EV ETX 10P Review – Outstanding Sound And Superb Quality

Electro-Voice continues to cement itself as one of the premium loudspeaker manufacturers. The ETX line sits at the top of their prosumer lineup and has won over many fans. In this review, we check out the ETX-10P to see how the smallest speaker in the range stacks up. 

Electro-Voice ETX 10P

Three quarter view of the Electro Voice ETX 10P

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The ETX 10P is one of the best 10 inch speakers that packs a serious punch. Let’s take a deeper look at this 10-inch loudspeaker.


Having already reviewed the ETX 12P, I was eager to see how its smaller sibling performed. 10-inch speakers need to get a lot right to make them worthwhile. Let’s dive in. 

Sound Quality

The EV ETX 10P delivers in the sound department. This is a capable speaker with a generous and satisfying sound profile that will appeal to many people.

The top-end is clear and defined, and unlike many loudspeakers, it doesn’t present as overtly bright or sharp. Something I find especially appealing if you are running this as a solo speaker.

The mid-range would have to be my favorite element of the sound profile. Everything comes together smoothly from the lower to the upper mids. Plenty of definition and clarity, along with excellent progression and presence.

Moving into the bass regions, the same shortfall that many 10-inch loudspeakers suffer from becomes apparent. It has plenty of punch and warmth but does lack that distinct sub-bass delivery you’ll get from a larger woofer. Capable for smaller gigs but for bass-heavy music or larger crowds, you’ll need to pair this speaker with a good subwoofer.

To be fair, the vast majority of 10-inch loudspeakers benefit from a subwoofer. Comparing the ETX 10P to other 10-inch options highlights this speaker’s smoothness, and it outperforms several competitors.

Coverage is the same as the rest of the ETX line-up, with 90 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. Broad enough to deliver sound over a good coverage area.

For a 10-inch speaker, the ETX 10P does a fantastic job, and it can even give some 12-inch speakers a good run for their money. And with this much precision, it fires on all cylinders without skipping a beat. A satisfying listening experience that is sure to delight smaller crowds.

Build Quality

Another hallmark of the ETX range is the impeccable attention to detail and premium construction. These are high-end speakers without a trace of sloppy craftsmanship.

The foundation of this is the expertly crafted cabinet. The 18mm, 13-ply birch plywood gives the unit a distinct heft that instantly inspires confidence. The EVCoat also keeps it looking sharp and protected.

EV ETX 10P Details.

The ETX 10P features premium quality construction.

I’m also a big fan of the 16AWG steel with a powder-coat finish for the grille. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also solid and dependable. Plenty of protection for the internal drivers, and capable of handling some abuse. 

Switching to the back, you’ll see the attention to detail continue. The recessed panel features secure and reliable connection points. Plus, the bright and clear LCD screen is another highlight. Add high-quality knobs, and you have a well-rounded package on your hands.

Unforeseen events are always possible regardless of how careful you are with your speakers. Having a dependable and rock-solid speaker gives you peace of mind. And the ETX 10P ticks all the right boxes to last you for years.


Diving into the specs brings more detail as to why this speaker performs as well as it does. A fantastic marriage of components and design.

Powering this 10-inch loudspeaker is a class D amp with a meaty 2000W. The 10-inch SMX2100 woofer and the 1.25″ DH3-B titanium compression driver combine to produce fantastic sound.

EV ETX 10P Specifications.

The EV ETX 10P is both loud and clear.

The high-frequency driver also sits forward, and the large waveguide overlaps with the low-frequency driver section. This closer placement of drivers helps deliver the smooth sound that has made these speakers so popular.

With a frequency range of 65Hz-20kHz, the ETX 10P has plenty of range. And with plenty of power, it hits a max SPL of 134 dB. A generous amount of headroom and an insight that you won’t need to push these to their limits to get the volume level you need.

This loudspeaker gets it right from the solid exterior to the technical components. Excellent execution and a perfect example of a premium speaker.

Tuning Options

The expansive and flexible range of tuning options is another highlight. The shift toward detailed options like this is something I can get behind fully. It gives you access to everything at your fingertips to craft the sound you want and adapts to various gig types.

EV ETX 10P Tuning Options.

The DSP control is easy and intuitive to use.

The onboard LCD screen is large, bright, and clear. Plus, it is easy to navigate thanks to the rotary dial that doubles as master volume control.

An abundance of features ensures you can get the most out of this speaker. The presets allow you to switch between Music, Live, and Speech. Each preset adjusts output, resulting in an effective change in response.

You’ll also have access to adjust the output based on location. Tripod, Monitor, Array, Wall, and Suspend give you complete flexibility to handle various situations. Working in tandem with the presets makes initial setup a breeze, even for someone that may not be familiar with loudspeakers.

The options don’t end there. Further flexibility is available with settings for subwoofer crossover. Adding presets for EV’s line of subwoofers makes setting up a full range system even more effortless. Granular control is also available via the Room EQ menu for people who want to further dial in the speaker.

Further flexibility is on offer with Delay options and LCD settings. Plus, the ability to lock selections is handy for gigs where people could gain access to the back panel.

This full-range and full-flexibility approach is something I hope is the norm moving forward for all loudspeakers. Easy to use and effective, it takes the hassle out of the setup process. And in this area, Electro-Voice has nailed it. 


Another impressive element of the EV ETX 10P is the sleek and modern design. Loudspeakers tend to be big boring black boxes, and the inherent nature of this tends to limit the design potential. But Elector-Voice has managed to inject character and class into the design of this series of speakers.

Top view of the EV ETX 10P.

