The Best DJ Mixers In 2024

A DJ mixer is the centerpiece of any professional DJ setup. But selecting the right one is not an easy task. Every DJ has different needs and priorities.

After assessing all the options available, our Editor’s Choice is the Pioneer DJM-A9 from industry juggernaut Pioneer DJ: extensive features, great sound, and industry-defining layout solidify Pioneer’s dominance.

We have seen all types of DJ mixers in our over 15 years of experience, including vintage options long out of production. Our site offers an abundance of in-depth guides and reviews on the gear most important to DJs, producers, and live performers.

Our guides and reviews follow a wide-ranging research process to ensure we only spend time on the best choices. But we also place a lot of emphasis on direct testing, both internally and via our broader network.

Our Top Choices

There are some amazing mixers out there. Here is our quick snapshot of some of our favorites. It features the best mixers from industry heavyweights like Pioneer, Denon, Allen & Heath, and Rane. Read on below to see the full list of the best DJ mixers available today.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM-A9 DJ Mixer.

Pioneer DJM-A9

Best Overall DJ Mixer

Top view of the Allen & Heath Xone 96

Allen & Heath Xone 96

Best Sounding DJ Mixer

Top view of the Rane Seventy-Two MKII

Rane Seventy-Two MKII

Best Battle DJ Mixer

Top view of the Denon X1850

Denon X1850

Best DJ Mixer For Serato

Top view of the Pioneer DJM 750 MK2

Pioneer DJM 750 MK2

Best Pioneer Analog DJ Mixer

Table of Contents

Product Reviews

Defining the best DJ mixer is a tricky task. Some mixers excel in certain areas but fall flat in others. Likewise, some features will be more appealing to some DJs compared to others. Below is our selection of the best DJ mixers available today. Any of these three could hold the title of the best DJ mixer. Packed with excellent features and innovations these are the number one choices in the market.

Pioneer DJM-A9 Review

Best 4 Channel DJ Mixer



  • Stunning FX – Expansive selection of sound color FX and beat FX. They sound great, are easy to use, and offer an X-Y pad for fun and accurate control, along with a handy screen.
  • Club Heavyweight – This mixer is likely to be the one you’ll find in most clubs. If you aspire to be a pro DJ this is the unit to practice on.
  • Dual USB & Headphones – The DJM-A9 offers quick and seamless handover between DJs via dual USB ports. It is also perfect for DJ duos with dual headphone monitoring.
  • Excellent Sound Quality – Improved sound compared to its predecessor with a 32-bit/96kHz audio interface. Rich, warm, and dynamic output.


  • Expensive – The industry standard does come with an inflated price tag.

The Pioneer DJM-A9 is the most common DJ mixer you’ll likely come across in professional settings. It offers excellent integration with Pioneer DJ media players and Rekordbox DJ. Plenty of connectivity options, including analog and digital. Superb sound color FX and beat FX make this one of the best DJ mixers with effects. With a 3-band EQ, booth output, and mic input, it has everything you need.

A professional-level DJ mixer from one of the leaders in the industry.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM-A9 DJ Mixer.

Pioneer DJM-A9


Allen & Heath Xone 96 Review

Best Sounding DJ Mixer



  • Super Sound Quality – The Allen & Heath Xone 96 offers up some of the very best sound quality in a mixer. Plenty of power without sacrificing rich tonality. A step above all other options out there.
  • Industrial Build – Heavy and rugged this mixer will stand the test of time. High-quality components throughout.
  • Extensive I/O’s – A plethora of inputs and outputs to tackle even the most obscure DJ layouts. Maximum flexibility for creative DJs.
  • 4-Band EQ – Offering HI, HI-MID, LO-MID, and LO. Granular control that’s perfect for intricate and precise mixing.


  • Limited FX – Only basic low and high pass filters to play with. Despite this, the extensive EQ options should give you plenty of flexibility.

