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Selecting the right speakers is an important part of the process of getting your gear lineup together. But, with so much choice it can be overwhelming. In this review, we check out the JBL EON 610. JBL has a strong reputation in the speaker market. Let’s find out if this 10-inch offering is worth considering.


Front view of the JBL EON 610 Speaker

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JBL once again offers the performing artist a range of speakers. Backed by some strong technical expertise I expect a lot from them. Let’s check out what the affordably priced JBL EON 610 has to offer. 




There are some interesting elements when it comes to the JBL EON 610. Aimed at the budget-minded market it needs to find the balance between features and affordability. Let’s see if it succeeds.

Sound Quality

JBL has done a great job making this 10-inch speaker sound great.

The highs are crisp and clear without any extra harshness which can occur with other speakers. The mids are full and well-rounded and blend well with the highs. The low-end packs a good punch, especially for a 10-inch speaker. But you’ll need a subwoofer if you want the floor to move.

Cycling through the EQ presets delivered. Each setting is well programmed and the performance matched my expectations.

JBL’s waveguide technology is at work on these speakers. Moving through the 110-degree coverage range I didn’t encounter any noticeable dips in frequencies. This adds a layer of comfort when setting these up knowing that coverage will be even.

Build Quality

The EON 610 is a solid and well-constructed speaker. While it is plastic that is not uncommon in speakers today. Through custom injection molding techniques, JBL has managed to create a durable and rugged speaker.

JBL EON 610 Details

The JBL EON 610 features Image Waveguide Technology that offers a broad sweet spot.

JBL is no stranger to the speaker market. They have leveraged what they have learned from their more expensive speakers. Premium design and features have made their way to this lineup.

The redesign from the ground up is evident. Smart integration of handles and rubber shows the desire to create a functional speaker that is perfect for musicians.


The JBL EON 610 is a two-way 1000 Watt class D amp speaker. 300 Watts are set for the high frequencies and 700 Watts for the low frequencies. Keep in mind this is at its peak and is 500 Watts continuous. 

Housed inside the speaker is a 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch neodymium compression driver. The frequency range sits at 52Hz – 20kHz for good coverage and throws sound over a 110-degree coverage pattern.

JBL EON 610 Specifications

The JBL EON 610 is an ultra-lightweight speaker perfect for mobile performers.

On the volume front, it can crank up to 124 dB which is more than enough to cover a small to medium-sized venue.

Weight wise it is very lightweight. At 26 lbs (11.79 kg) it feels like a feather compared to some other speakers. This may lead you to think it is hollow and low-quality but you would be mistaken. Intelligent use of materials and design makes this a speaker with the expressed purpose of portability. You won’t have to strain to takes these from gig to gig. At such a low weight it also makes it very easy to set these up on pole mounts. 

Tuning Options

There is a good range of tuning options available for the JBL EON 610.

The first range of options is accessible on the speaker. You can switch between 4 EQ presets. “Main” is for when the speaker is your primary output device. “Monitor” is for when you are using the speaker as a stage monitor. “Speech” is for spoken performances and “Sub” is for when you have an external subwoofer attached. These preset options work well. They allow you to quickly change settings depending on your performance requirements.

JBL EON 610 Tuning

The JBL EON 610 offers four primary EQ presets.

The next range of options requires Bluetooth and the JBL app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to tweak settings even further. You can control master volume as well as other settings via three parametric filters. This controls elements like center frequency and gain. Once you do find a setting you like you can save it and copy it across up to four speakers.

You can recall your saved settings on the speaker via the EQ+ button. This is a nice addition if you happen to forget your device and don’t have access to the app.

While having an app for remote tweaking of settings is convenient it also comes with some issues. Bluetooth connectivity can be a fickle beast. You may come across issues pairing your device to the speaker which can lead to some frustration. When it does work it’s great.


The JBL EON 610 doesn’t stray far from a typical speaker. A full black design in a clean rectangular plastic box. There is nothing here that speaks to innovative or attractive design. But, it also isn’t garish and will look professional in a variety of setups.

Side view of the JBL EON 610

The JBL EON 610 is also excellent as a stage monitor.

