JBL EON 715 Review – Engaging Sound At A Low Price Point

The EON series from JBL is among the most popular entry-level loudspeakers. Their 600 Series was the go-to recommendation for affordable gear. But with technology evolving, it was only a matter of time before a refresh. The new 700 Series takes advantage of modern sensibilities with an excellent selection of features. In this review, we check out the largest option in the range, the JBL EON 715.


Front view of the JBL EON715.

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The JBL EON 715 is a beginner-friendly and capable 15-inch loudspeaker that is well-suited to various applications.


The ever-evolving needs of performers necessitate a loudspeaker that is both dependable and able to adapt to fresh challenges. And in many regards, the EON 715 is an ideal choice. But as with any affordable DJ speakers, it isn’t without some faults.

Sound Quality

The JBL EON 715 delivers a dynamic and engaging sound profile. There is an excellent balance between achieving a party-friendly sound while offering enough depth and precision to highlight a live performance.

The low-end is punchy and warm, with enough kick to handle small to medium-sized events thanks to its big 15-inch woofer. It isn’t boomy or muddy and doesn’t chuff out and strain when driving deep bass.

JBL EON 715 Internals.

The 15-inch Ferrite woofer delivers satisfying bass.

The mid-range is superb, with excellent clarity and precision to highlight instruments and vocals easily. The transition from lower frequencies to the mid-range is also pleasant and smooth. Equally great for electronic music as it is for corporate speaking events.

Moving into the top-end, the EON 715 performs admirably again with a top-end that sizzles but doesn’t grate at your ears. It is perfectly balanced with the rest of the frequency range, which is 45Hz-20khz (-10 dB). Enough depth in both directions to accurately represent the source material.

It’s a harmonious and rich sound experience that is much better than you would expect from a loudspeaker at this price point. Once again, JBL delivers on its promise to give performers an approachable yet capable loudspeaker.

Build Quality

This is another area where the JBL EON impresses. This robust loudspeaker is up to the challenge of frequent gigging. The Series 600 cabinet was already a dependable beast, but JBL has stepped up its game with the new 700 Series.

The cabinet features an FEA-optimized composite enclosure. This injection-molded cabinet feels tough and doesn’t create unwanted resonance. I’ve always preferred wooden cabinets, but I admit they are cumbersome. JBL has found a perfect middle ground between portability and performance.

JBL EON 715 Details.

The EON 715 comes with an extended 7-year warranty.

The internals match the external cabinet’s quality with a redesigned woofer and JBL’s signature attention to detail. The back of the cabinet also sports secure and reliable connections along with a bright and clear screen. All control knobs are of high quality, and there is nothing to fault with the execution.

The JBL EON 715 is a reliable loudspeaker from a company that is no stranger to the audio scene. Reliability is a critical component of a workhorse loudspeaker, and the EON 715 fulfills that role easily.


There is a lot to unpack in the specifications department, with one glaring issue that I need to highlight.

The JBL EON 715 lists a MAX SPL of 128 dB; at first glance, this is more than enough to deliver room-filling sound. But in practice, it does start to struggle as you move into the upper regions with a noticeable drop in quality.

You won’t need to fear damaging the speaker, but you’ll instantly feel the need to dial it back to attain that sweet and pleasant sound that the unit offers. As a pair working in tandem with a subwoofer, the results are more forgiving, but I would not suggest trying to fill a medium-sized space with just a solitary speaker.

JBL EON 715 Specifications.

The EON 715 is a capable loudspeaker with great sound.

The power configuration features Class D bi-amped power with 1,300 Watts of peak power with 1000 Watts for the low-frequency driver and 300 Watts for the high-frequency driver. 

The 15-inch Ferrite woofer features lower impedance and higher efficiency, while the 1″ Neodymium Tweeter provides balanced and even sound across its coverage range of 90 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.

It’s worth highlighting that courage range as it is a widespread number for loudspeakers. But JBL’s waveguide technology and improvements to the transducers result in remarkably even coverage. Even at the edges of the range, the sound is even and consistent.

You won’t have any issues if you don’t need the JBL EON 715 to pull solitary duties for a larger crowd. If you need that type of coverage, you’ll need a pair of these at a bare minimum.

Tuning Options

JBL has also overhauled the tuning options available with the new EON 715. Taking advantage of the advancements in DSP, you’ll now have access to a comprehensive suite of tuning options to adapt the sound to your needs.

At the rear, you’ll be able to navigate through an extensive list of options via the menu button that also doubles as the Master Gain control. The screen is clear, with an easy-to-navigate interface that makes logical sense.

JBL EON 715 Tuning.

The screen is bright and easy to navigate.

While there is a depth of options, the main option I’d like to highlight is the onboard presets. These preset options instantly alter the input before sending it to the amplifier and speaker. These curves are practical and well-tuned, and you can further tweak them with complete control over the EQs.

These options make the JBL EON 715 an approachable choice for beginners unfamiliar with what they need to do in a live setting. 

But JBL hasn’t stopped there. You’ll also have access to the full suite of options via the JBL Connect App. Simply pair your device, and you can make on the fly changes while wandering around the venue. An invaluable tool for sculpting the output.

Whether you are new to loudspeakers or an old hand that loves to fine-tune output, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal.


As with many aspects of the new EON series, the aesthetic also features a few modifications to align with modern sensibilities. The new cabinet features a sleek and slightly textured finish, which minimizes the potential for scuffs and scratches.

The rigid honeycomb grille protects the drivers and adds to the sleek modern appearance. A small JBL logo and green LED are the only embellishments. Nothing screams cheap, and this loudspeaker will be right at home at any gig type.