The Allen & Heath Xone 96 is the successor to the much-loved Xone 92. Updated for the modern era the Xone 96 is a workhorse mixer with extensive mixer features. The 4-band EQ will appeal to detail orientated DJs. Granular control is available across the board. An excellent choice for precise and calculated mixing.

If you enjoy lush and refined tonality the Allen & Heath Xone 96 offers you all the tools to craft the perfect mix.

Top view of the Allen & Heath Xone 96

Allen & Heath Xone 96


The Best Digital DJ Mixer

The digital era has revolutionized the DJ landscape. You can now go from a DJ controller and evolve to using a pro DJ mixer without skipping a beat. Below are some of the best digital DJing focused mixers available. But just because you embrace digital doesn’t mean you have to forget about analog inputs. Many of these offer both.

Pioneer DJM V10 Review

Best Professional DJ Mixer



  • 6 Channels – With so many channels available there is no limit to the number of creative mixes you can perform. Excellent for detailed layering and long-form blends.
  • Extensive EQ – Complimenting the six channels is an extensive EQ section. 4-band EQ gives you access to granular control to precisely craft your sound.
  • Added Compression– This handy inclusion allows you to beef up tracks that may be a little on the soft side. An excellent tool to have up your sleeve when dealing with older or more obscure productions.
  • Full Compatibility – Supports Rekordbox DJ, Traktor Pro 3, and Serato DJ Pro. No restrictions and seamless integration.


  • Possible Overkill – 6 channels are not something that most DJs require. Cheaper alternatives are available if you are happy with a 4 channel DJ mixer.

The Pioneer DJ DJM V10 is a large mixer with an extensive amount of features. An excellent audio interface delivers fantastic sound. Build quality is also solid but not as robust as some options from other brands. This is a serious piece of equipment with a dedicated and detail-oriented DJ in mind.

The best DJ mixer for exploring 6 channel mixing with precise control. While it is expensive it is also the most feature-packed Pioneer mixer available.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM V10

Pioneer DJM V10


Pioneer DJM S11 Review

Best 2 Channel DJ Mixer



  • Excellent Battle Layout – The layout is ideally suited to scratch DJs that want a traditional battle-style layout. Logical placement of all elements for a smooth mixing experience.
  • On-Board Display – The added onboard display keeps you focused on your mixer and not your laptop. Instant visual feedback on the progression of your tracks along with important information.
  • High-Quality Crossfader – The Magvel Fader Pro is fantastic and perfectly suited for scratching. Crossfader curve and tension adjustments are also available to fine-tune your experience.
  • Impressive FX – An excellent selection of FX to add character to your mix. Choose from 6 Beat FX or load up Serato FX. Plus the toggles are fun to use.


  • Price Tag – This is a near-perfect mixer but it does come with a high price tag. Ideally recommended for experience DJs that want the very best.

The Pioneer DJM S11 is a fantastic battle mixer from Pioneer DJ. This innovative unit has taken the fundamentals of the popular S9 and improved it in almost every way. Its comprehensive selection of performance features is amazing and a joy to use.

Despite the high price tag, this is a serious bit of kit that experienced scratch DJs will clamor for. If you can afford it you won’t have any regrets.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM S11.

Pioneer DJM-S11


The Best Analog DJ Mixer

Many modern mixers handle both analog and digital DJing. Some of our favorite mixers seamlessly blur the lines between the old and the new. For DJs that want to focus on analog options, you’ll find some extra alternatives below to some of the mixers we’ve already covered.

Pioneer DJM 750 MK2 Review

Best Pioneer DJ Mixer



  • Analog and Digital – An excellent marriage of both analog and digital options. A solid choice for DJs that want flexibility.
  • Comprehensive FX – More refined than the flagship model but still jam-packed with options. Clean integration and an excellent taste of the full range.
  • Familiar Layout – The club-style layout and similarity to the Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS2 make this a perfect rig for practicing at home.
  • Magvel Fader – Improved fader and DVS license included is a great addition for DJs that like to scratch.


  • Price – While leaps and bounds cheaper than the 900NXS2 it is still an expensive mixer compared to some competitors.

