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There are a massive amount of budget headphones available. Separating which ones are worth picking up from the rest is not easy. Recently I got my hands on the aggressively priced A71 from OneOdio. Considering how popular these are I was eager to see if these could be a good option for budget-conscious DJs.

OneOdio A71

Three quarter view of the OneOdio A71 headphones.








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The OneOdio A71 headphones have a lot going for them. But as with all headphones at this price range, there are some drawbacks worth considering. Check out the quick pros and cons before we check these out in more detail.




There is a lot to cover when it comes to the OneOdio A71 headphones. Below we take a deeper look to see if they stack up as one of the best DJ headphones for beginners.

Sound Quality 

When it comes to sound quality the OneOdio A71 is both impressive and also disappointing at the same time. How is that possible I hear you ask? Well, it comes down to a couple of key factors. What type of music do you listen to, what do you need your headphones to accomplish, and expectations when it comes to price.

OneOdio A71 On Stand.

The OneOdio A71 is an affordable pair of headphones with decent sound quality.

Let’s start with the overall balance. These headphones do offer a boosted lower end. It’s a common trait for headphones in this price range. They have plenty of kick and bass. The mids are decent with enough warmth. The highs are not overly sharp or bright. But the boosted low-end does muddy up the mids and highs. Breaking these in over a few days did help smooth things out. But there is still a noticeable amount of imbalance here.

This combination works great for modern EDM and gaming. But as soon as you move to podcasts and more acoustic-based music you’ll notice the impact. Vocals sound a bit washed out and details are lost. But to be honest this is a problem I’ve seen with a lot of budget headphones. Comparing these to other options at this price range these headphones do perform better than you’d expect.

OneOdio A71 Specifications.

The OneOdio A71 features 40mm neodymium magnet drivers.

Due to the imbalance, I wouldn’t suggest using these for serious studio work. But if you work in a studio environment it is unlikely you’ll be looking at headphones in this price range anyway. And that is the real kicker here. These headphones are super cheap. So you can’t expect exceptional performance that can match headphones worth hundreds of dollars. But at this price, they do a solid job of delivering loud bass-focused output.

From a DJs perspective, these are fairly decent for a budget set of cans. A solid option if you spin a lot of modern EDM music. For casual listening and gaming, these are also a big improvement over earbuds.


The OneOdio A71 also is more comfortable than I was anticipating. They are very lightweight and the clamping force isn’t overly tight. There is just enough security to prevent these from sliding about.

The earpads are fairly plush. Likewise with the headband padding. But the coating is my biggest concern here. I’ve had plenty of cheap headphones in the past and they all share this trait. As time goes on these will begin to wear and flake. But that is unavoidable when you are working with these types of materials. I’ve even seen this issue with more expensive headphones. But you’ll get plenty of use out of these headphones before this becomes an issue.

OneOdio A71 Padding Photo.

The headband and ear padding are very comfortable.

You can also adjust the headband. There is a satisfying click between levels and you shouldn’t have any issues finding the sweet spot for your head size. The ear pad holes are on the smaller side so if you have larger than normal ears you may find these a little uncomfortable. But for most people, the fit and feel will be pleasant.

I wore these over a longer listening session and I didn’t feel any discomfort. The only problem is heat build-up. But these are closed-back headphones so you can’t expect breathability. Even expensive headphones suffer from heat build-up. For cheap headphones, these performed a lot better in the comfort area than I was expecting.


Appearance is always subjective so take the following for what it is, a personal opinion. I got my hands on the Red and Black model but there is also a Silver model available.

The aesthetic is modern and sleek. Very similar in appearance to more expensive DJ headphones. The red accent on the headband and red stitching look great. Subtle and restrained use of the logo is also a welcome sight. The shiny outer cap on the ear cups adds some extra life but does attract some fingerprints. These are an attractive-looking set of headphones so no complaints here.

Beyond appearance, there are some other notable design decisions worth highlighting. One of which is a fantastic addition, especially at this price point.

OneOdio A71 Details.

The OneOdio is an attractive pair of headphones with good features.

The cable execution is rather impressive. You’ll have access to two cables. That’s right these headphones offer detachable cables. Something that is rarely seen on headphones this cheap. The first cable features a 3.5mm (⅛-inch) jack with an integrated microphone. The microphone works well and is decent for online gaming.

The second cable offers a unique dual-use design. One side features a 3.5mm (⅛ Inch) jack while the other end offers a 6.35mm (¼ Inch) jack. This versatile design allows you to connect to a vast array of devices without needing an adapter.

