JBL EON 710 Review

The EON series from JBL has been a mainstay of the industry since 1995. But is the latest 700 series of this popular loudspeaker series still a solid choice? In short, yes, but there are some notable elements you’ll need to consider before diving in.

The JBL EON 710 features excellent sound that is dynamic and engaging. It also offers robust build quality, wide dispersion, and flexible tuning options. But its underwhelming bass response might be a dealbreaker for some.

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Front view of the JBL EON 710 loudspeaker.

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The JBL EON710 offers high flexibility, and thanks to its small size, it’s easy to transport. There’s a lot to dig into, so let’s dive into the details of this new edition of the popular EON 10-inch loudspeaker.

Sound Quality

Out of the box, the EON 710 offers high-quality sound that is fantastic for smaller gigs. The tonality is rich and dynamic, and while not as refined as more expensive options, it punches well above its weight.

The mids and highs are standout frequencies and would perfectly accommodate acoustic and vocal gigs. The mids are well-represented with a hint of warmth that helps give the unit a satisfying sound signature.

The updated EON series maintains its position as one of the leading options on the market.

The top end is crisp and clear and doesn’t feature any harshness or brittle tonality. Once again, I’ve seen better, but it’s hard to be overly critical at this price point.

Disappointingly, the low end is where the EON 710 is at its weakest. While the definition is excellent and no muddiness present, it lacks punch and rumble that many will require.

If are a DJ, you’ll have to invest in a subwoofer to help elevate bass tonality. It could be a reasonable choice for more relaxed gigs in small spaces, but you’ll want more power up your sleeve for anything larger.

Band performing with JBL EON 710 loudspeakers.

The JBL EON 710 is a perfect top when combined with powerful subs.

The generously wide dispersion is where the JBL EON 710 excels beyond much of the competition. This 10-inch loudspeaker does an excellent job of filling a space with consistent sound. Once again, this is an ideal choice for a duo or solo act that wants to rock one speaker for intimate gigs.

The EON series has always held a good reputation for clean sound quality, which remains true in the new 700 series. If you don’t need brain-melting bass, the EON710 is a solid option. But if you want extra punch in the low end, the EON710 is excellent as part of a complete setup with companion subwoofers.

Build Quality

I have a soft spot for reliable speakers. After so many years in the industry, I’ve seen my fair share of flaky loudspeakers that couldn’t last the distance. So, I’m always excited to get my hands on a robust unit that can handle the rigors of frequent use.

The JBL EON 710 is precisely what I want to see from a workhorse loudspeaker. Its tough talc-reinforced polypropylene cabinet can take a beating and offers high scratch resistance. The metal grille is equally fantastic.

JBL EON 710 Details.

High build quality while maintaining a low weight.

The connection points, bright LCD screen, and associated volume/control dial are also high quality. After extensive testing, I can’t identify any issues.

The long 7-year warranty is another inclusion I am entirely behind. JBL clearly has high faith in its products. If you rely on your gear to make a living, the last thing you want is a subpar product with poor support. Peace of mind might be a bit of a marketing term, but it holds true when it comes to the EON 710.


The JBL EON 710 has a bi-amped design with a total peak power level of 1,300 Watts. As for continuous power, the EON 710 offers 650 Watts. Listing the details on continuous power is something not every manufacturer lists, so I appreciate the added transparency here.

As for output level, the EON 710 can reach a Max SPL of 125dB. In reality, to maintain sonic integrity, you’ll not want to run it to this level, but it can generate some decent volume for smaller gigs.

JBL EON 710 Specifications,

Solid output for a small 10-inch loudspeaker.

The dispersion is superb, with a wide 110 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. Excellent spread, and a pair of these can comfortably fill a dancefloor without disappointing null points.

We tested the JBL EON 710 across various venues that we have access to, and it shone brightly in the smaller spaces with minimal crowd numbers. Once we added a couple of subwoofers, the setup could cover larger spaces well, with enough body in the low end to rock a party.

The custom-designed 10-inch woofer reaches as low as 52 Hz (-10db), and the redesigned high-frequency horn tops out at 20kHz (-10dB).

Tuning Options

One of the most prominent changes in this new generation of EON loudspeakers is the revamped tuning options. The onboard DSP provides a treasure trove of options to help you adapt to different spaces and sculpt the sound to your preference.

The LCD screen is bright, and navigation is a breeze with the Main/Menu dial. There is a wealth of flexibility on offer, but the Presets are likely the most impressive. Well-designed EQ curves that you can further refine via an 8-band EQ.

JBL EON 710 Tuning Controls.

Easy to use and flexible tuning options.

