Numark Party Mix Review – Limited But With A Great Price

Numark has a long history of providing excellent controller options for the budget-minded beginner DJ. Let’s check out the very cheap Party Mix and see what it has to offer new DJs.

Numark Party Mix

Top view of the Numark Party Mix

Mixer Section


Performance Pads


Looping Controls


FX Controls






The Numark Party Mix is an aggressively priced entry-level controller. Despite the low price, it does punch above its weight with some solid features.




While I don’t expect much from a controller in this price range there is still plenty to dissect. Let’s check out the Party Mix in more detail.

Mixer Section

The main mixer section of the Numark Party Mix is basic but capable. It features 2 channels with dedicated faders. There is also a crossfader which allows you to move from one channel to the other. 

Each channel offers a 2 band EQ. You can control the Bass and the Treble. Most basic mixing techniques involve manipulating these frequencies so it’s enough to get started. I would have like to see access to the Mid frequencies but it is a budget controller after all. 

Numark Party Mix Mixer Section

A 2-Band EQ will allow you to adjust Bass and Treble frequencies.

There is also Gain control for each channel so you can manipulate the volume of each output. A Master Gain knob is also available so you can control the volume output of your mix. 

A browse knob and loading buttons allow you to search through your music library and load songs onto the respective deck.

You also have access to Cue Mix and Cue Gain. Cue Gain will control the volume of your headphones. Cue Mix will allow you to hear just the track you are preparing or the Main Output. You can also hear both so that you can properly prepare your next mix. 


The Numark Party Mix is compatible with Serato. You can download a copy of Serato DJ Lite and get started mixing straight away. Serato is one of the most popular DJ mixing software platforms. An excellent piece of software that’s a great introduction to the world of digital DJing.

Integration with Soundcloud and Tidal will give you access to streaming a large number of tracks. Great if you don’t have an existing music collection.

There is also a range of free tutorials you can follow to get familiar with the software. As a new DJ, this makes it easier to get over that initial learning curve.

At any stage, you can then upgrade to Serato DJ Pro to unlock all the extra features. The most important feature you’ll unlock is the ability to record your mixes.


The jogwheels on the Numark Party Mix are not the best. They are small and the responsiveness is lacking.

Numark Party Mix Jogwheels

Small jogwheels with poor responsiveness make scratching tricky.

If you have a desire to execute detailed scratch routines you’ll find it difficult. They are not useless but certainly a challenge to work with.

Pitch Faders

As is often the case with small budget controllers the pitch faders are very small. Pitch faders adjust the tempo (speed) of the track you are playing. You use them to match the BPM (Beats Per Minute) so your two songs are in time with each other. Making these adjustments with small pitch faders is challenging and makes beatmatching by ear harder.

There is a Sync function available to automatically match your BPMs if you find yourself having a hard time matching the beats.

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Performance Pads

For a cheap controller, the pad modes are surprisingly generous. You’ll have access to set and recall 4 cue points. Loop functions are also available to set 1,2,4 and 8 beat loops. The next function gives you access to basic FX plus a sampler section to trigger one time samples that you have set in your software.

While not as comprehensive as other controllers for a budget offering it’s not bad.


The Numark Party Mix is the definition of portable. You can fit it in a backpack and take it around to a friend’s house. At just 1.9kg (4.2 lbs) it’s also lightweight.

Numark Party Mix Dimensions

The Party Mix is a compact and portable controller.

FX Controls

There are few FX controls on the Numark Party Mix but the ones that are there are fun to use. You’ll get access to 4 FX. The FX will alter the audio and are great to use for breakdowns and transitions.

Flanger and Phaser are among the most popular FX that DJs use. As a new DJ, it’s good to be able to have a play with these to add some variety to your mix and transitions.

Looping Controls

With basic loop controls, you’ll be able to get more creative with your mixes. Via the performance pads, you can set 1,2,4 and 8 beat loops. These loops allow you to extend sections of a track giving you more time to perform your transition. They can also be fun to use to layer vocals or other sound elements on top of the main track that is playing.

Once again nothing amazing but great for new DJs to get familiar with this DJ technique.

