Best Songs About Trees & Forests (Top 24 Most Popular)

Trees and forests help inspire a range of emotions, from feeling tranquility while enjoying a stroll through a rainforest to feeling fear when you are lost in a dark forest. It’s no wonder that it has become a common theme for songwriters throughout the years.

This list explores some of the best songs with trees and forests as a central theme in the lyrics or title. With a range of genres and a selection spanning decades, there is something for everyone to discover.

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“Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden

Album: Dish of the Day
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Released: 1995

It might be my nostalgia for the 90s talking, but there is something unique and special about this hit from the German band Fool’s Garden. It’s catchy, uplifting, and, at the same time, melancholic. A timeless masterpiece.

It was also a global hit, especially in Europe, reaching the number 1 position in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and Australia. It also got into the top 10 in several other countries and is regarded as the band’s best song.

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“Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead

Album: The Bends
Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: 1995

Fake Plastic Trees is another song from 1995 but this time from the English rock band Radiohead. These Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have released several excellent albums throughout their decades-long career, and this song comes from their second album.

It was a slight departure from their usual style, but they still managed to reach number 20 on the UK charts. Thanks to its inclusion in the movie Clueless, it also helped the band gain some recognition from American fans.

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“Flame Trees” by Cold Chisel

Album: Twentieth Century
Genre: Pub Rock
Released: 1984

As an Australian, this song by the band Cold Chisel holds a fond spot in my heart. I’ve heard it countless times on the radio and in pubs, and it’s one of their most popular releases.

The unique and instantly recognizable voice of lead singer Jimmy Barnes captivates as he weaves a tale of growing up in a country town. It also went on to be crowned number 12 on the most Australian songs of all time list by Triple M.

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“Orange Trees” by Marina

Album: Love + Fear
Genre: Electropop
Released: 2019

After taking a trip to the 90s and a dip into some Aussie Pub rock, let’s bring things into the modern era with this bouncy and catchy song by Welsh singer/songwriter Marina.

It marked a new era for the singer as she rebranded to just Marina and refined her sound. It’s a joyous electropop song with ample summertime vibes throughout. The song was also remixed by superstar German DJ duo Claptone which saw it receive heavy play at clubs and festivals worldwide.

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“The Trees” by Rush

Album: Hemispheres
Genre: Progressive Rock
Released: 1979

Rush is one of the greatest rock bands to emerge from Canada, and this song with trees in the title is among their best. It’s often on their compilation albums and is a regular feature in their live performances.

It weaves an intriguing story between two trees as they jostle for sunlight. While some people try to look deeper into the song’s lyrics, the songwriter Neil Peart has confirmed there is no hidden message behind the song. He wrote it after seeing a cartoon picture of two trees acting like humans.

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“A Forest” by The Cure

Album: Seventeen Seconds
Genre: Gothic Rock
Released: 1980

Speaking of fantastic rock bands, let’s dive into the forest with this amazing song from the English rock band The Cure. Coming from their second album, it perfectly illustrates the gothic rock style that the band embraced at the time.

The song hit number 31 on the UK Singles Chart and reached the top 40 in the Belgium, Dutch, and New Zealand charts. Since its release, it has also become their most-played song at their concerts, with over 1,000 live appearances. 

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“Birch Tree” by Foals

Album: What Went Down
Genre: Indie Rock
Released: 2015

Sticking to the British Rock theme, this song from the band Foals is another spectacular song with tree in the title. It came from their fourth album and was also the final single released from the album.

The album reached the top 10 in several countries, including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the UK. It inspires a trip down memory land with a wonderfully reflective lyrical basis.

“A Thousand Trees” by Stereophonics

Album: Word Gets Around
Genre: Indie Rock
Released: 1997

The Welsh rock band Stereophonic makes the list of the best songs about trees with this single from their debut album. A Thousand Trees was released in 1997 and climbed the UK charts to the number 22 position.

The band continues to release new albums but has changed members throughout the years, with Kelly Jones and Richard Jones as the central core of the group. In some extra trivia, the lyric featuring a thousand trees came from a box of matches, proving you can find inspiration everywhere when you are a songwriter.

“The Giving Tree” by Plain White T’s

Album: Should’ve Gone to Bed
Genre: Pop Punk
Released: 2013

Jumping across the pond to the United States is this song from the pop-punk band Plain White T’s. They are best known for their smash hit single Hey There Delilah. But if you dig into their catalog, you’ll find a treasure trove of incredible music.

This song comes from their third EP, and while it might not have matched the success of some of their other songs, it’s still a fantastic song with a powerful message and a simple yet gripping composition.

“Coconut Tree” by Mohombi Ft. Nicole Scherzinger

Album: MoveMeant
Genre: Pop
Released: 2011

From a touching and insightful song, let’s switch gears to something more upbeat with this bouncy pop song from singer/songwriter Mohombi and vocal contributions from American singer Nicole Scherzinger.

The song was successful across Europe, including Belgium, Greece, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. Its catchy melodic hook and driving bass make it a great song for an energetic workout or for dancing around the house.

“Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall

Album: Eye to the Telescope
Genre: Pop / Rock /Folk
Released: 2005

Scottish singer/songwriter and musician KT Tunstall gained international attention with this fantastic song that expertly combines pop, rock, and folk elements. It also perfectly showcases KT Tunstall’s rich vocal capacity. And while she might not like being a pop star with songs like these, she is going to have to get used to the attention.

The song was a hit in the UK and reached number 28 on the charts. But the story doesn’t end there, with the song also charting high in the United States, where it climbed to number 20 and as high as number 7 in Canada.

“Forest of Gold” by Mazde

Album: Shifted Thoughts
Genre: Electronica
Released: 2014

As always, on our best song lists, we like to showcase some lesser-known music from various genres, and this haunting song from Mazde fits the bill perfectly. Its deep groove and rich melodic elements set it apart from other modern electronic music.

Mazde reminds me of other notable electronica artists with a bass-heavy emphasis, like Flume and Disclosure, which are other artists worth checking out if you like this song. Sit back, relax, and let this hauntingly beautiful electronic song wash over you.

12 Bonus Songs About Trees & Forests

“Battle of Trees” by Tori Amos
“Forest” by System Of A Down
“In My Tree” by Pearl Jam
“Norwegian Woods” by The Beatles
“The Memory of Trees” by Enya
“A Day in the Life of a Tree” by The Beach Boys
“Forest” by Twenty One Pilots
“In The Forest” by Screaming Trees
“The Crying Tree of Mercury” by The Smashing Pumpkins
“Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
“Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson
“One Tree” Hill by U2

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