ADAM Audio Sub8 Review – Compact Subwoofer With Remote

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of adding a high-quality subwoofer to your studio space and enjoying premium low-frequency output. And if you work with bass-heavy genres, it is almost essential. In this review, we check out the compact and impressive Sub8 from ADAM Audio.

ADAM Audio Sub8

Three-quarter view of the ADAM Audio Sub8 subwoofer.

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The ADAM Audio Sub8 is an ideal companion to smaller studio monitors that struggle to deliver accurate lower bass frequency. But it’s not just the healthy bass that makes the Sub8 an appealing choice.


The ADAM Audio Sub8 combines high-quality materials, convenient features, and a delightfully robust bass response. And as a bonus, this all comes in a small form factor that makes it easy to integrate into your studio space.

Sound Quality

Working within a small studio space can prove to be challenging. As much as you might want a greater bass response, you’ll likely be tight on space to incorporate large studio monitors.

Likewise, some larger studio monitors might struggle to expertly balance low-end delivery while simultaneously handling the mids and highs. This is where the ADAM Audio Sub8 comes in. This capable 8-inch subwoofer has one job and does it with supreme refinement.

The Sub8 extends to 28Hz, allowing you to accurately and confidently tackle the low end in your mixing sessions. The delivery here is also exceptionally tight without muddiness or excessive boom. Distinct, refined, and accurate.

Three-quarter view of the ADAM Audio Sub8 subwoofer.

The Sub8 has a small profile but is big on bass.

Once I had adapted this studio subwoofer to my space and given the unit some time to break in, I put it through its paces with various music genres. From the lush deep bass from the organ in Bach – Fugue in G minor to the dirtiest and thumpiest (I know that is not a real word, but you know what I mean!) bass house tracks I could throw at it. In each instance, the Sub8 did not let me down.

I’ll admit I was not anticipating this compact subwoofer to offer this much warmth and precision and be so revealing. It’s a testament to the team at ADAM Audio, who clearly know how to execute an idea with finesse.

Build Quality

I’ve said it before in previous reviews of ADAM Audio products, and the sentiment still stands with the Sub8. You can trust and depend on ADAM Audio products. Their team places great care into their products from design and manufacturing perspectives.

The cabinet is robust without any imperfections or sloppy craftsmanship. The smooth matte finish is resistant to damage, and the connections and switches on the subwoofer’s rear are all secure and dependable.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Details.

High-quality components in a durable cabinet.

The front-facing motorized control knobs are also excellent. Component quality is high across the whole subwoofer with an excellent paper woofer and high-efficiency PWN amplifier. The included remote control is also superb.

The grille protects the woofer and is also expertly integrated, as are the four feet that provide separation from the ground. From top to bottom, the ADAM Audio Sub8 reflects everything you expect from high-quality studio equipment.


The ADAM Audio Sub8 also boasts a range of impressive specifications. The primary 8.5-inch paper woofer with a 1.5-inch voice coil is a great choice. A paper cone performs well since it is light, stiff, and flexible enough to be engineered to suit the designer’s intentions.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Specifications.

A powerful and versatile subwoofer.

Powering the subwoofer is a 160W ICE power amplifier which gives the subwoofer low heat generation and ample grunt to pump out bass frequencies. With a max peak of 110dB, this subwoofer is also loud enough to fill your space with loud output.

The frequency response of 28Hz – 150kHz highlights how low the ADAM Audio Sub8 can reach. For the vast majority of studio applications, this is more than enough. But more importantly, it is how linear and tight the response is. Smooth and delightful throughout the entire range.

Tuning Options

The ADAM Audio Sub8 also features a range of controls to give you total flexibility over the unit.

You’ll have access to two control knobs on the front of the woofer. Input Sensitivity ranges from -60dB to +6dB, while the Frequency knob offers a range of 50Hz to 150kHz. Both are available via the included remote for easy adjustment from your listening position.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Front Control Knobs.

Forward-facing motorized controls.

At the rear, you’ll also have access to some of the less frequently used controls. A Mode button allows you to have the unit constantly powered on or an auto standby mode that will put the subwoofer into standby after 15 minutes of inactivity.

You’ll also have access to Subwoofer Phase to change polarity depending on your setup and a Satellite Filter to apply an 85Hz high pass filter for connected satellite speakers. This results in better performance from your monitors as they will not be attempting to deliver low frequencies and will leave the heavy lifting of the lows to the subwoofer.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Rear Tuning Options.

You can disengage standby mode if you prefer.

It’s an effective spread of options that gives you excellent control to integrate the subwoofer into your studio space. The included guiding instructions within the manual are also clear and straightforward, which is a bonus for people new to studio subwoofers.


I’ll be the first to admit that little can be done regarding subwoofer aesthetic design. They all tend to be large black boxes and to be fair, they are often tucked away and barely seen, so I don’t expect excessive embellishments.

For what it’s worth, the ADAM Audio Sub8 is clean and minimal in appearance. It will comfortably blend into your studio space. The rugged cabinet features an excellent vinyl wrap, and this woofer will look great irrespective of what monitors you have in your studio.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Remote Control.

The wireless remote control is very convenient.

But the primary design decision that I want to highlight is the inclusion of the wireless remote control. This adds convenience that many other subwoofers don’t provide. Having access to alter the volume and frequency from your listening position is much easier than going back and forth between the unit and your seat.