The ETX 10P features several mounting options.

The sharp lines give it an authoritative feel that combines perfectly with the attractive grille design. Restrained use of the EV logo is also a welcome sight. Appearance plays a significant role, and having these speakers set up will instantly add an air of professionalism to your setup.

Other design decisions are also present. Practical additions like rubber feet for when the speaker is in the monitor position are a welcome inclusion.

There is also a wide range of mounting options available. Whether you want to set these up on a tripod or fly them, you’ll have access to everything you need. Finally, the handle is rock solid and comfortable to use. Slick design across the board.


While not as bulky as 12 or 15-inch loudspeakers, the EV ETX 10P is still a large beast to tackle. But intelligent use of space does result in this 10-inch loudspeaker coming in at a similar size to other options on the market.

EV ETX 10P Dimensions.

The ETX 10P is a large and heavy loudspeaker.

But where the ETX 10P does lose some points is the sheer weight of the speaker. It’s heavy at 44.8 lbs. (20.3kg). Not easy to carry around, and if you are a solo performer, expect some backbreaking work carting this along with your other gear.

But the high weight is understandable considering the premium nature of this speaker. It’s tough and durable; unfortunately, that means a hefty weight compared to speakers with cheaper materials.

Connection Options

Bells and whistles are not present in the ETX line-up. These are professional loudspeakers with a focused vision.

EV ETX 10P Connection Options.

The ETX 10P features a 2-channel mixer.

You’ll have access to a two-channel mixer with combo XLR/TRS jacks, and a third XLR out wraps up the connectivity. The two inputs will suffice for the vast majority of performers and situations.

I don’t expect an RCA from a professional loudspeaker like this, but it is worth mentioning if that is something you need. Extras like Bluetooth or AUX are also not present.


The ETX series from Elector-Voice is a premium offering with a premium price. If you are a beginner and need a budget-friendly option, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Even with the EV family, there are more budget-friendly choices.

But for a premium loudspeaker, it does offer a lot of value. Superior build quality, fantastic features, and enticing sound. If you want a professional-level loudspeaker, this one ticks all the right boxes and is a sound investment.

Customer Reviews

The ETX line-up has gathered a large amount of positive feedback, and the 10-inch version is no exception. A premium choice for beginners that makes getting set up easy and convenient. Even amongst seasoned professionals, there are few complaints. And I’m not surprised after having a chance to play with it.

Quick Tips For Moving Heavy Speakers

One of the challenges of performing gigs at different locations is the need to lug your gear around constantly. Below are some quick tips if you happen to have heavy speakers.

  • Where possible, the best way to deal with heavier speakers is to lighten the load by asking someone to give you a hand.
  • If you can’t find someone to help, the next step would be to invest in a cart or hand trolley. This can make even the heaviest of speakers a breeze to move about.
  • Finally, if you are relying on your strength, be sure to take adequate precautions. Learn to lift correctly with your legs and not your back.
Diagram showing how to lift heavy objects correctly.

Learning to lift correctly is essential to prevent injuries.

Nothing can stop you in your tracks quicker than a back injury. Take the proper time to ensure your setup flow is as risk-free as possible. And remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance. It’s not a weight-lifting competition, after all! 


Selecting the right loudspeaker for your needs can be a challenge. Below we take a quick look at some other options in the Electro-Voice line-up that are worth considering.

EV ZXA1 Review

For some situations, a heavy 10-inch loudspeaker is not required. If that is the case, the 8-inch ZXA1 is a good choice. This lightweight loudspeaker is perfect for intimate gigs or where epic bass is not required.

  • Smooth audio profile that is clear, warm, and relatively loud at a max SPL of 126 dB.
  • Easy to transport and maneuver at just 19 lbs. (8.6kg).
  • It has a hard time handling higher heat levels.
Three quarter view of the Electro Voice ZXA1 speaker

Electro-Voice ZXA1

EV ETX 12P Review

Moving up within the ETX range will give you better low-end performance. The ETX 12P delivers satisfying bass tonality even without a subwoofer. This speaker is a good choice if you play small gigs but need a little more thump.

  • Superb sound quality and performance with fuller bass response.
  • Same superb set of tuning options as the 10-inch model. Highly flexible.
  • Much like the ETX 10P, this is not a budget-friendly loudspeaker.
Three quarter view of the Electro-Voice ETX-12P

Electro-Voice ETX-12P

EV EKX 15P Review

The EKX series from Electro-Voice is a step down from the ETX series. And while not as refined, the EKX 15P is cheaper than the 10-inch ETX while still offering exceptional quality. A solid choice for budget-conscious buyers.

  • Inherits many premium features of the ETX 10P, like tuning and design.
  • Despite a lower price, this is still a rock-solid speaker that can handle the rigors of frequent use.
  • Much like the ETX series, the EKX 15P is heavy.
Three quarter view of the Electro-Voice EKX-15P speaker.

Electro-Voice EKX-15P

Should You Buy?

It is no surprise that the ETX range of loudspeakers has become among the most recommended options. It’s a fantastic loudspeaker that won’t let you down. The smallest member of the lineup, the ETX 10P is an excellent option for smaller gigs or as part of a broader setup.

Quality craftsmanship and a satisfying sound profile are hard to look past. Despite the hefty weight and the apparent reduction in low-end thump, this is one of the best offerings at this price range. If you are looking for a premium loudspeaker or want to move up a step from entry-level gear, the ETX 10P should be high on your list of options.

Three quarter view of the Electro Voice ETX 10P

Electro-Voice ETX-10P

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