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Versatile multi-function speakers have grown in popularity. As the number of devices grows within our homes so does the need for effective speakers. In this review, we check out the Edifier R2000DB and see if this mid-range model from Edifier can tackle the needs of a modern home.

Edifier R2000DB

Three quarter view of the Edifier R2000DB speakers

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With a more expensive price point, there is a lot to expect from the Edifier R2000DB. But, it lives up to the higher price tag with a range of excellent features.




The Edifier R2000DB has plenty to offer. From the more dedicated studio environment to general use it offers plenty of versatility.

Sound Quality

Edifier has a good reputation for sound quality even among its entry-level range of speakers. The same quality is present in the R2000DB. The sound is well-balanced and offers a very pleasing listening experience.

The low-end response is tight and a substantial improvement over Edifier’s cheaper models. No boominess in the bass and a distinct punch that is satisfying. The bass response is warm yet clean.

Mid-tones are also impressive. Clean and well-defined with plenty of character. It offers a nuanced output with excellent definition. Clarity is high and they performed well with both music and movies.

The dialogue sections were especially impressive. There is a trend in recent years for excessively soft talking in movies. It’s good to see a set of speakers able to provide a high-quality definition for these circumstances.

The highs also showcase the same clarity as the mid-tones. The sound isn’t thin and details are well-defined. Difficult elements like symbols and hi-hats don’t come across as tinny in any way.

The Edifier R2000DB offers a rich and full-bodied listening experience that punches well above its price point.

Build Quality

With the jump in price, there is also a noticeable improvement in build quality. The speakers have a good amount of weight to them without stepping into the realm of bulky hardware.

The cabinet is well constructed with a textured front face and high gloss sides. A wooden finish is also available. The speakers do come with attractive and functional fabric covers. These help to minimize dust and the errant fingers of curious children!

Edifier R2000DB Detail

The high gloss piano finish works perfectly with the leather look texture on the front.

One downside is the remote, a gripe I have with some of Edifier’s other speakers as well. The flimsy design is prone to fingerprints. Additionally, the buttons don’t feel great. While it is competent, I’d have liked a more premium remote to match the premium feel of the speakers themselves.

Despite this, it is hard to fault the R2000DB when it comes to component quality. Durable and capable.


The Edifier R2000DB offers a high-quality 5-inch woofer that does an excellent job of delivering tight bass. The 1-inch silk-dome “Eagle Eye” tweeter is also high-quality and delivers that clear sparkle in the top end.

Frequency response is also impressive with a range of 55Hz – 20kHz. Ample room for the low end to breathe. No frequency dominates another giving a balanced output. It even rivals some so-called professional studio monitors available. 

Edifier R2000DB Specifications

The Edifier R2000DB is a large speaker with plenty of power.

Both of the drivers offer plenty of power with a total output of 120W. This leads to impressive volume levels. At 85dBA there is plenty of room for cranking these up. Excellent for loud music or those big special effects set pieces in movies.

Tuning Options

There are a couple of adjustment options available on the Edifier R2000DB.

First, you have access to two EQ settings that are set via the remote. Dynamic gives the low-end a boost and is excellent for resolving punchier basslines. Big distinct bass and punchy kicks that are common among electronic music genres are easily handled. Classic delivers a more neutral response. This mode is better suited for multimedia projects or music composition.

Edifier R2000DB Tuning Options

The Edifier R2000DB offers EQ controls on the remote and extra controls on the back of the speaker.

Additional Bass and Treble controls are on the back of the speaker. While this does lead to a more attractive and refined design it is awkward to have to reach around the back to make adjustments. This becomes even more of an issue if you use these as bookshelf speakers.

Despite the placement, the results are well-defined. Adjustments make a distinct difference. A great way to fine-tune output to suit your listening style or the media you are playing.


Edifier once again shows that it has excellent design sensibilities when it comes to its line of speakers. The all-black look could have easily seemed boring. But, the combination of the textured front panel and high-gloss piano finish work well together. If you want an earthier tone you can also get a woodgrain finish instead.

Three quarter view of the Edifier R2000DB speakers with woodgrain finish

The woodgrain finish may suit your decor better than the all-black version.

The angular front face design helps deliver music straight to your ears. But, it also adds a unique and interesting shape profile.

A smart and attractive set of speakers that ooze style. Perfectly suited for the home studio or in your living room.


The Edifier R2000DB bookshelf speakers do have a decent footprint. For smaller desks, it may be a challenge to fit these in. With the addition of tuning controls at the back of the unit, placement could be an issue. You’ll want to maintain easy access to these controls if you use them regularly.

