area where many battery-powered loudspeakers struggle. It is challenging to get powerful output out of a battery-based system, but Electro-Voice has managed to achieve that with the Everse 8.

The EV Everse 8 features loud and clear output that will put a smile on your face. The low-end is substantial thanks to the 8-inch woofer with a satisfying warmth and kick. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t compare to larger loudspeakers, but for a unit this size, it’s a lot more punchy than you would expect.

The mid-range is also excellent, with distinct tonality and precision that will project high-quality audio across a broad coverage range. Equally fantastic for vocal performances as it is for music playback. The top end is bright and defined without excessive sharpness, and it combines with the rest of the range to form a harmonious and satisfying sound that can comfortably fill smaller venues.

Bluetooth output is also better than most other portable systems. But it does come with a caveat. For optimal performance both out of the box or via Bluetooth, you’ll need to dive into the settings and do some tweaking to EQs.

It’s a comprehensive unit with extensive flexibility, but I’ll admit it isn’t precisely plug-and-play. For absolute beginners, it might be a little intimidating at first. But if you persist and get to grips with all the EQ options, you’ll discover that you can get amazing sound from nearly any situation.

Electro-Voice has accomplished something that I wasn’t exactly sure was possible from a battery-powered unit. A clean, powerful, and rich sound profile that does not disappoint.

Build Quality

This is another area that can often be a problem with battery-powered systems. But once again, Electro-Voice has listened to the needs of performers and delivered a robust and reliable unit.

If you are looking to buy a battery-powered system, it is highly likely you’ll be outdoors and far from a power supply. For these situations, you need a durable unit that can handle the elements, and with an IP43 rating, the Everse 8 can handle splashes and light rain. Ask any outdoor performer what they fear the most, and unpredictable weather conditions top the list.

EV Everse 8 Details.

The EV Everse 8 is a dependable speaker.

The molded polypropylene cabinet enclosure is rugged and scratch resistant while maintaining a low weight. The ferrite woofer and titanium dome tweeter are high quality and safely enclosed behind the powder-coated steel grille.

The connection points at the rear are equally up to the task. Connections are secure, firm, and easy to access. The LCD screen is also great though I would have liked it to be a little bigger. But even at this size, you can easily navigate the extensive list of options. If you have to squint a little, I suggest tackling tuning via the EV QuickSmart Mobile app, but more on that later.


The EV Everse 8 also features a solid list of specifications. Powering the unit is a high-efficiency Class D amplifier that delivers 400 watts of power to the 8-inch ferrite woofer and 1-inch titanium dome tweeter.

The lithium-ion battery is also impressive, with a long battery life rating. At 95dB, you’ll get 12 hours from a full charge, but this drops when pushing the unit at higher volume levels with 6 hrs at 121 dB or 3 hrs at 121 dB if you have a wireless receiver attached. 

EV Everse 8 Specifications.

For a small unit, the Everse 8 can get pretty loud.

The max SPL is also high for a compact battery-powered unit. At 121 dB, this gives you ample headroom and can comfortably fill smaller spaces with quality sound. A pair is ideal for a stereo experience, and the setup is a breeze with wireless matching.

Coverage is another highlight, with 100 degrees vertically and 100 degrees horizontally. Far more expansive than a standard loudspeaker which will often feature 90 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.

Tuning Options

The EV Everse 8 also features comprehensive tuning options thanks to the onboard Dynacord DSP module. You’ll have access to a staggering amount of options to fine-tune the output to suit your needs.

The menu system is easy to access, with the Master Volume knob at the rear doubling as a navigation knob. Once inside, you’ll have access to a range of presets and precise EQ controls. It can be exceptionally granular to satisfy even the most demanding sound engineer.

EV Everse 8 Tuning.

The Everse 8 offers a detailed selection of tuning options.

You’ll also have access to thirty effects with Reverb, Delay, and Chorus. Further flexibility is available with Compression, Ducking, and Feedback Suppression. I’ve already alluded that the number of options on hand can be overwhelming.

If you are new, stick to the presets and tweak some EQs here and there. But I also suggest you spend as much time as possible becoming familiar with all the options. It opens up a lot of versatility and will ensure you get the most out of the unit. Just be prepared for the learning curve.

EV Everse 8 App.

The QuickSmart Mobile app makes tuning a breeze.

This process becomes infinitely more accessible thanks to the EV QuickSmart Mobile app. Simply pair the speaker, and you’ll have access to all the tuning features in the palm of your hand. The bigger interface also makes it easier to jump through the various options.

The Everse 8 has all the tools you’ll need if you need a capable and flexible battery-powered unit. A fantastic addition to the portable market and one I can foresee many other imitating in the future.


Electro-Voice is well-known for powerful, practical, and attractive loudspeakers. The Everse 8 continues this tradition with a sleek, industrial design that oozes professional flair. With its unique pattern, the angled grille adds to its formidable appearance.

The unit is also available in white, which few manufacturers offer within their loudspeaker range. White traps less heat and blends better with specific setups and locations. Black is still my favorite, but I appreciate that EV gives people the choice of colors.

White and Black EV Everse 8.

The Everse 8 is available in white and black.

The flexibility doesn’t end at color choice, either. The Everse 8 has a range of functional design decisions that make it an ideal portable battery-powered loudspeaker.

The unit features a vertical 30-degree tilt, perfect for buskers who want to place the unit on the ground and angle it toward the audience. A setting within the DSP also helps with shelving the bass output for this position.

