EV EKX 15P Review – Powerful And Durable Loudspeaker

Electro-Voice offers an extensive range of high-quality powered loudspeakers. From affordably priced entry-level models all the way to high-end systems. In this review, we check out the upper mid-tier EKX 15P. With so many glowing reviews online I was eager to see what this loudspeaker had to offer.

Electro-Voice EKX 15P

Three quarter view of the Electro-Voice EKX-15P speaker.

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If you after a set of top PA speakers the EKX-15P delivers. It features loud output that can comfortably fill large spaces. Let’s take a deeper look at this impressive speaker.


I have to admit that the Electro-Voice EKX 15P exceeded my expectations. Electro-Voice has a strong reputation for quality gear but this unit is among my favorites. Read on to find out why this loudspeaker should be on your radar.

Sound Quality 

When it comes to loudspeakers there is nothing more important than how they sound. And the EKX 15P sounds amazing.

By far the most impressive element is the fantastic low-end response. This speaker packs a serious punch. I expect a lot from a 15-inch woofer but this went deeper and further than even I had hoped. It’s rich, warm, and offers plenty of kick. For a lot of situations, you can leave the subwoofer at home and just rock with this unit. A lot of it has to do with the wood cabinet. It adds depth and roundness to the low-end which is super satisfying.

EV EKX 15P Exploded

Signal Synchronized Transducer (SST) waveguide design provides even coverage.

The mids and highs also do not disappoint. Fantastic clarity and plenty of tonal balance. Vocals are precise and clear. Instruments are warm and inviting. And everything sits comfortably in the mix.

If anything I did find that the mids and highs were a little more forward. But a slight adjustment to levels will rapidly smooth things out. It is all about personal preference though.

As a DJ that plays a lot of bass-heavy music, I like the low-end to take center stage a little more. But a few EQ tweaks and I was grinning from ear to ear.

Coverage is also excellent. 90 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. The evenness across the full range is also superb. No dips or shallow spots. If you are a solo performer that performs with just one speaker you’ll appreciate how even the coverage is.

The Electro-Voice EKX-15P is among the best 15-inch powered speakers I’ve come across. And I’ve come across many! Rich, detailed, and super satisfying.

Build Quality 

This is another area where Electro-Voice delivers. This loudspeaker offers a high level of build quality. The cabinet is the star of the show. It features 15 mm plywood with EVCoat. It is dependable and able to take a bit of a beating. I always suggest picking up some bags for your loudspeakers for extra protection. But on their own, these can handle the rigors of frequent transportation and use. This loudspeaker also does an excellent job at resisting dings and scratches.

EV EKX 15P Details

The EV EKX 15P features high-quality materials.

The same level of quality extends to the tough front grille. The 18 AWG steel with powder-coated finish instantly inspires confidence. The attention to detail is also excellent. Everything is secure and clean. The component quality is also impressive. Excellent knobs and connection points. Plus the screen is bright and clear.

This is a well-built speaker with the professional in mind. If you gig regularly you’ll love how durable this loudspeaker is.


The EV EKX 15P is no slouch in the specs department either.

The Class D amp offers up 1500W of power. And this isn’t a fluffed-up number. This loudspeaker packs a huge punch. At a max SPL of 134dB, you’ll have plenty of headroom for most gigs. The quality of sound is just as great at lower volumes as it is at higher volumes. If you need to fill larger spaces the EKX 15P is a great choice. 

EV EKX 15P Specifications

The EKX 15P packs plenty of punch.

The Electro-Voice EKX-15P offers up a 15-inch EVS-15M woofer along with a DH-1M 1-inch titanium compression driver. The Signal Synchronized Transducers are unique to Electro-Voice and deliver exceptionally even coverage. Not a shortcut in sight. High-quality design and components.

Perhaps its only drawback is how heavy the speaker is. At 53.9 lbs. (24.4 kg) it’s heftier than other 15-inch loudspeakers. But when dealing with a wooden cabinet as opposed to a plastic one it is inevitable that it would weigh a bit more. While you can still set this up by yourself it certainly isn’t the most comfortable speaker to lift.

Finally on the frequency response front the EV EKX 15P delivers 55Hz-18kHz (-3 dB) and 48Hz-20kHz (-10 dB). Great performance and range. When you consider the amount of headroom available it’s even more impressive.

Tuning Options

The Electro-Voice EKX 15P also offers up plenty of flexibility in tuning the loudspeaker to your needs.

The LCD screen on the back is the central point for all changes. The accompanying knob cycles through menu choices. It’s quick, responsive, and easy to use. You’ll have access to a wide range of options.

EV EKX 15P Tuning Options

The LCD screen is bright and clear.

The Mode selection gives you the choice between Music, Live, Speech, and Club. These adjust output to suit different gig types. Music is the default and most balanced option and likely the one you’ll use most often.

But DJs will also appreciate the Club option which brings some extra heft to the low end. If you find that these presets are still not what you are looking for you can create your own. You can store up to five presets which is fantastic if you play at the same location frequently.

A Location menu option is also available to adjust output based on your setup. Tripod, Monitor, Wall, and Suspend. These are self-explanatory and work as intended. I especially like how well the EKX 15P handled low-frequency build-up on the Wall setting. A game-changer when you find yourself in a tight performance area.

You’ll also have access to Bass, Treble, and Mid control. Great if you want to tweak output further. A Sub menu is also present for subwoofer crossover frequency selection. A few other minor cosmetic options for LCD brightness and appearance round out your choices. 

Lots of flexibility and accurate control. Easy for beginners but enough depth for veterans who want more granular control.


