Best Studio Monitor Isolation Pads In 2024

Are you experiencing annoying vibrations and sound issues with your monitors? Studio monitor isolation pads can potentially resolve those issues. Still, with so many different types, it can be tricky to pick the right one.

We tested various options, and our Editor’s Choice goes to the Primacoustic RX7 thanks to its excellent absorption, high build quality, and superb stability.

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After refining the choices from a list of over 40 candidates, we tested the options to see which met our demanding standards. We then combined our network’s outside testing results to assemble this best-of list.

Three quarter view of the Primacoustic RX7 isolation pad.

Primacoustic RX7

Best Isolation for Studio Monitors

Three quarter view of the IsoAcoustics OREA isolation disc.

IsoAcoustics OREA

Most Versatile Isolation Disc

Three quarter view of the Auralex SubDude II isolation pad.

Auralex SubDude II

Best Isolation for Subwoofers

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Product Reviews

Having a pair of good studio monitors is the first step. But selecting the right isolation pads for your monitors can be challenging.

There are heap of options available. But we have made it easier for you with a comprehensive look at the different speaker padding that will reduce unwanted vibrations from your studio monitors.

Primacoustic RX7 Review



  • Excellent Absorption – The Primacoustic RX range features high-density foam padding. This does an excellent job of decoupling monitors from any surface. Not a trace of vibrations.
  • Durable Build – High-quality foam pads that will stand the test of time. Premium materials and intelligent design.
  • Flexible Options – A wide variety of options. Various sizes and angles to choose from. Perfect choice for every studio.
  • Good Stability – The non-slip neoprene top surface grips your monitors well. Plus the added steel plate adds stability ensuring your monitors are in great hands.


  • High Price Point – Sold individually these are among the more expensive options out there. But the quality is superb and worth the higher price tag.

The Primacoustic RX7 is a fantastic studio monitor isolation pad. It does come with a higher price tag but the engineering behind these is second to none.

There is a range of options available. Beyond the RX7 you can choose from the RX-5, RX-9, RX-12, and RX-17. Further flexibility is available with angled versions. This makes it easy to find the right isolation pad for your needs.

They feature a 3 layer construction that is durable and effective. The top neoprene layer keeps your monitor secure. The next layer down is a laser-cut steel plate to add stability. This extends to a curved front that eliminates standing waves. Finally, the high-density acoustic foam to decouple from your desk surface or monitor stands.

This combination results in one of the best monitor isolation pads available today.

Three quarter view of the Primacoustic RX7 isolation pad.

Primacoustic RX7


Pro Tip
Placing your studio monitors at the correct height also improves their performance. This can be achieved with a pair of stands. Check out our guide to the best studio speaker stands for more information.

Auralex ProPAD Review



  • High Decoupling Power – The award-winning ProPAD features excellent decoupling power. The result is a tighter bass response and midrange resolution.
  • Tilt Options – Included in the package are two additional foam wedges. This allows you to angle your monitor isolation pads. Great flexibility.
  • Good Build Quality – Excellent component quality. Dense foam and crisp finishing details. Looks smart but is also extremely effective.
  • Slip Resistant Top – The top surface is slip-resistant. Especially important if you use the angle wedges. Keeps your monitors secure.


  • A Little Expensive – These are more affordable than the Primacoustics RX range. But there are cheaper options out there for bargain hunters.

The Auralex ProPad is one of the best monitor isolation pads available today. Excellent quality and impressive performance.

The foam pad is exceptionally tough. And the inclusion of a foam wedge for both monitor pads offers lots of flexibility. There is also an XL model available to handle bigger and heavier monitors.

The three-layer construction will absorb vibrations with ease. If you want accurate sound these are among the best studio monitor pads available.

Three quarter view of the Auralex ProPAD isolation pads.

Auralex ProPAD


IsoAcoustics OREA Review



  • Strong Decoupling – The OREA range offers good isolation for a range of devices. Excellent isolation stands that can also protect other gear.
  • Flexible Applications – Not only for studio monitors. These are fantastic for turntables, DACs, amplifiers, and more.
  • Various Weight Options – The four color options indicate load capacity. Easy to choose the right one. Especially if you have a variety of these at home.
  • Sleek Design – The unobtrusive puck design is modern and effective. More eye appeal than a large foam pad.


