Numark Mixstream Pro+ & GO Review – Innovative Standalone Controller

Numark has a long tradition of developing affordable DJ controllers. Their range of entry-level controllers is among the best gateway controllers available today. With the release of the Mixstream Pro+ and the companion battery-powered Mixstream Pro GO, they have taken it up another level. Two value-packed units with some outstanding features.

Numark Mixstream Pro+

Top view of the Numark Mixstream Pro+.

Mixer Section


Performance Pads


Looping Controls


FX Controls





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The Mixstream Pro+ is a 2 channel standalone DJ controller that features everything you need to DJ. It also packs in a range of innovative features that you’d normally only see on more expensive controllers.

The Numark Mixtstream Pro+ and GO share the same fundamental design except for the addition of battery power for the GO, so for the majority of the review, we’ll be referencing the Pro+, but we have added a dedicated section for the Pro GO to address what the battery power version has to offer.




The Numark Mixstream Pro+ has a staggering amount of features. Especially at this price point. So let’s dive into the details to see what this controller has to offer.

Central Screen

Let’s start with the star of the show. The large central screen is where all the action happens. This 7-inch multi-gesture high-definition touchscreen is fantastic. It is ultra-responsive without a hint of lag.

It is identical to the screen you would find on the Denon Prime Go or the Denon Prime 2. It would have been great if it was angled up a bit for easier viewing. But you’ll rapidly get used to the workflow.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Screen.

The central screen displays all the information you need.

Utilizing the same underlying Engine OS, you can quickly and easily browse through your collection and load tracks. Options for either stacked or vertical waveforms are also available. It’s bright, clear, and easy to navigate. You can also adjust the font size to suit your preference.

Furthermore, you can access a range of streaming services if you don’t have a music collection already. This is great for new DJs that want to jump right in. If you have a desire to move away from a laptop and controller set up this bit of gear is a great choice.

Mixer Section

The central screen dominates the mixer section, which does lead to less real estate to play with. But all the fundamental features you need are still present.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Mixer.

The central mixer section is simple yet effective.

Two up faders along with a crossfader give you accurate control. Level meters per channel allow you to keep an eye on volume levels. Trim control is also available per channel along with a 3-band EQ. The EQ does sit off to the side of each up fader. This does take a little getting used to if you are coming from another controller.

Beyond that, you’ll have access to the central FX section with paddles (more on that later). Plus some navigation controls including a knob and buttons. It is a refined and capable central mixer section that does an admirable job of squeezing in features. All without making the unit feel cramped.


Another great feature of the Mixstream Pro+ is the large jogwheels. These 6-inch capacitive-touch jogwheels have an excellent feel. You can comfortably scratch using these with the low-latency response.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Jogwheels.

The jogwheels are large and capable.

The Numark Mixstream Pro+ also features “Smart Scratch”. For experienced DJs, you’ll recognize this as Slip mode. This allows you to scratch while the track playing continues to progress in the background. Once you’ve completed your scratch routine, the playback will continue as if the track has been playing all along.


This is something that takes the Mixstream Pro+ into brand-new territory. The built-in speakers give you an all-in-one DJ solution that no other controller offers. 

Numark Mixstream Pro+ Speakers.

The built-in speakers are an innovative addition to the Mixstream Pro+.

These four small speakers are an excellent option for when you are practicing your sets at home. They can get decently loud with respectable clarity. But they do lack the finesse and thump of dedicated monitors. The steel grille also does a good job of keeping them safe.

I’ll admit adding speakers this small is a little gimmicky. You are not going to be able to rock a party with just these. But it is still a vast improvement over laptop speakers. And in a pinch, they can serve as booth monitors. Or for parties with friends where you don’t need epic volume.


As mentioned the unit runs on Engine OS software. Despite an initial shaky launch Engine continue to improve. Several updates have made it more stable, reliable, and introduced features. It’s high-quality software that is snappy and responsive.

The software also does an excellent job of converting Rekordbox USB drives and Serato crates. You don’t need to worry about losing years of hard work tagging and organizing your collection. Simply plug and play.

Engine DJ Logo.

Engine DJ is a robust OS for standalone controllers.

If you do want to connect your laptop and PC, the Numark Mixstream Pro+ is compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ.

For those without a music collection, the unit supports a range of streaming services. TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Dropbox, and Amazon Music. This opens up a staggering amount of music for you to experiment with and is a great option for new DJs without an existing music collection. It is even handy for experienced DJs that want to test out tracks before committing to buying them.