You can place the unit horizontally with a 55-degree tilt if you want to use it as a stage monitor. Both options feature non-slip rubber pads to ensure the unit remains in place. Further flexibility is available with a pole mount socket.

EV Everse 8 Shelf.

The optional shelf accessory is ideal for external devices.

The other notable feature is the splash and light rain resistance, thanks to the weatherized polypropylene shell. EV also includes a detachable cover panel for the connections to ensure your unit is well-protected.

Phantom power is also available for microphones, which only some portable units offer. I also appreciate the ease of access to the battery unit, and you don’t need any tools to gain access. Switching to a spare battery is also quick and easy.

You can also purchase accessories, including bags and a shelf attachment which is ideal for a wireless receiver or your device. It truly is a case of EV thinking of every potential scenario and developing a product to meet all those needs. Attractive and intelligent design.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Everse 8 is how easy the unit is to transport. The 8-inch woofer does necessitate some size, but you can easily fit this into the backseat or boot of your car. The secure handle at the speaker’s top also makes it easy to lift.

EV Everse 8 Dimensions.

The Everse 8 is compact and lightweight.

Speaking of lifting, you won’t need to break your back with this unit. At 16.8 lbs. (7.62 kg), the Everse 8 is lightweight and nimble without feeling flimsy and unreliable. It is an ideal weight for a solo performer with a bunch of other gear they need to carry.

Connection Options

The EV Everse 8 is also well-equipped in the connection department. Input one features an XLR/TRS combo jack with 48V switchable Phantom Power, which is ideal for microphones. Input two features a secondary XLR/TRS combo jack with Hi-Z 1/4″ TRS.

EV Everse 8 Connections.

The Everse 8 features a comprehensive range of connection options.

Inputs three and four add extra versatility with a Bluetooth connection for streaming music or a stereo mini jack for external players. Between these four options, you should be able to plug in any type of gear comfortably.

An XLR Mix Out is also available, along with a footswitch connection. Wrapping up the options is a USB-C 5V connection for you to be able to power external devices. It’s a comprehensive suite of options highlighting EV’s desire to accommodate all types of performers and setup configurations.


The EV Everse 8 is on the expensive side. This is a comprehensive unit with a staggering amount of fantastic features. It’s also exceptionally rugged and powerful, so I’m not exactly surprised by the price point. And it is still cheaper than investing in a generator that can be both noisy and cumbersome.

For what it is, the value offering is still solid. There is nothing quite like it, and it is hard to resist just how versatile the unit is. But if you are a budget-conscious buyer who can’t justify the price tag, there are alternatives.

Customer Reviews

The EV Everse 8 has rapidly acquired a string of glowing reviews. The output power, flexible connections, deep tuning options, and solid build quality have made it a favorite in the battery-powered market. Considering how comprehensive the unit is, it is no surprise that it has so many five-star reviews.

Experience The Freedom

For the longest time, if you wanted to perform, you would be tied down to locations that offered power. And if you did want to explore other places, you’d have to lug about a generator.

Generators are not only costly, but they can also be a headache when trying to choose one. You need to calculate your power requirements to buy one that is powerful enough, and then you need oil and petrol, making it a messy affair. Plus, many generators are loud, hindering the atmosphere you are trying to set.

Man busking with a guitar connected to an EV Everse 8.

Battery-powered speakers allow you to gig anywhere.

For the longest time, I would recommend a generator despite the hassle. And in some cases, it is still the right choice. But with the release of products like the Everse 8, there are finally quality battery-powered alternatives that can open up a whole new range of possibilities.

You no longer need to tie yourself down to a power source. So let your mind wander and consider the possibilities. Whether you want to play a beach gig or enjoy a backyard party, a battery-powered loudspeaker offers many options to play with no limits.


The range of options opens up if you do not need battery-power functionality. Below are some other loudspeakers that are worth considering for live gigs.

EV ZXA1 Review

If you prefer a basic unit or have an external mixing desk, the EV ZXA1 is an enticing alternative. This compact 8-inch loudspeaker features louder output that will suit larger gigs.

  • Excellent audio quality that is crisp, loud, and distortion-free.
  • Smooth styling and simple to use.
  • Doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity.
Three quarter view of the Electro Voice ZXA1 speaker

Electro-Voice ZXA1

PreSonus AIR10 Review

The PreSonus AIR10 is another transport-friendly loudspeaker with impeccable sound quality. This power-packed 10-inch speaker also features detailed tuning options. 

  • Fantastic balance across all frequencies with a rich mid-range.
  • Super tough cabinet and an approachable price.
  • Much like the Everse 8, it is only suitable for smaller gigs.
Front view of the PreSonus AIR10

PreSonus AIR10

Yamaha DBR10 Review

If you need a little more headroom, the ultra-reliable Yamaha DBR10 is worth considering. This 10-inch loudspeaker is also substantially cheaper than the Everse 8.

  • Superb clarity and a more neutral and balanced output.
  • A lightweight speaker that also features an RCA connection option.
  • The bass output is more flat, so not the best for DJs.

Should You Buy?

The EV Everse 8 is a fantastic combination of thoughtful design and modern functionality. Battery-powered units have always struggled to compete with traditional loudspeakers, but the Everse 8 bucks this trend.

The sound quality is fantastic and loud enough, which many battery-powered units struggle with. It’s ultra-tough yet still easy to transport. Plus, with extensive tuning flexibility, it’s also highly adaptable. If you want one of the best battery-powered portable loudspeakers, look no further than the Everse 8.

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