Connection Options

The Numark Party Mix connects to your PC or laptop via USB. The unit is also USB powered.

A ⅛ inch headphone jack is on the front panel. If you have headphones with a ¼ inch connection you’ll need to buy an adapter.

Numark Party Mix Connection Options

An RCA Master Output allows you to connect directly to speakers.

On the back panel is a Master RCA connection. You use this to connect the Party Mix to your speakers. Many budget controllers rely on you PC or laptop to handle the audio output. It’s good to have the flexibility to directly connect your speakers to the unit.

Build Quality & Design

You can’t expect much from a budget option. The Numark Party Mix is a plastic controller. The knobs and faders are decent and will get the job done but I wouldn’t expect them to last a long time. Perfectly fine to get your feet wet into the world of DJing before you look at upgrading to more advanced gear as your skills progress.

Three quarter view of the Numark Party Mix DJ Controller

Built-in lights are a unique feature of the Numark Party Mix.

Aesthetically it’s a budget controller that does look a bit like a toy. If appearances are important to you you’ll need to spend more for a more professional-looking controller. If you don’t mind and just want to get started as cheaply as possible it’s easy to overlook appearance. Remember that the quality of your mixing is more important than how the controller looks.

Integrated Lights

The Numark Party Mix offers a unique feature compared to other budget controllers. On the back panel, you’ll find 3 integrated lights. There is a red, blue and green light. You can switch modes using the button located on the back panel. These lights will flash in time with the music you are playing. A great feature to add some atmosphere when you are performing a mix.

What Others Have To Say

The attractive price point of the Numark Party Mix makes it a popular option for beginner DJs. While most people recognize it’s limitations it is a decent starting point for your DJ journey.

Numark Party Mix Reviews

The Hobby DJ

Not everyone has a desire to tour the globe and be a superstar DJ. A growing and thriving community of hobby DJs are out there. Some may want to share mixes among friends or perform at small parties. Others just want to interact with the music they love on a deeper level at home.

DJ using professional DJ equipment

You don’t need complicated and expensive equipment to learn the basics of DJing.

Buying affordably priced DJ gear gives you a taste of what the hobby is like. If you find yourself engrossed and your skills expanding you’ll likely want to move onto the more advanced gear. But, if you’re not sure if you’ll like DJing there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a premium controller.

With so many great budget options available there has never been a better time to try your hand at DJing.

Other Options

There are several other budget controller options available. While not as cheap as the Numark Party Mix you do get a big step up in terms of features. If you have a little more to spend the following controllers are worth considering.

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX Review

The Mixtrack Pro FX is another entry-level controller from Numark. This larger unit gives you access to more features and a more comfortable work surface. But, it is more expensive.

  • Full 3-Band EQ for more precise control.
  • Long pitch faders for easier beatmatching.
  • Fun to use FX functions.

Read our full Numark Mixtrack Pro FX review for more detailed information.

Top view of the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX


Pioneer DDJ 200 Review

Pioneer is a name synonymous with the DJ world. Often you’ll find their gear at clubs and festivals. The DDJ 200 offers new DJs an entry point into the Pioneer ecosystem.

  • Compatible with a range of DJ apps so you can mix using your phone or tablet.
  • Full 3-Band EQ for accurate control over frequencies.
  • Compact and lightweight.
Top view of the Pioneer DDJ 200

Pioneer DDJ 200


Numark DJ2GO2 Touch Review

The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch takes portability to the next level. Similar in price to the Party Mix it does offer some alternative features.

  • Integrated Audio Interface for better sound quality.
  • Tiny footprint makes it very easy to take with you everywhere.
  • No EQ means you’ll need to use software for frequency changes.
Top view of the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch


Should You Buy?

The Numark Party Mix is a great budget controller. If you’re interested in trying out DJing and don’t want to spend too much it’s a decent choice. But, if you end up loving DJing as much as I do you’ll quickly outgrow it and be looking for a new controller.

It does have a limited set of features but at this price, it still packs a lot of value in. Compared to some of the so-called “DJ controllers” I’ve seen advertised this piece of gear gives new DJs enough tools to learn the fundamentals. An excellent budget entry point into the world of digital DJing. 

Top view of the Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix


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