The Pioneer DJ DJM 750 Mk2 is the mid-tier mixer from Pioneer. A perfect stepping stone into the full Pioneer DJ club-style layout. The most important sound color FX and beat FX are here along with a large selection of connectivity options. This update on the popular DJM 750 also boasts better sound quality and a step up in component quality.

If you want a club-like experience at home the Pioneer DJM 750 MK2 is the best DJ mixer available.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM 750 MK2

Pioneer DJM 750 MK2


Allen & Heath Xone 43 Review

Best Budget DJ Mixer



  • Great Sound – The legendary quality of Allen & Heath is on display here. Fantastic sound quality for an analog-only mixer.
  • Effective FX Integration – VCF filters sound great but further functionality is available via external FX units. Dedicated controls are a welcome sight.
  • Affordable – A high-quality mixer at this price point is an achievement. Great for budget-minded DJs.
  • Nimble Footprint – The Xone 43 is lightweight and offers a compact footprint. Great to transport. Build quality is also up to the rigors of transport.


  • Analog Only – While analog purists will rejoice some DJs will want to have digital as an option.

The Allen & Heath Xone 43 is another excellent four-channel DJ mixer. This analog-only mixer will appeal to dedicated turntablists that want to stick to a classic DJ layout and workflow. A solid range of connection options and fantastic VCF filters round out some of the best features. It also manages to squeeze in 4 channels in a mini size making this one of the best portable DJ mixers. Smooth faders, 3 band EQ, and good build quality are also present.

An exceptionally value-packed option for DJs that want a refined analog-only mixer.

Top view of the Allen & Heath Xone 43

Allen & Heath Xone 43


The Best Serato DJ Compatible Mixers

Serato is the most popular software platform for DJs. As a result for many a Serato compatible DJ mixer is high on the list of priorities. Below we check out some of the best choices available today for Serato DJ Pro fans.

Denon X1850 Review

Best Denon DJ Mixer



  • Great Sound Quality – The onboard 24-bit/96Hz audio interface offers up exceptional sound quality. One of the best sounding mixers out there.
  • Smart Design – The X1850 falls in line with Denon’s refreshed range of media players and controllers. Less garish and oozing with professionalism.
  • Solid FX – A good selection of FX that are fun and effective to use. A further step closer to challenging Pioneer’s dominance in the FX department.
  • Extensive Connectivity – Plenty of inputs and outputs to satisfy a wide range of potential DJ gear setups.


  • Market Penetration – While they are making big strides it is difficult to unseat the dominance of Pioneer gear in clubs.

The Denon X1850 is an excellent refresh to join the new era of Denon gear. It’s loaded with great features and a lot of modern bells and whistles. Dual USB for an easy changeover, expressive FX section, and tight design. Build quality is also very good allowing this unit to handle the rigors of heavy club use. It’s a solid mixer from a brand that is continuing to evolve and challenge Pioneer’s dominance.

If you want a Serato compatible mixer the Denon X1850 is among the best out there.

Top view of the Denon X1850

Denon X1850


Reloop Elite Review

Best DJ Mixer For Beginners



  • Performance Pads – Large, bright, and with a good response. An impressive selection of pad modes for the performance-orientated DJ.
  • Tight Integration – Serato DJ Pro license included along with DVS support. Customizable mapping to Serato features gives you plenty of flexibility.
  • Great Faders – Innofader Pro faders feel and work great. Smooth and ultra-precise. A must for effective scratching.
  • Attractive Price Point – Compared to similar mixers the Reloop Elite offers good value for money.


  • Lacks Paddles – For a mixer that emphasizes scratching the lack of paddles is unusual.

The Reloop Elite is an excellent-sounding two-channel DJ mixer with advanced features. All this comes at a price that is a lot lower than comparable mixers. It offers a 3 band EQ, performance pads, and booth outputs. But what sets it apart is the depth of Serato integration. But it does lack paddles and the selection of Tweak FX is not amazing.