  • Single Unit – You’ll need multiple units for one monitor. Can get expensive quite quickly.

The IsoAcoustics OREA range offers fantastic flexibility. Much more than regular isolation pads offer.

The intelligent design features advanced decoupling to tame low-end frequencies. Equally effective for studio monitors as they are for other devices like turntables.

But for studio monitors, these are not the most cost-effective option. But it is hard to resist the sleek form factor.

High-quality stainless steel and flexible load capacity options make this an appealing choice. It is no surprise the OREA range picked up multiple awards. A premium choice but also among the most flexible.

Three quarter view of the IsoAcoustics OREA isolation disc.

IsoAcoustics OREA


Auralex MoPAD Review



  • Increased Accuracy – The MoPADs from Auralex instantly help reduce vibrations. This results in higher accuracy from your monitors and tighter bass response.
  • Angle Configurations – Flexible wedges allow for multiple configurations. Easy to find the right position for your monitors.
  • Affordable – The cheap price point is perfect for budget-focused buyers. Despite the low price, the quality is still high.
  • Good Foam Quality – Auralex features high-density foam which is among the best in the industry.


  • Bland Design – These are fairly ordinary-looking isolation pads. Effective but not the most attractive addition to a studio space.

When it comes to speaker isolation pads Auralex is one of the leaders. The MoPAD is a popular option thanks to its high performance and approachable price point.

Available in a regular size and an XL version. The specs listed above are for the larger XL option.

These isolation pads provide excellent decoupling for this price point. Using these you’ll get a cleaner sound stage along with a more accurate bass response from your studio monitor.

Not the most attractive set of monitor isolation pads. But at this price point, they are among the best monitor isolation pads available.

Three quarter view of the Auralex MoPAD XL isolation pads.

Auralex MoPAD


IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK Review



  • Substantial Isolation – As with all IsoAcoustic products the isolation and decoupling are superb.
  • Adds Stability – The grippy suction cup-like design keeps your studio monitor in place. Excellent resistance against lateral movements.
  • Good Value – The quality is excellent and the price point is reasonable. You will likely require a few of these but they are very versatile.
  • Low Profile – The low profile is an excellent alternative to large isolation pads. Attractive design that blends seamlessly into any studio environment.


  • No Tilt – No ability to adjust the tilt. You’ll need to already have your positioning sorted out.

The IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK is a popular option. And a clean and refined alternative to speaker isolation pads.

Available in three sizes. ISO-Puck mini, ISO-PUCK, and ISO-PUCK 76. The specs listed above are for the base ISO-PUCK model. All variations offer excellent decoupling. Great little pucks to reduce and tame vibrations.

Also a great option for larger speakers, DJ gear, and anywhere that you require decoupling from a hard surface.

Fantastic build quality and flexible application make the ISO-PUCK an excellent choice.

Three quarter view of the IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK isolation discs.

IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK


Auralex ProPOD Review



  • Simple Decoupling – The simplicity and ease of use are second to none. Easy to set up on any flat surface. Then enjoy the instant improvement in the audio output.
  • Solid Load Capacity – Considering how small these are the 4-pack can handle up to 50 lbs. Highly capable for even the heaviest of monitors.
  • Available In White – One of the few out there that offers a white option. An excellent choice for lighter-colored studios.
  • Discreet – The small footprint and minimal height mean these blend in seamlessly.


  • Not Budget Friendly – A four-pack is enough to handle one monitor. You’ll need two of these packs to handle a typical setup.

Auralex adds to their impressive range of products with the fantastic ProPOD. These bite-sized isolation discs perform very well.

The two-component design includes a steel exoskeleton coupled with Visco-elastic Polymer. This combination provides superior decoupling. A quick and easy way to improve the performance of your studio monitors.

Also a good option for monitor stands. The small profile won’t detract from your stands while adding extra resonance resistance.

While a bit expensive to handle a pair of monitors these are still a fantastic choice.

Three quarter view of the Auralex ProPOD isolation discs.