The handles are well placed and logically integrated into the speaker. With handles available on all 4 sides, it makes it easy to transport and set the speakers up. Each handle also features rubber feet to keep them in place when used as monitors.


The JBL EON 610 is light and nimble and very easy to transport. The added carry handles evaluate it further.

JBL EON 610 Dimensions

The JBL EON 610 is a compact 10-inch powered speaker.

When you factor in the size and weight the 610 is a solid choice for solo performers.

Connection Options

You have two connection choices on the EON 610. Two channels that offer a combo jack that supports both XLR and TRS inputs. Both of these channels can be set to Mic or Line and offer a dedicated gain knob.

JBL EON 610 Connections

The JBL EON 610 has two combo jacks that support TRS and XLR connections.

An extra TRS connection is available for thru output to connect several speakers.


Considering the price point of the JBL EON 10’s you get a lot for your money. Solid construction in a lightweight build is ideal for the solo performer. With a range of presets available it can handle a variety of situations. The extra Bluetooth functionality is an added plus which is usually reserved for more expensive speakers.

Beyond the bells and whistles, the sound quality is very good for a speaker at this price. JBL has managed to find a good balance between features and affordability without sacrificing quality.

What Others Have To Say

The reaction to the JBL EON610 is positive. But with the good comes the bad. There are a few people disappointed with a volume level they consider low.

JBL EON 610 Reviews

Studio Monitors VS DJ Speakers

Before we dive into the review let’s cover an age-old question. The classic studio monitors vs DJ speakers debate is a lot more straightforward than it may seem. Each of these two options has benefits and drawbacks. It all comes down to your intended use and needs.

What are studio monitors you may be asking? Well, studio monitors aim to deliver the purest representation of the music you are listening to. They are “flat” speakers. There is no extra emphasis on any particular frequency. The low end is clean, the mid full, and the highs crisp. This neutral representation is for analytical listening.

For this reason, studio monitors are ideal for producers and music purists. If you are a DJ they also serve as excellent reference monitors in your home DJ studio. You can more accurately pinpoint and define problems in your transitions with studio monitors.

Studio monitors in a music studio.

Studio monitors are for use in a production environment, not for performances.

DJ speakers serve a different purpose. They aim to deliver full sound for a performance environment. This means they are often louder. It also means that the goal is not for pure representation but a pleasant listening experience. They often feature various tuning options to handle different venues and uses. This change to the EQ balance does change the feel of the music. In this regard, they are more often compared to Hi-Fi systems that can color the sound output.

These speakers are better suited for performing DJs playing gigs. They are also great for the hobby DJ. You can fill your home DJ studio with ample amounts of sound. They are also great for backyard parties.

Other Options

The speaker market offers many options. Some are better than others. Here are some other options to consider if you’re looking to buy some new speakers.

Yamaha DBR10 Review

Yamaha is a well-respected brand with a long history of producing quality speakers. The DBR10 is a good alternative option to the EON 610. This is especially the case if you need an RCA input option.

  • RCA connectivity option for extra flexibility.
  • Durable construction to handle the rigors of mobile performances.
  • Not as balanced as other speakers.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT review

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT is a 12-inch option if you are looking for some extra volume. This speaker has excellent build and sound quality. While the low end is a bit underwhelming it’s still a solid choice.

  • Good range of tuning options.
  • Lightweight for easy portability.
  • The low end is not as pronounced as other speakers.
Three quarter view of the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P speakers

Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT

Bose F1 Review

If you do have more to spend the Bose F1 is an excellent choice. Bose continues to produce quality and innovative products. Excellent design and good value for money despite the higher price point.

  • Unique Flexible Array that’s exclusive to the Bose F1.
  • Excellent sound quality and loud.
  • More expensive than other speakers.

Should You Buy?

JBL has developed an excellent speaker. With a clear vision and solid design, it is a solid option for both the hobbyist and the working professional. Good sound quality at an affordable price. With a selection of tuning options, there isn’t much to complain about. If you are in the market for an affordable and portable speaker the JBL EON 610 a superb choice.

Front view of the JBL EON 610 Speaker



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