Build Quality & Design

The Mixstream Pro+ continues the same look as other recently released controllers from Numark. The now-iconic black and red styling is on full display.

Three-quarter view of the Numark Mixstream Pro+.

The Mixstream Pro+ features classic Numark styling.

Whether you like this will come down to personal preference. I’m not the biggest fan of the two-color look but it is a step up from the previous generation of Numark controllers.

It’s a smart-looking unit, especially with that gorgeous screen. But I’d love to see Numark move away from the rectangular cue and play buttons.

Build-quality is also decent with good components throughout. It is a plastic controller but it doesn’t feel cheap and nasty. Faders and knobs are dependable but certainly not high-end. There is a good balance between quality and price. Something many controllers struggle with.

Pitch Faders

This is one area where the Numark Mixstream Pro+ does fall a little short (pun intended). The pitch faders are extremely short. They can be frustrating to use if you are wanting to make fine tempo adjustments.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Pitch Faders.

The pitch faders are very small on the Mixstream Pro+.

I understand the goal of conserving space. But Numark has always offered long-thrown pitch faders. Something that made it an easy recommendation to new DJs that wanted to learn to beatmatch by ear. These short pitch faders may in you having to rely on the Sync button more than you might like.

Performance Pads

This is another area where the compact footprint has resulted in reduced features. Most controllers offer 8 pads per deck. But with the Mixstream Pro+, the included speakers eat up a lot of space. The result is just 4 pads per deck. Thankfully you’ll still have access to the equivalent 8 pads worth by pressing the corresponding Pad mode button a second time.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Performance Pads.

The MIxstream Pro+ only includes 4 pads per deck.

As for the modes they are not overly expansive either. Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, and Roll are the only modes available. These handle the basic functions you need but other controllers do offer more advanced modes.

FX Controls

The FX controls on the Mixstream Pro+ are decent. But as with the performance pads, it is not as feature-rich as other options. There are four FX choices. Echo, Flanger, Delay, and Phaser. These are fairly common FX. But without any controls to impact wet/dry or beat values, they feel a little restrictive.

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus FX.

The FX paddles are fun to use.

The inclusion of paddles however is a great choice. They are fun to use and make incorporating FX quick and easy. You can pull down to activate an FX. Upon release, the FX stops. For more sustained FX you can push up to turn the FX on until you flick it back down.

While not as expansive as other controllers there is enough here to have some fun with FX in your sets.

Looping Controls

Once again, the Mixstream Pro+ suffers in this area due to a lack of available space. Your only option for control over loops is via the performance pads. Auto Loop and Saved Loop do a good job of handling the basics.

But beyond the basics, the Mixstream Pro+ is a little bit of a letdown. There is no Beat Jump, no encoder, and no way to set in and out points manually.

If you use looping aggressively in your sets, I’d recommend looking at other controllers. But for everyone else the Mixstream Pro+ has you covered.

Connection Options

This is one area where the Numark Mixstream Pro+ delivers more than I expected. There is a solid amount of connectivity available.

Around the back of the unit, you’ll have access to two master output options. An unbalanced RCA connection and more importantly a balanced XLR connection point. This combination can handle both consumer and pro-level gear. As for inputs, you’ll have access to two USB ports along with an SD card. Ultra flexible for loading tracks.

Numark Mixstream Pro Connections.

The Mixstream Pro+ features both balanced and unbalanced Main output options.

Swinging around to the front you’ll have the choice between a ¼-inch and ⅛-inch headphone jack. No need for adapters. Any headphones you own or buy can plug straight in. You’ll also have access to a ¼-inch microphone jack.

Between all those connection options, you’ll be well-covered for most situations. But the Mixstream Pro+ takes it further with built-in Wi-Fi. Effortlessly stream music without needing to connect to a laptop. To top it all off the Wi-Fi opens up controls for lighting as well. Wirelessly integrate Philips Hue smart home and DMX lighting via USB.

It is an impressive selection of options and a big tick in my book.

Numark Mixstream Pro GO

The Numark Mixstream Pro Go is the companion model to the Pro+. It offers the exact same layout and feature set as the base Pro+ but adds one crucial addition that makes it a distinct unit in its own right.

The Pro GO features a built-in rechargeable battery pack so that you can take your mixing anywhere without the need for a power supply. This opens up a staggering amount of flexibility, Just grab your Mixstream Pro Go and head down to your local park, beach, or a friend’s house for an impromptu backyard party.