The Electro-Voice EKX 15P is an attractive loudspeaker. The sleek and sharp edges ooze professionalism. The grille offers a unique pattern that adds to the appeal. The EV logo is unobtrusive and blends well. Loudspeakers tend to be large black boxes and to an extent, the EKX-15P is much the same. But the attention to quality finishes and sleek design does elevate it over other loudspeakers.

EV EKX 15P Pole Mount

The EKX 15P features a threaded pole mount.

The angled cabinet also works well in the monitor position. The added feet do a great job of keeping the unit from sliding around. Two handles are also present to assist with transportation. These are full metal and securely attached. But I would have liked to have a carry handle on top. 

The aluminum pole-mount features a threaded connection point. This works with most pole mounts and is especially great when teamed up with an EV sub.

The EV EKX 15P is a stylish and functional loudspeaker that you won’t be ashamed of presenting to your audience.


If you are looking at 15-inch loudspeakers you’ll already be aware of what to expect. These loudspeakers are big. The differences between various 15-inch loudspeakers are minimal. They all tend to fall into similar ranges when it comes to size. But keep in mind that if you do play in tight spaces the EV EKX 15P may be a bit much.

EV EKX 15P Dimensions

The EKX 15P is a large loudspeaker.

A range of installation options is available. Beyond the already mentioned pole mount choice, you’ll have access to eight M10 fly points. Wall bracket support is also available.

Connection Options

The Electro-Voice EKX-15P also gives you a good range of connection options.

Input one features an XLR-1/4″ combo jack but unlike other loudspeakers, you’ll also have an RCA option. Maximum flexibility to connect a vast array of potential devices. Input 2 offers another XLR-1/4″ combo jack. Finally, an XLR output is also available for daisy chaining speakers.

The EKX 15P offers a good selection of connection options.

Beyond that, the EKX 15P doesn’t offer any further bells and whistles. No Bluetooth or AUX in. Despite this, the speaker is more than capable of handling most situations.


The EV EKX-15P does sit at the upper mid-range when it comes to the price point. Electro-Voice does offer a great range of entry-level speakers if this one is out of your budget. But despite a high price, this loudspeaker presents excellent value. The meaty low-end means you can hold off on a subwoofer. That alone makes the EKX 15P excellent value. Plus the build quality is fantastic. Sometimes it is worth it to spend extra to get something that will last. That is definitely the case with the EV EKX 15P. 

Customer Reviews

The Electro-Voice EKX-15P has cemented itself as one of the most popular and well-received speakers available today. Excellent power, crisp audio delivery, and fantastic durability. It’s not often you come across a product with so many 5 star reviews.

Transporting Large Speakers

Large loudspeakers like the EKX 15P can present some challenges when transporting to and from gigs. Below are some quick tips to help make the process as easy as possible. And protect your gear from unwanted damage.

Protect Your Speakers – The majority of potential damage to a speaker can come from leaving it exposed during travel. A padded bag is often the best choice. But a hard road case is also worth exploring. Of course, this all depends on how much space and money you have to work with. At a minimum use a rug or blanket to help provide some sort of buffer.

Photo of a worn speaker on a stage.

There are several ways you can protect your speakers from transport damage.

Secure Your Speakers – Don’t let your speakers free roam in your vehicle. Not only is this unsafe for you, but it can also spell disaster for your speaker. Aim to have it upright or have the front face looking up. If you can, strap it down so it doesn’t slide around and hit other gear.

Invest In A Trolley – Some 15-inch speakers are rather heavy. It can already be challenging to mount them on poles. Conserve your energy by investing in a trolley. It makes transporting to and from your vehicle much easier.

While many speakers like the EKX 15P are built like tanks it is still prudent to take extra care of them. The last thing you want to do is show up at a gig with a battered and possibly non-functioning speaker!


The loudspeaker space is packed with plenty of high-quality options. Here is a shortlist of some alternatives worth considering.

PreSonus AIR15 Review

The PreSonus AIR15 is another high-quality 15-inch loudspeaker with great features. It’s a professional-looking and sounding loudspeaker. Also, a cheaper option compared to the EKX-15P.

  • Excellent clarity and precision thanks to an intelligent bi-amp system.
  • Attractive styling and feature-rich tuning options.
  • Not as loud as the EKX 15P. Max SPL of 124dB.
Three quarter view of the PreSonus AIR15

PreSonus AIR15

Mackie SRT215 Review

For those that want a few more modern bells and whistles, the SRT215 is worth considering. Bluetooth functionality opens up a range of innovative and flexible options.

  • Great sound delivery that is loud, clear, and punchy.
  • Super-sleek design that stands out from competitors.
  • Doesn’t offer an RCA connection like the EKX 15P.
Front view of the Mackie SRT215 speaker.

Mackie SRT215

JBL EON 715 Review

The JBL EON 715 is another superb 15-inch loudspeaker. JBL has an excellent reputation for high-quality products and this one doesn’t disappoint.

  • Pleasant sound profile with good bass and clarity throughout the range.
  • Detailed tuning options along with Bluetooth capability for remote tuning and streaming.
  • Not as loud as other 15-inch loudspeakers.

Should You Buy?

The Electro-Voice EKX-15P is a spectacular 15-inch loudspeaker. And that’s not hyperbole. This speaker is worth every dollar. The loud and satisfying output outperforms so many other 15-inch options out there. This is a serious loudspeaker with some serious power backing it up. It’s also super solid and dependable. If you need a loudspeaker to deliver consistently and provide flexibly you can’t go wrong with the EKX-15P.

Three quarter view of the Electro-Voice EKX-15P speaker.

Electro-Voice EKX-15P

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