I also appreciate the addition of a grille for the woofer. It adds protection but also completes the minimalist look of the subwoofer. It is also removable if you prefer to see the driver rumble.


The ADAM Audio Sub8 is an excellent choice for smaller studios due to its compact form factor. This little powerhouse subwoofer can slip into spaces that other subwoofers struggle with.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Dimensions.

The Sub8 is a compact subwoofer.

The unit is also relatively lightweight at 26.5 lbs. (12 kg), making it easy to move around while retaining enough heft to remain stable. If you want a compact and versatile subwoofer, the ADAM Audio Sub8 is an excellent choice.

Connection Options

The ADAM Audio Sub8 also features a solid selection of connection options. The Input option gives you access to balanced XLR Left and Right connections. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose an unbalanced RCA connection. Connect these to your signal source, and you are good to go.

ADAM Audio Sub8 Connection Options.

Balanced and unbalanced connections are available.

The other connection option is a Satellite Out. Once again, you’ll have access to balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA. This allows you to connect the subwoofer to the inputs of your powered speaker or amp.


The ADAM Audio Sub8 is not precisely a budget-friendly subwoofer. Still, there is some perspective required to appreciate its value proposition.

High-quality studio gear can be expensive, and ADAM Audio has balanced performance, features, build quality, and price well. You can acquire cheaper subwoofers, but if your work depends on supreme accuracy, these are a worthwhile investment over cheaper options.

ADAM Audio Sub8 without front grille.

While not the cheapest, the Sub8 offers excellent value for money.

I’ve seen many people start with budget gear and then incrementally upgrade over time, and there is nothing wrong with that. But over the long term, you’ll spend more than if you went out and opted for a high-quality and dependable unit from the outset.

For some, the ADAM Audio Sub8 will be excessively priced, but it represents outstanding value for others. But no matter which side of the spectrum you are on, there is no denying that the Sub8 is worth its price if you are serious about accurate low-frequency output.

Customer Reviews

The ADAM Audio Sub8 has proven to be a popular choice among professionals, with countless positive reviews for this little powerhouse subwoofer. People love the depth and accuracy on offer. Many highlight how much more confidence they now have when approaching low-frequencies.

Maximizing Space In Your Studio

Small studio spaces are the most challenging environments to work with, and the biggest challenge is the lack of total square footage to house all your gear.

Depending on the type of producer you are, you might have multiple instruments and microphones, let alone your workstation, monitors, and headphones. Utilizing space will become essential. My number one tip is to be mindful of the gear you buy and only incorporate equipment into your studio that is absolutely necessary.

Small music studio.

Careful planning is required for small studio spaces.

Selecting the right gear is also essential. Measure your space and ensure that your latest bit of kit can comfortably fit where you want it. Space-saving options like the ADAM Audio Sub8 subwoofer stand out in this area as it provides maximum flexibility for placement due to its compact form factor.

The other challenge is dealing with reflections, standing waves, and bass build-up from walls. Investing in appropriate room treatments like bass traps, absorption, and diffusion panels is worthwhile. It’s also essential to have a fundamental understanding of what causes sonic issues within a space.

Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be surprised how much you can squeeze into a small space while still enjoying excellent sound and comfortable ergonomics that encourage you to do your best work.


As with all our reviews, we want to put the power of choice in your hands by giving you a quick insight into some alternatives that might better fit your needs.

Kali Audio WS-6.2 Review

Kali Audio continues to make waves in the budget studio gear market with the release of the WS-6.2 subwoofer, which features two 6.5-inch low-frequency drivers.

  • Impressive performance at what is a relatively modest price point.
  • Maintains a compact footprint for easy integration.
  • Doesn’t feature a remote control like the Sub8.
Kali Audio WS 6.2 Subwoofer.

Kali Audio WS-6.2

Neumann KH 750 Review

If you have more to spend and want a larger subwoofer, the Neumann KH 750 is a superb choice. Comprehensive controls and excellent performance.

  • Extensive onboard controls to adapt this subwoofer to multiple setup configurations.
  • High-quality materials ensure reliable performance for years to come.
  • Much higher price point and is not as compact as the Sub8.
Neumann KH 750 subwoofer.

Neumann KH 750

KRK S10.4 Review

The high price tag of the ADAM Audio Sub8 might make it out of reach for budget-conscious producers. In that case, the KRK S10.4 is a viable and punchy alternative.

  • Excellent extension to 27Hz with a high max SPL of 117dB.
  • Option to incorporate a foot switch into your studio setup.
  • Bass delivery is not as refined as what the Sub8 offers.

Should You Buy?

The ADAM Audio Sub8 is a superb subwoofer. The precise and engaging delivery of low-frequencies will make you smile. The high build quality and intelligent use of space add to the appeal of this professional studio subwoofer. Once you include the versatile wireless remote control, there is little to fault.

If you have the money to invest, the ADAM Audio Sub8 is a no-brainer addition to any small studio space where accuracy is a must-have. Pair this subwoofer with monitors from ADAM Audio’s impressive lineup, and you’ll have a reliable setup that is a joy to use.

Three-quarter view of the ADAM Audio Sub8 subwoofer.

ADAM Audio Sub8

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Article by Patryk Biernacki

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