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Versatile speakers are a great option when setting up your studio space. You can enjoy the benefits of both functional and productive monitors and also use them for general day-to-day use. In this review, we check out the Edifier R1850DB. A set of speakers that meets a lot of different needs.

Edifier R1850DB

Three quarter view of the Edifier R1850DB speakers

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The Edifier R1850DB studio monitors aren’t just for studio use. Let’s check out where these affordable speakers shine and where they could be better.




The Edifier R1850Db has a lot to offer in a small package making them great micro studio monitors. Let’s dive deeper to see how this versatile set of monitors stacks up to the competition.

Sound Quality

The Edifier R1850DB offers up some impressive sound quality. Especially at this price point.

The low-end is usually my first point of reference and here they perform very well. The depth is there without an abundance of boominess. While not quite a smooth as pure monitor speakers they are fairly accurate.

As these are monitor speakers the low-end is not over-emphasized and for some may come across a little hollow and lifeless. These aim for a more neutral response. As always a sub will always improve low-end performance. The dedicated sub-out is a welcome addition if you want to take these to the next level.

The mids were also impressive. Muddy tones are not present and the balance between mids and lows is well established. While they do sound a little more forward I was still impressed with the balance. The tonal range is also clean. The clarity behind spoken words is a highlight. Both the dialogue in movies and vocal performances in music is well presented. 

Likewise, the highs retain that clarity. Cymbals and hi-hats hit cleanly without any distortion. There is plenty of sparkle on the top end. Potentially a little bit too much.

While these offer sound that is attractive to the ear they are not as neutral and balanced as you may need. If you want to mix at a professional level they can be deceiving. The added tuning options can help overcome some of the imbalances. But, you’ll need a well-trained ear to spot the issues and adjust accordingly.

Despite this, the listening experience was much better than I expected from a brand that isn’t synonymous with studio gear.

Build Quality

These speakers are well built. The wood cabinet is sturdy and offers just the right amount of heft to inspire confidence. As with most speakers in this price range, MDF is the primary wooden material used. It does a good job of minimizing resonance and is a big improvement over plastic cabinets.

Edifier R1850DB Details

The Edifier R1850DB is well built but does come with an average remote.

The textured front is a great addition and doesn’t attract fingerprints. Included grilles are good quality and a nice option if you want to protect the woofer and tweeter from dust.

The included remote is one of the better remotes in the Edifier range. While still inherently flimsy the recessed buttons feel natural. Especially compared to the raised buttons on the remotes of other Edifier speakers. It is still a fairly basic and cheap remote which is likely to fail long before the speakers do.

The 2-year warranty also points to how much Edifier has faith in its products. There is a great balance here between price and quality.


The Edifier R1850DB offers a 4-inch woofer that handles both the low end and the majority of the midrange. Supporting this is a 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter to handle the top end. It’s a standard configuration you’ll often find for speakers this size.

Edifier R1850DB Specifications

The Edifier R1850DB features a good frequency range for handling lows and highs.

The frequency response is 60Hz-20kHz. There is enough depth here in both the low and high end to deliver an accurate response. A little more room is always nice in the lower end to hit that deep sub-bass but for a woofer this size 60Hz is ample.

At up to 85dBA these can get quite loud. Very good for a small to medium-sized room. Imaging and projection are forward-facing as expected from monitors. Depth of field is a little limited so if you sit far away these will not sound great.

Tuning Options

The Edifier R1850DB does offer some basic tuning options to adjust audio output.

Located at the rear of the primary unit you’ll find both Treble and Bass control. These work as intended and allow for fine-tuning. A handy feature especially if you want to use these for mixing due to the slightly unbalanced default setting.

Beyond mixing it is also good to have the option to boost either end to suit your personal preference.


Like most of the Edifier range, the R1850DD is an attractive set of speakers. The sleek jet black finish blends well into most studio setups. It is even an excellent set for the living room. The included grilles offer an even cleaner design and also a good option if you have children with inquisitive fingers!

Three quarter view of the Edifier R1850DB speakers

The Edifier R1850DB offers a sleek and attractive design.

The 10-degree angle also helps project the sound to your ears and adds to the smart look. I’ve always enjoyed the appearance of Edifier speakers and this model continues that sleek and professional style.


The 4-inch woofer sits within a reasonably sized cabinet. Narrow enough to sit next to your PC or TV without dominating the space. Likewise, the depth allows for placement and use of these as bookshelf speakers.

Edifier R1850DB Dimensions

The Edifier R1850DB is small enough to be used as bookshelf speakers.

At 16.8 lbs (7.6kg) they stay in place well and don’t place too much strain on shelving.


One of the more impressive features of the R1850DB is the range of input options.