You can also daisy chain these headphones with another pair. Great for back-to-back DJ sessions or for sharing audio with a friend. This cable is also semi-coiled so there is plenty of length on offer. It’s a versatile and clever cable that opens up a lot of flexibility.

These headphones also offer 90-degree swiveling earpads for one-ear monitoring. Another plus for budget-conscious DJs. They also collapse for easy and ergonomic transport. The passive isolation is also fairly solid making these a good choice for hobby DJs.


This is an area that all budget headphones struggle in. The OneOdio A71 is no exception. These are exceptionally lightweight but this is because of the very thin plastic build. While they look more expensive than they are you’ll instantly notice the quality when you pick these up.

OneOdio A71 Collapsed.

No exposed wires and detachable cables add to the appeal.

As mentioned already the coating on the padding is also not amazing. But there are no exposed wires and it does offer detachable cables so it’s not all bad.

I would suggest that you be careful with them. I can’t see these surviving a fall or rough handling. For what these are I can’t be too hard on them. I’ve certainly come across worse headphones at this price point. Considering how cheap these are you can’t expect premium quality materials.


I can’t stress enough how cheap these are. I’ve seen similar headphones that are more than double the price of the OneOdio A71. Many of which don’t come anywhere close to the features on offer with these.

OneOdio A71 Accessories.

The OneOdio A71 comes with two cables and a pouch.

At this price, OneOdio has delivered a budget pair of cans with extra bells and whistles. Two detachable cables, an integrated microphone, and a pouch to store them in. These offer great value.

Customer Reviews

The OneOdio A71 is a very popular pair of budget headphones. Over 80% of reviews feature a 4 or 5-star rating. Most people realize that at this price point it is hard to find headphones that offer as many features as the A71.

Don’t Let Money Stop You

One of the most common complaints I hear from people wanting to get into DJing is that it is expensive. To an extent they are correct. High-end gear is very expensive. From mixers, speakers, to headphones the price of a full setup can stretch into the thousands. But that doesn’t mean you can get into it. There are alternatives.

OneOdio A71 Product Photo.

Headphones like the OneOdio A71 are a great way to get into DJing on the cheap.

You can learn the fundamentals of DJing with cheaper gear. There is an excellent range of budget-priced DJ controllers out there. Most will also work with the existing sound system that you’ll likely already have at home. Plus there are cheap headphones available. The OneOdio A71 is a perfect example of a piece of gear that can get you started.

Money shouldn’t be a barrier for you to enjoy DJing as a hobby. Pick up a cheap controller and a budget pair of headphones and you’ll be well on your way to having a blast DJing. When the time comes you can always upgrade your gear.

Other Options

If you are looking for budget DJ headphones there are some appealing options available. Here is a selection of alternatives to the OneOdio A71.

Tascam TH-02 Review

If you want to get the absolute lowest cost pair of DJ headphones the Tascam TH-02 is worth considering. A cheap set of cans that gets the job done.

  • Good sound profile that is well balanced with a good low-end response.
  • Collapsible for easy transport and a minimalist design.
  • The plastic creaks and doesn’t inspire confidence. Not the most durable.
Three quarter view of a pair of Tascam TH-02 DJ headphones

Tascam TH-02


Shure SRH240A Review

The Shure SRH240A is a decent set of headphones at an affordable price. These headphones manage to strike an excellent balance between price and sound quality.

  • Engaging sound profile that is neutral enough for studio work.
  • Comfortable fit and a low price point.
  • The build quality is not amazing and the highs are a little sharp.
Three quarter view of the Shure SRH240A headphones.

Shure SRH240A


AKG K72 Review

The AKG K72 is another good option if you want maximum comfort. But these are a lot more expensive compared to the OneOdio A71.

  • Very comfortable with big earcups and a low-force headband.
  • Good isolation and a long cable. Great for DJing sessions at home.
  • Bass is weak and not as satisfying as the OneOdio A71.
Three quarter view of a pair of AKG K72 DJ headphones



Should You Buy?

There is a lot to like about the OneOdio A71. It offers some unique and interesting features at this price point. The excellent cables and modern design are very appealing. They are not super durable but they deliver a respectable level of sound quality. Especially for certain types of music. If you are looking to pick up an ultra-affordable pair of DJ headphones the A71 is worth considering.

Three quarter view of the OneOdio A71 headphones.

OneOdio A71


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