Auralex ProPOD


RAB Audio ProJax 40 Review



  • Impressive Decoupling – These unassuming rubber discs deliver impressing vibration dampening. Better performance than some monitor isolation pads.
  • Super Flexible – Includes a range of 1/4″ and 1/2″ risers. Excellent for finding the correct height and tilt for your studio monitors.
  • Budget-Friendly – This cheap kit is very affordable and capable of handling a pair of studio monitors.


  • Susceptible to Heat – The rubber construction is prone to damage if exposed to heat. Not the best choice if you have monitors that get hot.
  • Not Very Attractive – While ultra-effective the rubber doesn’t look the most appealing. A case of function over form.

At first glance, it is easy to disregard the RAB Audio ProJax 40 kit. The rubber design and bland appearance are a little off-putting. But the performance is exceptional.

An excellent way to improve monitor accuracy. The different form factor is also highly customizable. More flexibility than many speaker isolation pads.

Direct contact with a flat surface produces high levels of vibrations. These tame those vibrations without skipping a beat.

A simple and convenient way to achieve natural sound from your studio monitors. And at this price, it is a bargain buy.

Three quarter view of the RAB Audio ProJax 40 isolation set.

RAB Audio ProJax 40


Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD Review



  • Capable Absorption – For a budget pair of monitor isolation pads these do an excellent job of keeping vibration at bay.
  • Reversible Angled Pieces – Two pads that offer angles. This allows you to adjust the tilt level to your preference. Great for finding the sweet spot.
  • Cheap Choice – Super affordable option for budget-conscious buyers. Still retains flexibility and performance despite the low price.
  • Good Quality – The foam base is durable and of decent quality. Especially at this price point. Good balance between quality and price.


  • Mystery Load Capacity – Despite extensive searching, these don’t offer an official load capacity. Not sure how these may perform with heavier studio monitors.

Gator Frameworks is among my favorite budget-minded brands. Especially when it comes to isolation stands and iso pads.

These monitor pads offer great value for money and deliver a good level of acoustic dampening for your monitors. They also offer flexibility to adjust the tilt to reach your ear level.

These are available in a range of sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. The specs listed above are for the Medium-sized model.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money these are the best monitor isolation pads that won’t make your wallet cry.

Three quarter view of the Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD isolation pads.

Gator Frameworks GFW-ISOPAD


Ultimate Acoustics Isolator Review



  • Dense Monitor Pads – The Ultimate Acoustics Isolator foam pads are very thick and dense. Provides plenty of stability and dampening.
  • Wedges Included – Flexible wedges allow you to adjust to a variety of tilt options. Flat, angled up 4 or 8 degrees or angled down 4 or 8 degrees.
  • Dependable Isolation – The thick foam does a great job at decoupling from surfaces and reduces vibrations well.


  • Split Design – Each pad is split in two. This will come down to personal preference but I like isolation pads to be one piece.
  • No Weight Rating – Much like the Gator Frameworks there is no weight capacity listed. Might not be ideal for heavy monitors.

The Ultimate Acoustics Isolator is another set of foam pads that provide excellent monitor isolation. The thickness and durability of the foam pads are among the best at this price point.

And that price point also makes these an appealing budget option. Provides ultimate support for your monitors without the huge price tag of other options.

These are exceptionally flexible too with a great selection of tilt levels so you can reach the correct ear level. A versatile set of speaker isolation pads.

If you want cheap speaker pads these should be on your list of options.

Three quarter view of the Ultimate Acoustics Ultimate Isolator isolation pads.

Ultimate Acoustics Isolator


The Best Subwoofer Isolation Pad

We have covered a wide range of studio monitor isolation pads but let’s not forget about your subwoofer. Iso pads for your subwoofer can help keep your acoustic environment free from resonance. Below are our picks for the top two isolation pads for subwoofers.

Auralex SubDude II Review



  • Excellent Vibration Control – The SubDude II is a revelation. The amount of vibration control is exceptional. You’ll need to push your system exceptionally loud before vibrations become apparent.
  • High Build Quality – For a low-priced product, the build quality is great. High-density foam along with a velour-covered MDF base. Very solid.
  • Impressive Load Capacity – The huge 200 lbs. (90.7 kg) load capacity means there are few subwoofers out there that this pad can’t handle.
  • Fantastic Price – Super affordable price point that makes it a no-brainer purchase.