First up is a set of 2 Dual RCA inputs for PC and AUX. Capable of handling two devices and easily switchable using the remote or volume control knob. Supporting this is a Coaxial and Optical input giving you plenty of versatility.

Edifier R1850DB Connections

The Edifier R1850DB has a solid selection of connection options.

Finally, there is also a dedicated sub-out connection point. Something that is often lacking in other Edifier speaker sets. This makes adding a subwoofer to your speaker setup infinitely easier.

Beyond these cabled options is 4.1 Bluetooth. Pairing devices is easy and the range is adequate without any major dropout issues.

A versatile set of options that give you plenty of flexibility to connect these to your existing devices.


These are not the cheapest set of Edifier speakers but they still offer an excellent price point. Good value for money when you factor in the range of features on offer here. Not a fantastic choice for mixing in the studio. But, they are very affordable compared to more professional-level studio monitors.

When lined up against standard consumer PC speakers these perform very well. Also serviceable for day-to-day use when connected to your TV. An excellent all-rounder that offers plenty of functionality at a reasonable price. If you are on a budget these are worth considering.

What Others Have To Say

Most people are very happy with the performance of the Edifier R1850DB. It also seems the amount of bass is very debatable. Some people find it adequate while others suggest adding a subwoofer.

Edifier R1850DB Reviews

PC Speakers Vs Studio Monitors

There is plenty of competition out there in the speaker market. But to cut through the hype you need to be aware of some key differences between the various options. Understanding what to expect can help inform your decision on what speakers are right for you.

PC speakers are very common and range from super-budget choices to more elaborate 5.1 systems. These speakers have one main purpose. To provide enjoyable sounding audio.

A podcast editing station with two screens and studio monitors.

Studio monitors are excellent for projects like video editing and podcasts.

To achieve this they often color the sound to place more emphasis on certain frequencies. This makes for a pleasing sound with warm bass and distinct highs. While great for general listening they do not perform well as dedicated studio monitors.

Studio monitors aim to replicate the source audio as accurately as possible. This is critical if you are creating your own music. It is also important for editing podcasts and videos.

Improper balance can skew your perception of the audio. This can result in your final production not sounding great on certain systems. By using studio monitors you give yourself the best chance to be able to properly mix and master your audio.

But with this neutral response often comes a bit of disappointment when compared to standard Hi-Fi style speakers. Good quality studio monitors will highlight aspects of the music you are listening to that you may not have heard before. But it will also highlight any flaws. Without that emphasized EQ balance a decent-sounding track can very quickly sound horrible.

Choosing what is right for you depends on your needs. If you just need a set of speakers to do the job PC speakers are fine. They perform well for gaming, TV, and general listening.

But, if you want to produce music go with studio monitors. If you are a lover of music also go for monitors. The experience is different but well worth exploring. 

Other Options

There are plenty of alternatives available if you are looking for small monitors. Depending on your needs, some of these options may be a better choice.

Edifier R1700BT Review

Another impressive choice in the Edifier lineup is the R1700BT. It is similar in design but comes in at a lower price point. A budget option that gets a lot right.

  • Good sound quality with defined lows, mids, and highs. But not the most balanced.
  • An affordable entry-level option for new producers.
  • Far fewer connection options compared to the R1850DB.
Three quarter view of a pair of Edifier R1700BT studio monitors.

Edifier R1700BT


Pioneer DM-50D Review

For those that listen to a lot of bass-heavy music, the DM-50D set of monitors from Pioneer is a good alternative. It is also able to get quite loud without distortion

  • Rich and full low-end that is great for bass-heavy music like EDM.
  • Excellent build quality from a brand invested in the DJ space.
  • The more pronounced low-end is not ideal for accurate music production.
Three quarter view of a pair of Pioneer DM-50D studio monitors.

Pioneer DM-50D


Edifier R1280DB Review

If a sub out option is not a big concern the R1280DB could be a good choice for you. It retains many of the features of the R1850DB but at an even cheaper price point.

  • Versatile connectivity options that are suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Good sound balance with a more convenient tuning dial placement.
  • Not very loud and does struggle at louder volume levels.

Edifier R1280DB


Should You Buy?

The Edifier R1850DB offers up plenty of features at a great price. Good audio quality that can get reasonably loud with decent balance.

The flexible connection options and attractive design make it a great choice. Whether it’s your studio, workspace, or living room they perform well. While not the most accurate of monitors they are a solid entry point for new producers.

But, where they shine is as a replacement for consumer PC speakers or to boost your TV watching experience. A reasonably priced and impressive-sounding set of speakers that are hard to fault.

Three quarter view of the Edifier R1850DB speakers

Edifier R1850DB

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