Edifier R2000DB Dimensions

The Edifier R2000DB does demand a decent amount of space.

Weight wise the R2000DB are solid and a little heavy. But, they still fall in line with other 5-inch monitor options available.


Connectivity is one of the R2000DB’s strong suits. You’ll be able to connect two devices via the dual RCA options at the back of the unit. Switching between sources is also easy via the remote with a LED light on the front for visual indication of which source is currently active.

Edifier R2000DB Connections

The Edifier R2000DB offers a good amount of flexible connection options.

The Bluetooth functionality is also solid with excellent range and no dropouts. The Bluetooth connection is also maintained when switching between sources. This prevents having to pair devices again.

The R2000DB steps it up further with a dedicated Optical output which is perfect for connecting to you TV. For all these connection types Edifier has provided the relevant cables. While not the best quality they certainly do the job. There is an optical cable, dual RCA cable, and a 3.5mm to RCA cable. The latter is especially useful for connecting other media devices.

The only shortcoming is the lack of a dedicated sub-out option for subwoofers. While there are workarounds it would have been good for Edifier to have included one on a unit in this price range.


While the Edifier R2000DB is a substantial increase in price over the entry-level models it is worth it. All areas of the speaker show noticeable improvements that justify the increased cost. When you factor in how versatile these are it’s hard to find fault in the price point.

What Others Have To Say

Satisfaction is high from people that purchased the Edifier R2000DB speakers. Good quality and impressive sound are among the top compliments found in other people’s reviews.

Edifier R2000DB Reviews

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity has exploded in popularity over the last decade. It has continued to grow and evolve and is now available across a large number of devices. From portable speakers, headphones, smartphones, and a host of other consumer electronics.

The flexibility Bluetooth offers is fantastic. Well-executed Bluetooth implementation leads to quick and seamless pairing between devices. The elimination of excessive cables helps keep studios and entertainment centers clean. The elimination of cables also helps improve safety.

Photo of an office workspace with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Wireless technology like Bluetooth helps eliminate unwanted cables.

But there can be some inherent issues that you need to be aware of too. Generally audio quality will not be as good when compared to a corded connection. There is also the potential for connection dropouts or interruptions. This can lead to a frustrating listening experience.

Audio lag is another concern. While improvements are continually made there can be circumstances where there is a noticeable delay. Even the slightest delay can make watching a movie unbearable. This also becomes an issue if you need instant audio feedback. DJing is one example where precise timing is critical to success. In these instances, Bluetooth can be an unreliable source.

Despite some drawbacks, Bluetooth continues to offer a level of flexibility that I more than welcome. To be able to instantly stream music from my smartphone to a speaker in the other room is something generations of the past would have seen as magic.

Despite a few shortcomings, Bluetooth is a fantastic technology that I hope continues to improve. I’d love to be able to eliminate more cabling from my studio space!

Other Options

There are other 5-inch speakers that may suit your needs. Especially if you have a desire for more analytical listening or music production. Here is a short selection of alternatives worth considering.

Yamaha HS5 Review

Yamaha has an extensive history in the music business. Their current line of HS speakers is often among the top-rated studio monitors available.

  • Excellent clarity and definition in the sound profile.
  • Exceptionally neutral and balanced making them perfect for producing.
  • The neutral response may leave bass lovers wanting more oomph.

JBL 306P MkII Review

The 306P MkII is an excellent entry-level studio monitor with rich tonality. The relatively affordable price point also makes it an appealing choice for project home studios.

  • Refined and analytical sound with a neutral response for studio work.
  • Excellent balance between price, features, and sound quality.
  • More expensive than the R2000DB when buying them as a pair.
Three quarter view of the JBL 306P MkII studio monitor



Edifier R1280DB Review

The smaller entry-level model may be a better option if the R2000DB is too large for your space. With similar features, it is a good budget alternative.

  • Despite the smaller woofers it still offers plenty of loudness and decent sound quality.
  • Maintains a range of versatile connection options for flexibility.
  • The sound profile is not as refined as dedicated studio monitors.

Edifier R1280DB


Should You Buy?

There is a lot to like about the Edifier R2000DB. High-quality components in a stylish and attractive package. The sound profile is surprisingly clean and accurate. They deliver exceptional performance with a pleasant listening experience that is hard to fault. Added flexibility in connections firmly place these as some of the best near field speakers in this price range.

If you are looking for a versatile pair of speakers the Edifier R2000DB is worth adding to your list of options.

Three quarter view of the Edifier R2000DB speakers

Edifier R2000DB


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