EV ELX200-10P Review – Excellent Sound And Flexibility

Ever since the release of the ELX series, I’ve listed them as among the best upgrades over entry-level speakers. The 15-inch and 12-inch options are fantastic, but the smaller 10-inch ELX200-10P is an ideal companion for smaller gigs. In this review, we look closely at what this impressive loudspeaker offers.

Electro-Voice ELX200-10P

Front view of the EV ELX200-10P loudspeaker.

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The EV ELX200-10P ticks nearly all the boxes. It features a powerful sound profile that is clear, punchy, and detailed. Supporting this is a slick aesthetic and comprehensive tuning.


Selecting the right loudspeaker for your gigs can be a daunting affair. But straight off the bat, I can comfortably recommend the ELX200-10P. There is a fair bit to cover with this feature-rich option from Electro-Voice, so let’s dive right into it.

Sound Quality

This is the bread and butter of a loudspeaker. I don’t care how good it looks or what bells and whistles it offers. At the end of the day, the quality of the output is paramount. And that is precisely the reason why I rate the ELX200-10P so highly.

For a small 10-inch loudspeaker, the ELX200-10P provides excellent sound quality that is rich, detailed, and full of character. The low-end is impressively punchy and rich despite the smaller 10-inch woofer. It doesn’t chuff or stumble into a dark muddy mess—just clean and satisfying delivery.

Of course, if you want the absolute best bass output, you’ll need to invest in a subwoofer, but the ELX200-10P can comfortably handle smaller gigs on its own.

EV ELX200-10P Transducers.

The in-house developed transducers deliver excellent sound quality.

The mid-range is also detailed and dynamic. Vocalists will appreciate the high clarity and warmth that the ELX200-10P provides. Likewise, the increased clarity makes it an ideal choice for speaking events. But it isn’t just great with vocals. It also excels with instrument representation.

Moving onto the high frequencies, the ELX200-10P also doesn’t disappoint. The top-end is just as clear and precise as the rest of the frequency range without too much over-emphasis that can lead to fatigue. It leans a little bright but not as much as its larger 12 and 15-inch siblings.

It’s harmonious and accurate throughout its 53Hz-20kHz (-10dB) frequency range. This power-packed 10-inch speaker simply sounds great. Whether you are performing live at the local coffee shop, rocking a small party, or delivering a speech, this loudspeaker is up to the task.

Build Quality

The ELX200-10P offers up respectable quality at its price point. There are more durable options out there, but the balance between quality and price is well executed here.

The Polypropylene Composite is reasonably robust, with just enough thickness and heft not to make it feel fragile. But it is a plastic cabinet, and like all plastic-based cabinets, it is more prone to scuffing and scratches. It is a minor gripe but something to be aware of if you are a little rough with your gear.

EV ELX200-10P Details.

Excellent components and a tough grille are the highlights.

The drivers are fantastic and designed in-house to EV’s exacting standards. Protecting these drivers is a tough steel grille. This 18 AWG steel is durable and can handle the odd knock without crumpling. It also features an attractive pattern that adds to the appeal.

All connection points and knobs are perfectly integrated into the speaker’s rear panel and work as intended. Not an ounce of sloppiness throughout the manufacturing process. This is a reliable speaker that, if looked after, should last you for years to come.


All three of the ELX200 series loudspeakers offer a Class D amplification configuration with 1,200 Watts of power. The only difference is the potential maximum SPL available due to the different woofer sizes.

The largest 15-inch model boasts 132 dB, while the 12-inch model offers 130 dB. Despite dropping to a 10-inch woofer, the ELX200-10P still manages to hit a maximum sound pressure level of 130 dB. This is an ample amount of headroom.

EV ELX200-10P Specifications.

The ELX200-10P packs a powerful punch.

Max SPL is a little deceiving as no speaker can consistently maintain that level, but the ELX200-10P is loud enough to support a small gig comfortably. A pair of these with a subwoofer can even tackle some medium-sized venues depending on the number of people and room dynamics.

Under the hood is the in-house 10-inch EVS-10M woofer and a 1-inch DH-1C Titanium Compression Driver. The ELX200-10P also offers 90 degrees of horizontal and 60 degrees of vertical coverage.

To cut a long story short, the ELX200-10P is a powerful and capable loudspeaker that doesn’t distort or struggle. Excellent components and an effective amplification system cement it as among the best in this price bracket.

Tuning Options

This is one area where the ELX200-10P sets itself apart from many of its competitors at this price point. The comprehensive tuning options give you complete control over the output. The range of options is effective, and the navigation system is easy to use.

The onboard QuickSmart DSP allows you to play with various tuning options. The presets that alter output dependent on gig type will be the most helpful. You can choose between Music, Club, Speech, and Live. A quick and straightforward way to adapt to different applications.

EV ELX200-10P Tuning Options.

The QuickSmart DSP is comprehensive and easy to use.

Further control is available with a Location menu. This setting adapts the output based on where the loudspeaker is. You can access Tripod, Monitor, Wall, and Suspend. Between this and the Preset menu, you should be able to set your gear up and adapt to your space quickly.

If things are still not to your liking, you can further tweak the output with dedicated EQ controls for Lows, Mids, and Treble. The rest of the controls give you access to limit monitoring, LCD screen display controls, and access to subwoofer settings.

The cherry on top is the QuickSmart Mobile app, which allows remote control over the output. You can even control up to six linked ELX200 speakers. Maximum control without continually going to the back panel to make changes.