  • Platform Won’t Fit All Subwoofers – 15-inches is more than enough for most studio subwoofers. But some larger home theatre subs won’t fit.

Auralex makes the list again but this time for their exceptional subwoofer isolation pads. Other pads struggle to handle epic bass but the SubDube II is up to the task.

Vibration travel through walls is near non-existent except for extreme volume levels. Walls won’t rattle and there is no carry into other surfaces. A properly isolated subwoofer also delivers tighter and more refined bass.

If you are looking for affordable iso pads for your subwoofer the SubDude II is our top recommendation.

Three quarter view of the Auralex SubDude II isolation pad.

Auralex SubDude II


RAB Audio ProJax Subwoofer Review



  • Formidable Isolation – The excellent decoupling does a stellar job of keeping vibrations under control. Perfect for eliminating structural resonance.
  • Low-Cost Option – The low price point also makes this an appealing budget option.
  • Modular Design – Includes a set of 1/4-inch risers allowing you to fine-tune the directionality of your subwoofer.
  • Great For Carpet – The large stable feet make these a good choice for carpeted areas. More stable than foam offerings.


  • Unattractive – Not the most eye-appealing set of discs. Thankfully the low profile means you’ll often not see them.

RAB Audio also offers a subwoofer option in their versatile rubber-based range. The same high-quality monitor isolation is present here in the subwoofer version.

Iso pads are sometimes not the best choice for carpeted surfaces. The ProJax line is a good alternative if you are encountering that issue. Super stable and provides a supporting surface for your woofer.

At this price point, it’s an appealing option that is worth adding to your list of options.

Three quarter view of the RAB Audio ProJax Subwoofer isolation set.

RAB Audio ProJax Subwoofer


Our Expert Buying Guide

Selecting the right studio monitor isolation pads is critical to achieving the best performance from your speakers. Below we take a look into some of the things you need to consider when looking at studio monitor isolation.

Foam Pads Vs Isolation Discs

Studio monitor isolation options tend to fall into two primary categories. Discs and foam pads. But which one is better? Let’s take a closer look.

Foam Pads

Studio monitor isolation pads are the most common option available. These speaker isolation pads tend to feature high-density acoustic foam. This absorbs vibrations and decouples from a monitor stand or desk surface.

These speaker pads also tend to offer positioning options usually via wedges. They are a flexible choice that can complement speaker stands. Plus if you already have the height of your monitors sorted they are often a cheaper alternative to a speaker stand.

Isolation Discs

Unlike studio monitor isolation pads isolation discs forgo the high-density acoustic foam. Instead, they opt for other technology to reduce vibrations. This could be via rubber dispersion or other multi-part components to dissipate resonance.

Isolation discs are often small and compact making them a convenient option for a range of devices. This flexibility makes them a good option for DJs that want to isolate their turntables. Powerful bass can cause needle jumps which isolation solves. But these discs can be expensive and you’ll often need multiple sets.

Music studio with a variety of components including speaker, keyboard and turntable.

Both isolation pads and isolation discs are perfect for your studio to reduce vibrations.

Which One Is Better?

Both options do what they need to do. They will reduce vibrations, improve sonic performance, and provide a better sound stage. Especially in an empty space where resonance can travel rapidly through walls and surfaces.

The right one for you will depend on many factors. Things like your budget, the size and weight of your monitors, and available surface area.

But no matter which one you choose you’ll experience better sound quality.


Are Monitor Isolation Pads Necessary?

A monitor isolation pad is a critical component to achieving the best audio quality in your studio. Isolation pads help eliminate vibrations. And they increase the clarity and precision of your studio monitors.

Do Monitor Isolation Pads Work?

Yes, monitor isolation pads can help you get the most out of your studio monitors. Harmonic distortions from vibrations can color your productions. Monitor isolation pads solve this problem.

Which One Should You Buy?

There are several enticing options when it comes to studio monitor isolation pads. All the options in this guide offer excellent decoupling.

But if I had to choose one set of studio monitor isolation pads to recommend I have to go with the Primacoustic RX range. Excellent performance and build quality. Plus an impressive range of configuration options. This makes them the best studio monitor isolation pads available today.

Three quarter view of the Primacoustic RX7 isolation pad.

Primacoustic RX7


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