Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Review – Flexible Floor Stands

Getting your studio monitors up to the correct height is an important part of setting up your studio. In this review, we check out the Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50. An affordable floor standing option for your home studio.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50

Front view of the Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 studio monitor stands.





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The Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 is a cheap studio monitor stand with some great features. But there are a few issues worth considering before buying. Below are the quick points before we check out these stands in more detail.




The Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 is an attractive set of studio monitor stands. They offer flexibility for both placement and height. The large triangular base adds plenty of support for small to medium-sized studio monitors.

These are a great option for floor stands for your home studio and at this price, it’s hard to be too critical. Below we take a deep dive into these stands to see where they shine and where they fall flat. 


The Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 offers a flexible pin lock system for adjusting the height of the stands. You’ll have the option to have these between 31″ to 53″ (78.8cm – 134.6cm). This is a tad shorter than comparable options available today.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Pin Lock System

The height increments on the GFW-SPK-SM50 are quite large.

Assembling the stands is straightforward. The pin locking system does an excellent job of securing the pole in your desired position. But you’ll only have access to holes every 6-inches (15.2cm). This is a fairly sizeable jump between potential positions.

When setting up your studio you want the tweeter of your monitors to line up with your ears. These large increments make it a little tricky. One setting may be too low while the next may be too high. I would have loved to see Gator offer more pinholes for maximum flexibility.

Despite the big jumps, I’m a big fan of the pinhole system. It offers plenty of security and comfort. A normal threaded screw that digs into a pole does pose the risk of loosening and sliding down.

You can only imagine what can happen to your monitors if this were to take place. With a pinhole system, you don’t need to worry about that happening.


The large triangular base offers plenty of stability. You can have it propped up flat against a wall or in a corner. This utilizes available space and gives you choices. You’ll have access to both threaded feet for hardwood floors and threaded spikes for carpet.

The threaded nylon feet grip hard floors well and offer a good amount of thread for leveling. Likewise, the spikes offer a good amount of thread though it is difficult to level on carpet at the best of times. If you have a very plush carpet you’ll struggle even further. These are not the most stable in those situations. 

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Base Feet

The nylon feet allow you to adjust the leveling.

The top bolt that secures the plate is a little short. You need to pay extra attention to ensure it is secure otherwise you’ll suffer from some tilt. At a low to medium height, these feel very stable especially with small to medium-sized studio monitors. But as with all pole systems, I’d advise you to place these in an area where they won’t be prone to accidental knocks. 

The GFW-SPK-SM50 has a load rating of 100 lbs. (45.3kg). This is a little generous. While I found these handle smaller and lighter monitors easily they do feel unstable with larger and heavier monitors. If you do have heavy monitors I’d look at investing in some straps for added security.

Cable Management

The Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 offers a very basic cable management system.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Cable Management

The small clips can only handle one cable.

A pair of small plastic cable clips pop into each section of the pole. These are very narrow and will allow for one cable at most. While not an amazing system it is better than just having cables dangling.

Build Quality

The GFW-SPK-SM50 offers a good level of build quality. The steel pole, base, and plate are all high-quality. Rigid and durable. The included feet and spikes are equally dependable. The only shortfall is the cable clips which are on the flimsy side of things.

At 11 lbs. (5kg) these offer a decent amount of heft. The last thing you want are stands that are too lightweight as this decreases stability substantially. Pinholes are well executed but there are some reports that the threading on the base can be on the tighter side. But it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Top Plate Details

The rubberized plate keeps your studio monitors in place.

The top plate offers two rubberized strips to help keep your monitors in place. They are thin but get the job done. You don’t need to worry about your monitors sliding about. This is especially important if you work with bass-heavy music.

At this price point, you can’t expect too much. But the Gater Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 offers an excellent balance between build quality and price.


The Gater Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 is a great choice for smaller studios lacking in space. While the base is quite large you should have no trouble integrating these into your studio. The slimline pole system also ensures there is plenty of available space around the stands.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 Dimensions

The GFW-SPK-SM50 features a wide triangular base.

The top plate is quite large and can comfortably fit monitors up to 5-inches. You can place larger monitors on the plate but they will extend beyond the base. But with the rubberized strips, your monitors will still sit securely. As mentioned previously If you do have large monitors I would look at picking up some straps.


Studio monitor stands can be expensive. Not everyone can spend a heap of money on high-end decoupling stands. That’s where stands like the GFW-SPK-SM50 shine. They are very affordable, especially in the floor stand category. If you are budget-conscious these are a solid investment. They are sturdy, capable, and offer good flexibility.

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of reviews for the Gater Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 are positive. Hundreds of 4 and 5-star reviews highlight how popular these stands are. And it’s not hard to see why. They are cheap but still well constructed.

Standing VS Sitting

One of the great benefits of adjustable floor-based stands is the flexibility they offer. You can adjust them to a range of workspace scenarios.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the benefits of standing while working. But there is little concrete evidence available to back up the hype. However, the potential issues of sitting for long periods are well documented.

Music producer in a studio using a keyboard and MIDI launchpad.

Alternate between sitting and standing when in the studio for long sessions.

Sitting for long periods can put you at higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This is where a standing desk may be a better option to give you a break from sitting.

But as with most major changes it is best to warm yourself into it by doing shorter bursts. If you go from sitting all the time to standing for long periods you may end up with leg or foot pain.

This is where an adjustable studio monitor stand comes in. A stand like the Gater Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 gives you the option to quickly switch from one height setting to another.

Spend some time sitting then switch the height to spend some time standing. All while keeping your monitors at ear level.

Other Options

There are plenty of choices available in the studio monitor stands category. Below is a small selection of other options you may want to consider.

On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P Review

The SMS6000-P is a near-identical set of studio monitor stands to the GFW-SPK-SM50. They offer plenty of stability and flexibility while offering a super-low price.

  • Height adjustable stands that offer 4-inch increments for more flexibility.
  • Solid steel construction and capable pin-locking system.
  • The bottom feet for hardwood floors offer minimal threading which can make leveling difficult.
Front view of the On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P studio monitor stands.

On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P


Argosy Spire Classic Review

If you have a bit more to spend the Argosy Spire Classic range is worth considering. These stylish floor-standing stands add a touch of class to your studio.

  • Attractive MDF with Melamine Finish that oozes style.
  • The large base and top offer plenty of stability for your monitors.
  • Available in two sizes but each one doesn’t offer any adjustability.
Three quarter view of the Argosy Spire Classic 36"

Argosy Spire Classic 36


IsoAcoustics ISO Review

Stability can be an issue with floor-based stands. If you would prefer desk-based stands the IsoAcoutics ISO range is among the very best available.

  • Excellent decoupling to reduce unwanted vibrations.
  • Available in three different sizes. ISO-130, ISO-155, ISO-200. Plus each one offers height adjustment. 
  • Made from tough ABS plastic for maximum durability.
Three quarter view of the IsoAcoustics ISO-155

IsoAcoustics ISO-155


Should You Buy?

The Gater Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 is a great set of budget-priced studio monitor stands. The build quality is high and they offer a good amount of flexibility. As your studio space changes, these can adapt. A decent level of stability and leveling options make these among the best floor standing options available. While they are not perfect at this price they are a fantastic deal.

Front view of the Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50 studio monitor stands.

Gator Frameworks GFW-SPK-SM50


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