Despite a few shortcomings, the Reloop Elite is a dependable and well-built Serato DJ Pro mixer.

Top view of the Reloop Elite

Reloop Elite


The Best Scratch DJ Mixer

Many DJs fall into one of two camps. DJs that use media players and DJs that use vinyl players. But there is also a growing trend to incorporate both into your DJ gear arsenal. But for the dedicated scratch DJs, a solid and dependable battle mixer is a must. Here is our pick for the best battle mixer available today.

Rane Seventy-Two MKII Review

Best Battle DJ Mixer



  • Feature Rich – Between the performance pads, FX units, and a full-color screen there is plenty of features to play with.
  • Excellent Faders – The Mag Four faders are a joy to use. Fully customizable to your preferred tension. Perfect for executing precise scratch routines.
  • Extensive FX– Plenty of flexibility to activate and manipulate FX. Paddles and pads encourage aggressive creativity.
  • Good Screen – While the refresh rate when zoomed in is a little lacking everything else about the screen is superb. Bright, clear, and full-color.


  • Slightly Convoluted – Loaded with features to the point where it is a little bloated. Can be confusing. Especially for less experienced DJs.

The Rane Seventy-Two MKII is a nominal update on the previous model. But, why change something that is already so beloved. Rich performance capabilities and fantastic faders make it the go-to choice for scratch DJs. It’s a 2 channel DJ mixer with deep input and output options. It also offers a durable build and includes Serato DVS control vinyl. A must-have for digital turntable enthusiasts.

If you want a feature-rich battle mixer the popular Rane Seventy-Two MKII is the best DJ mixer for you.

Top view of the Rane Seventy-Two MKII

Rane Seventy-Two MKII


Our Expert Buying Guide

Selecting the right DJ mixer for your needs is not a straightforward process. There are many factors you need to consider before spending your hard-earned money. Below we cover some of the most important elements you need to factor in when choosing a DJ mixer.

DJ Mixer Configurations

There are a variety of setup options available to DJs today. The growth of digital technology has opened up the doors to a huge amount of flexibility to perform the way you want to perform.

Knowing what type of DJ setup you want plays a big role in what DJ mixer will be right for you. The DJ mixer is your central hub. As a result, it needs to meet both your current needs and any future upgrades you have in mind.

For a classic setup, you’ll be looking at a 2-channel mixer that allows you to connect two turntables. This could be an analog mixer and actual turntables. Or it could be digital turntables with control vinyl.

Close up view of a turntable and DJ mixer.

A DJ mixer can connect to both turntables and media players.

If you are more of a scratch DJ these setups are ideal. This is where a scratch-orientated mixer is preferable. You’ll want excellent faders along with performance features. Pads and FX toggles should be high on your list of must-have features.

A more modern setup tends to involve a 2 or 4 channel mixer with digital media players. This is the most common setup you’ll find in clubs. And more often than not it will be Pioneer gear.

A 2 channel DJ mixer is a great option for practicing at home and for those on a tighter budget. But if you can go all the way a 4 channel piece of gear will open up more options. You can even run a combination of both media players and turntables.

A 4 channel mixer should have extensive connectivity options. It should also have a logical and easy-to-follow layout. Added FX options are also worth keeping an eye out for.

DJ setups can go even further with the addition of FX units or other performance gear. Knowing the type of DJ you are or want to be can quickly narrow down your choices. Take a few moments to consider this before buying a DJ mixer.

Connection Options

No matter how many bells and whistles a DJ mixer might have the connectivity options should be high on your list of priorities. The best DJ mixer will have enough inputs and outputs to handle any potential scenario. This becomes even more important if you are buying the mixer for use in a club or bar.

Top view of a DJ mixer and media players.

A good DJ mixer will have a large selection of input and output options.

Access to balanced output is critical. Thankfully most modern DJ mixers offer this as an option. Inputs are also crucial to cover the wide range of potential DJ setups. Phono/Line switches are integral to making sure you can connect a variety of gear to your DJ mixer.