Adaptability is critical to successful gigging, and the ELX200-10P gives you all the tools to ensure you’ll be ready for any situation.


Another appealing element of the ELX200-10P is its attractive and professional appearance. This is a perfect loudspeaker to display at gigs, thanks to its clean and modern design.

The distinct angular front grille integrates into the cabinet and offers a unique pattern that gives it an industrial look. You can also buy the unit in white, which I see as an ideal choice for a classy wedding reception.

EV ELX200-10P white and black options.

The ELX200-10P is available in black and white.

The ELX200-10P doesn’t just look good. It also offers excellent design inclusions to ensure both flexibility and convenience. You’ll have access to two handles that allow you to pick the unit up from the top or the side, making transporting and setup a breeze.

There are also pole mount points and three M10 fly points for installation. This opens up the flexibility to use these loudspeakers as part of a complete in-house system or for the addition of a pole mount and subwoofer combo.


10-inch loudspeakers are the most portable and transport-friendly option. They are especially useful for DJs or solo performers who might already have a lot of gear to lug around. The more compact box also makes it an appealing option for smaller spaces.

EV ELX200-10P Dimensions.

The ELX200-10P is lightweight and easy to transport.

Due to the plastic cabinet, the ELX200-10P is also relatively lightweight. This loudspeaker is easy to carry at 29.7 lbs. (13.47 kg), and you should not have any issues lifting it. While I prefer wooden cabinets, I also can’t look past the benefits of a lighter speaker, and my back thanks me every time.

Connection Options

The ELX200-10P also has you covered in the connection department. You’ll have access to two primary input points, offering an XLR/TRS combo jack that supports 1/4-inch connections.

XLR and TRS provide a balanced signal and are the most common connection types for most music gear. Adding to the flexibility is a Dual RCA AUX connection.

EV ELX200-10P Inputs.

The ELX200-10P has a solid selection of connection options.

While the unit does have Bluetooth, it is only for connection with the Quicksmart Mobile App. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stream music to the loudspeaker. It isn’t a dealbreaker, but I would love to see future models support this. It’s a great way to run a backing track or a playlist before your primary gig.

So while it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, the ELX200-10P has the majority of potential configurations perfectly covered.


Electro-Voice has struck the ideal balance between features, build quality, and price. This ELX200 series is a perfect upgrade over cheap beginner gear while not carrying the hefty price tag of some of their more premium options.

If the longevity and lack of features of some cheaper loudspeakers are a concern for you, this series is seriously worth your consideration. The ELX200-10P, in particular, is a great starting point for a complete setup. A pair of these plus a compatible subwoofer can rock a party.

Customer Reviews

The ELX200-10P is one of the most highly regarded loudspeakers at its price point. Endless reviews highlight the exceptional sound quality and rich feature set. Most reviews are 4 or 5-star, an impressive feat for a loudspeaker that doesn’t have all the premium extras that touring-grade gear has. After having experienced the entire series, I agree with all the positivity.

Appearance Matters

As much as I hate to admit it, appearances play a more significant role in your success than you might initially think. Yes, your skill level is the most important, but to showcase your skills, you need to land gigs and impress people enough to attain further bookings in the future.

Man using DJ equipment at a wedding.

Having a professional appearance can land you more gigs.

High-quality gear that looks professional goes a long way in presenting you the right way. And nothing is more front and center than your speakers, which is why you want clean and modern-looking speakers that look the part and sound great.

I’d love to say that it doesn’t matter, but humans tend to judge a book by its cover. So when presenting yourself to a crowd, aim to put your best foot forward. Showcase not only your talent but also that you take your sound quality and appearance seriously.


Many alternatives are available to the ELX200-10P, and some might even be better suited to your needs. Below we take a quick look at some other options.

EV Everse 8 Review

If you are looking for maximum portability, the EV Everse 8 is a fantastic battery-powered PA. It does have a smaller woofer, but it opens up the freedom to not have to rely on a power source.

  • A high-quality audio output that is clear and precise.
  • Rugged cabinet and long battery life for power-free gigging.
  • Does not get as loud as the ELX200-10P.

QSC K12.2 Review

For those that want to step up to a 12-inch loudspeaker, the QSC K12.2 is worth considering. Much like the ELX200-10P, it’s a step up from entry-level gear and has fantastic features.

  • Superb sound profile that is engaging and highly flexible.
  • Excellent build quality and an extended 6-year warranty.
  • Noticeably heavier than the ELX200-10P.

JBL EON 715 Review

If you want to maximize how far your money goes, the JBL EON 715 is a budget choice that still packs a powerful punch. One of the best entry-level options on the market.

  • Punchy sound profile that retains a good balance with low ear fatigue.
  • Extensive tuning options that allow you to adapt to different gig types.
  • Despite the larger size, the JBL EON 715 is not as loud as the ELX200-10P.

Should You Buy?

Electro-Voice continues its impressive run of delivering high-quality loudspeakers. The ELX200 series is a superb addition to their lineup. The ELX200-10P, in particular, offers great value for money with a noticeable jump in quality from entry-level options.

It’s a lightweight and portable speaker that packs a serious punch. Loud enough to comfortably handle small gigs and flexible enough to be an all-rounder that you can rely on. If you want a capable and dependable 10-inch speaker, the ELX200-10P is an excellent choice.

Three-quarter view of the EV ELX200-10P loudspeaker.

EV ELX200-10P

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