JBL also offers an App for remote tuning control without accessing the back of the unit. Ultra-convenient when setting up for a gig. Our testing found the connection stable and reliable, and the App didn’t suffer from crashes or bugs.

This thorough combination of options adds a lot of flexibility to the unit. But at no point is it overwhelming. The presets are perfect for beginners, while grizzled veterans have all the tools they’ll need to fine-tune output.


JBL EON loudspeakers have always looked professional, but I’ll admit that they have never looked as good as what the latest 700 series offers.

The slightly textured finish is scuff-resistant but still retains a professional appearance. The subtle use of the JBL logo on both the front and sides is well-incorporated, and the new honeycomb grille design gives the unit a slick and modern look.

JBL EON 710.

Modern design with excellent features.

The angular design opens up the possibility of using the loudspeaker as a stage monitor with built-in molded feet for stability and decoupling. The integrated handles are also superb and make transportation easier.

The JBL EON 710 also features 4 x M10 suspension points, a 36mm Pole Socket, and compatibility with a Universal Yoke mount. The units are also stackable, completing a comprehensive approach to the design of the loudspeaker.

Additional features like Automatic Feedback Suppression and Ducking add to an already impressive package. Thoughtful and functional design wrapped in an attractive cabinet that won’t feel out of place in any venue.


If you are a solo artist/DJ, you’ll appreciate the dimensions that the JBL EON 710 offers. The shape and angular design make it easy to move about and load into a vehicle.

JBL EON 710 Dimensions.

The JBL EON 710 is easy to transport.

The low weight is also appealing at just 26.23 lbs. (11.9 kg). Fifteen years of carting gear and two boisterous kids have done a number on my back, so the low weight was very welcome.

Connection Options

The JBL EON 710 features two dedicated connection points. Each offers a combo jack for XLR and 1/4-inch TRS, along with a dedicated Gain control knob for each channel. A Signal Clip LED indicator is also available. Finally, an XLR Pass Thru completes the wired connection options.

JBL EON 710 Connection Options.

Two channels plus a Bluetooth option.

These connection options will be ample for most situations, but the modern era also brings added flexibility via Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming audio is a fantastic choice for a warm-up playlist or as backing music for vocalists, but it also opens up remote tuning via the JBL PRO Connect App.


The EON series is a popular choice thanks to an excellent balance between quality and affordability, and the EON 710 is a prime example of JBL’s attention to offering approachable products for both new and established performers.

While I think the EON 710 offers excellent value for money, there are cheaper options on the market. But the drop in quality is too much for my liking, so I see the JBL EON 710 as among the best-priced options I’m willing to recommend.

If you have more to spend, there are some enticing alternatives, but the JBL EON 710 is among my favorites at this price point.

Customer Reviews

The new 700 series from JBL continues the previous generation’s legacy with a wide selection of positive reviews. The concerns around bass output and overall volume have some legs, but if you know what you are getting into, the chances of satisfaction are very high.

Tips For Solo Gigs

Loudspeakers like the JBL EON 710 are an ideal choice for intimate gigs. Whether you are a DJ playing a small party, a vocalist, or an acoustic instrument performer, you can do some small things to make sure you leave a lasting impression.

Confidence is essential if you are a solo artist. All eyes will be on you, so you must find that internal superstar and help bring it to the fore. Believe in your ability and let it shine.

Engaging with the crowd is another tip that ties in closely with confidence. People want to feel connected to the performer, so don’t feel scared to interact with those listening to your performance.

Man changing the settings on a JBL EON 710 loudspeaker.

Having enough time to set up is critical for solo gigs.

Preparation is also critical. Test all your gear, have access to a backup if something goes wrong, practice your performance, and give yourself ample time to set up at a venue.

Finally, dress appropriately. Are you playing at a wedding? Find out the dress code and match it. Likewise, if the performance is a casual event, you don’t want to show up in your Sunday best and stick out like a sore thumb.

There are many more tips you can find online, but after over 15 years in the industry, I’ve found the above to play the most significant role in the success of solo gigs.


I’ll be the first to admit that the JBL EON 710 is not for everyone. Competition is fierce, and if the JBL EON 710 isn’t to your liking, there is a good chance one of the below options will be.

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  • Substantially more expensive than the EON 710.

Our Verdict

After our extensive testing of the JBL EON 710, it earned our seal of approval for certain performers/situations. If you don’t need epic bass and mainly play smaller gigs, it’s one of the leading choices.

If you play larger venues or need more bass, adding some subwoofers is necessary, and the matching EON718S is perfect for this job. The EON 710 becomes even more enticing as a top with subwoofer support.

The low price, detailed tuning options, rugged cabinet, and extended warranty add to the appeal. I’m sure the EON series will continue to be one of the most recommended loudspeakers on the market.

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