JBL EON 715 Side Views.

The EON 715 features angled edges and carry handles.

Beyond appearance, the JBL EON 715 also features practical design features. The unit is capable as a monitor thanks to the angular design and molded feet to ensure stability and decoupling. You can orientate it in either direction with an equal angle on both sides of the cabinet.

The EON 715 also features integrated handles at the top of the unit and on one side, making it easy to lift and transport the loudspeaker.

Wrapping up the functional design features is a range of installation options. A 36mm pole socket, universal yoke bracket holes, and four M10 suspension points ensure you can set this loudspeaker up in various configurations.


The JBL EON 715 is a 15-inch loudspeaker, so by its very nature, it will be large. But compared to other 15-inch speakers, it doesn’t feel overly cumbersome thanks to the clever shape and materials. The integrated handles also ensure transportation is relatively stress-free.

JBL EON 715 Dimensions.

The EON 715 is a lightweight 15-inch loudspeaker.

At 37.25 lbs. (16.9 kg), you can use just one hand to carry the unit around. And trust me, after years of backbreaking work lugging heavy loudspeakers around, you’ll appreciate how lightweight these are compared to other options.

Connection Options

Once again, there are some improvements to the connectivity on offers with the new 700 Series. This speaker’s two channels offer a combo jack that supports XLR and TRS. It is worth noting there is no Mic/Line switch on offer, but you can dig into the menus for a boost to either channel if you use a microphone. Supporting this is the obligatory XLR thru connection.

JBL EON 715 Connections.

Combo jacks provide plenty of flexibility.

These two connections are standard, but the new development is the addition of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures low latency and better sonic performance, and you can now stream music to the unit.

This Bluetooth functionality opens up a lot more variety in potential applications. You could stream a warm-up set list before your main gig. Or, if you are a solo vocalist, you can run a backing track as support. As already mentioned, Bluetooth also allows remote tuning with the JBL Connect App.


The approachable price is one of the most appealing aspects of the JBL EON series. Setting up an entire rig can escalate into a costly affair. Once you factor in your music gear, cabling, bags, and stands, it is easy to spend excessive cash on your setup. 

The EON series provides an approachable entry point and appeals to mobile DJs who want to invest in a complimentary subwoofer. But just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you need to forgo other vital elements like build quality and flexibility. And that is precisely why the EON series is so popular. Quality at a price that won’t hurt the wallet.

The EON 715 does sit at the top of the range, with the smaller EON 712 and EON 710 completing the options at your disposal. They all present superb value for money and are an easy recommendation for budget-conscious buyers.

Customer Reviews

The EON series continues to set the standard for entry-level loudspeakers. All speakers in the series, including the EON 715, feature multiple 4 and 5-star reviews. The excellent sound quality, durable cabinet, and flexible features have won over many fans. Critics are also onboard, and the EON series remains one of the most recommended entry-level loudspeakers available today.

The Power of Bluetooth 5.0

Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and any company not keeping up runs the risk of falling behind. Bluetooth, in particular, has seen extraordinary growth and is finding its way into more and more products.

The opportunities presented by Bluetooth technology are hard to ignore when it comes to loudspeakers. The two primary ways to utilize this technology is for streaming music directly to the speaker and remote tuning. Both of which the new EON series embraces with the help of Bluetooth 5.0.

JBL EON 715 Bluetooth.

Bluetooth 5.0 opens up many options, including streaming and remote tuning.

But with that, you must ensure you provide the best possible version of the technology. Bluetooth 5.0 offers increased data transfer rates for seamless streaming and higher-quality streaming. It also provides a substantially increased range to ensure no dropouts. When you add backward compatibility and reduced power consumption, it is a no-brainer to utilize Bluetooth 5.0 in loudspeakers.

So while many loudspeakers offer Bluetooth, it is worth digging into the details to ensure they are utilizing Bluetooth 5.0.


The JBL EON 715 is a fantastic 15-inch loudspeaker and easily one of the more affordable choices. But several alternatives are worth highlighting, and below is a quick peek at a few.

PreSonus AIR12 Review

If the sheer size of a 15-inch loudspeaker puts you off, the smaller 12-inch AIR12 is a terrific alternative. An exceptional loudspeaker with a great price.

  • Fantastically smooth audio delivery that is balanced and satisfying.
  • Lightweight cabinet for easy transportation.
  • With a max SPL of 123dB, it isn’t as loud as the JBL EON 715.
Front view of the PreSonus AIR12

PreSonus AIR12

Mackie SRM215 Review

For those with more to spend, the SRM215 from Mackie is a powerful loudspeaker worth considering. With modern design and features, it’s an excellent all-rounder.

  • Punchy and rich bass with a high max SPL of 136 dB.
  • Rugged cabinet and excellent material quality.
  • Not a budget-friendly option.
Front view of the Mackie SRM215 Speaker

Mackie SRM215

EV ELX200-15P Review

Another popular 15-inch loudspeaker is the ELX200-15P from Electo-Voice, which packs a serious punch with loud and smooth audio output.

  • A meaty and satisfying low-end response that isn’t boomy or muddy.
  • Extensive tuning options for sculpting the sound to your needs.
  • The plastic cabinet is more prone to scuffing than the EON 715.
Three quarter view of the EV ELX200-15P.

EV ELX200-15P

Should You Buy?

JBL has done it again with the refreshed EON series. The EON 715, in particular, is big and bold with a rich and detailed sound profile. Every change from the previous series is a move in a positive direction. Updated components, advanced tuning options, and tight Bluetooth integration make it a versatile and dependable loudspeaker. If you want an affordable and capable 15-inch speaker, the EON 715 is among the best options available.

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