Connectivity extends to the digital side of things as well. Dual USB ports are a must-have feature for seamless DJ handovers. USB connectivity is essential for the modern DJ workflow and an integral part of any digital DJ setup.

Microphone options are also essential if you are a mobile DJ. Often wedding DJs need to pull double duty as an MC so having a mic input incorporated into your DJ mixer is a must-have feature.

For club scenarios, booth output is another connection option that should be present. This allows the DJ to control output in the booth independently from the main output.

FX Choices

Having access to a wide range of FX allows you to become more expressive and creative in your mixing. The best DJ mixer will offer a solid selection of FX features.

These might come in the form of a high pass filter and a low pass filter. These low and high pass filters are among the most basic FX a DJ should have up their sleeve.

Further performance FX is also great to have available. This can take the form of hardware or software FX. Easy access to FX is important for a more natural workflow.

You want to be able to quickly select, adjust and incorporate FX into your DJ routines. The best DJ mixers may also offer further FX options via performance pads.

Build Quality

The best DJ mixers need to be able to stand up to the rigors of frequent use. A metal chassis along with high-quality components is essential for the longevity of your gear.

Premium quality knobs and faders should be present. You’ll be spending the majority of your time manipulating EQ, adjusting faders, and activating FX on your mixer. You want all those components to be up to the task.

DJ Mixer and media players setup on a stage in front of a crowd.

A good-quality DJ mixer can handle the rigors of regular use.

Build quality also extends to the quality of the sound. The best DJ mixers will provide you with premium sound. To achieve this you’ll want the mixer to have a 24-bit audio interface.

Other small details are also worth keeping in mind. Recessed USB ports to prevent damage are a nice bonus to have. Gold-plated connection points are another feature worth keeping an eye out for.

The best DJ mixers are not cheap so make sure what you buy is worth the money you are investing.

2 Vs 4 Channel DJ Mixers

Another consideration is whether you need a 2 or 4 channel mixer. Certain types of DJs will prefer one to the other. For example, scratch DJs rarely require 4 channels. Scratch DJs are better off focusing on performance features rather than the number of channels.

Top view of a DJ using a DJ mixer and four media players.

Mixing with 4 channels is both challenging and rewarding.

4 channel DJ mixers do open up more options. Layering multiple channels is a rewarding and challenging aspect of advanced DJing. But not all DJs may want to mix like this.

If you are happy with just 2 channels don’t feel obligated to buy a mixer with 4 channels. But if you think you’d like to expand your skills to 4 channels you’ll save more money in the long term by purchasing one from the outset.


What Should I Look For In A DJ Mixer?

These are the top 6 features you should look for in a DJ Mixer.

  • Extensive Input and Output options
  • High-quality knobs and faders.
  • Premium audio interface for the best sound quality.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use FX options.
  • Easy to see and read channel meters.
  • Included DJ software and support.

How Much Is A DJ Mixer?

DJ mixers vary in price depending on features. Basic DJ controllers can be as cheap as $50. High-quality professional DJ mixers can be up to $3,000.

Do I Need A 4 Channel Mixer?

You will need a 4 channel DJ mixer if you want to connect up to 4 devices. This can include turntables, media players, or a combination of both.

Which One Should You Buy?

There are a lot of high-quality DJ mixers available today. Selecting the best DJ mixer is a highly subjective process. Without knowing your individual needs it is easy to recommend a mixer that is not right for you. But there are a few DJ mixers that do stand out as the best options available.

If you are a scratch DJ you can’t go past the Rane Seventy Two-MKII. It has an abundance of performance features and quality faders for tight scratch routines. An ideal battle mixer for the modern scratch enthusiast.

For most other DJs, the stand-out option is the Pioneer DJ DJM-A9. Pioneer has a firm grip over the club and festival scene. Learning the ins and outs of this gear offers you a smooth transition to pro work. The excellent connectivity and FX also set it apart and cement it as one of the best DJ mixers available today.

Top view of the Pioneer DJM-A9 DJ Mixer.

Pioneer DJM-A9


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