Man using the Numark MIxstream Pro Go on a cooler at the beach.

The Numark Mixstream Pro GO gives you the ability to DJ anywhere you want.

The included battery pack doesn’t add a lot of weight to the unit either, so it retains its lightweight and portable nature. And with Wi-Fi, it is 100% wireless. The battery itself can run up to three hours, but much of that will depend on how you are using the unit. With screen brightness all the way up and the volume high on the internal speakers, you’ll get less playtime up your sleeve. But even then, you should have more than enough for a solid DJ set.

As you would expect, the addition of a battery pack does result in an increase in the retail price. It is a noticeable jump, so if you can’t see yourself needing the battery functionality, you’ll be better off staying with the Mixstream Pro+. But for those with ambitions to mix anywhere they please, it is worth the extra dollars.

Top view of the Numark Mixstream Pro Go DJ Controller.

Numark Mixstream Pro Go



You can tell that portability was high on the list of priorities for Numark. The unit is relatively compact, allowing it to be easily transported.

Numark Mixstream Pro+ Dimensions.

The Mixstream Pro+ is a lightweight and portable DJ controller.

Adding to the portability is the lightweight nature of the unit. At just 8.11 lbs. (3.68 kg) it doesn’t break your back transporting to and from gigs. Even if you have it in a flight case. 


Numark never disappoints in this area. They consistently produce good-quality DJ gear at an affordable price point. The Numark Mixstream Pro+ and GO are no exception. Cheaper than comparable options in the market while retaining a good feature set.

Yes, the build quality is not as premium. And yes, there are not as many bells and whistles. But at this price, it is still exceptional value. When you factor in that this unit is standalone, there is nothing out there as cheap as the Mixstream Pro+. If you want bang for your buck, look no further.

Standalone Bliss

One of the most common complaints from new DJs is how most controllers rely on a laptop connection. It is a distraction and can pull you away from your gear. While the features available within DJ software are amazing it often doesn’t give you that authentic DJ experience.

Numark Mixstream Pro with lights in the background.

Standalone controllers like the Mixstream Pro+ allow you to mix laptop free.

This is where standalone controllers like the Numark Mixstream Pro+ shine. You get access to the benefits of software without a laptop in the way. It also makes gigging a lot easier. Instead of having to bring your controller and laptop, you now only have to bring a controller. Plus, many people may not have a laptop. And trust me; you don’t want to be carting a PC around when you want to perform!

If you want to break the shackles and ditch the laptop a standalone controller is the way to go. Once you experience the freedom and bliss of not staring at a laptop you’ll likely never go back.

Other Options

The last few years have seen a plethora of fantastic controls hit the market. Below we check out a few alternatives to the Mixstream Pro+.

Denon Prime Go Review

The Denon Prime Go is a comparable alternative to the Mixstream Pro+. It features the same size screen but with a lot more features.

  • An expansive feature set with great FX controls.
  • Built-in battery with 4+ hours of battery life for on-the-go mixing.
  • More expensive than the Mixstream Pro+.
Top view of the Denon Prime Go

Denon Prime Go


Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX Review

If you want to stick to an entry-level controller the Mixtrack Platinum FX is a great choice. It features a more traditional layout with plenty of features at a super low price.

  • Small screens on the jogwheels for quick access to important information.
  • Long pitch faders, more FX options, and 8 pads per deck.
  • Is not standalone and doesn’t feature a big screen like the Mixstream Pro+.
Top view of the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX


Pioneer XDJ RX3 Review

For those that want all the extras, the XDJ RX3 from Pioneer is a superb option. This high-end professional-level controller is among the best.

  • Large 10.1-inch screen plus additional jogwheel screens.
  • Club-style layout with a mixer section that is packed with features.
  • Supremely expensive compared to the Numark Mixstream Pro+.
Top view of the Pioneer XDJ-RX3.

Pioneer XDJ RX3


Should You Buy?

The Numark Mixstream Pro+ is a fantastic controller. Numark continues to push the boundaries with what it can offer both new and experienced DJs. And more importantly, not charging an arm and a leg for it.

The value here is phenomenal. Don’t have a laptop? No problem. Don’t have speakers? No problem. It delivers great connectivity and plenty of core features. If you want a standalone controller with a stunning screen, the Numark Mixstream Pro+ is a great option. And if you want to take the portability to a whole new level, the Mixstream Pro GO is an equally excellent choice.

Top view of the Numark Mixstream Pro+.

Numark Mixstream Pro+


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