LALAL.AI Review – Extract Vocals, Drums, Instruments & More From A Song

As a DJ your primary goal is to provide a memorable experience for your crowd. One of the best ways to do this is with a quality music selection and incorporating acapella’s into your sets. But finding appropriate acapella’s and stems is not easy. Until now.

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The Power Of LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI is a new and powerful online vocal remover tool. They utilize machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence. The result? An easy-to-use and innovative option for music producers, musicians, and DJs to separate vocals from an audio file.

But it doesn’t stop there. LALAL.AI allows you to separate a wide variety of elements into useful stems. Extracting vocals, instrumental tracks, and even guitars and bass from music. Thanks to the speed and accuracy available LALAL.AI has become a leading music source separation service.


Below we go over how simple and easy it is to use the LALAL.AI service. This simple step-by-step guide will allow you to get high-quality stems for your next project or performance in no time.

Step 1: Login To LALAL.AI

The first step is straightforward. All you need to do is sign-up for a free account at the website LALAL.AI. Simply select the little person icon in the top right corner to get started. It’s quick, non-intrusive, and will allow you to download the audio files once separated.


Step 2: Select Processing Level

Once you have an account you’ll be ready to process your first audio file. But before you do you’ll need to select your preferred processing level. There are three options available.

For most instances, the default Normal level is all you’ll need. But depending on the outcome of your previews you may want to select either Mild or Aggressive. Both come with pros and cons. But the extra flexibility can help refine the outcome of the audio to what you want.

LALAL.AI Processing

Step 3: Select Stem Type

Next, select what Stem Type you want to preview. There is an extensive selection of options available.

You can choose from Vocal and Instrumental, Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, and Synthesizer. An excellent amount of flexibility that allows you to chop up your favorite songs into components you can utilize in new and creative ways.

LALAL.AI Stem Type

Step 4: Upload A File

After you have selected your stem type you simply click ‘Select File’ to upload a track. The service supports a wide range of formats from MP3 to lossless formats like WAV and FLAC. You can also remove the voice from video files. Where possible I suggest you upload music with higher quality. Lossless formats like WAV files are ideal. The result is cleaner and more precise audio.

LALAL.AI File Select

Step 5: Generate Previews

Once your track is finished uploading LALAL.AI will do its magic and generate a preview for you to review. You won’t need to wait for long since the processing is very fast. You can then sample the outcome via the previews. You can also generate new previews if you want to explore other stem elements from the song you have uploaded.

LALAL.AI Previews

Step 6: Process The File

If you are satisfied with how everything sounds you can get to the download stage by clicking ‘Process the Entire File’. This will then complete the extraction.

LALAL.AI Process Entire File

Step 7: Download

The final step is straightforward. You can directly download the files. Each file will retain the source format. Plus it will append the song with details regarding what stem type it is. You’ll also receive an email with the links to download the freshly split song.

LALAL.AI Download

Want to grow your collection of files? Just start again by clicking ‘Select New File’ and upload another song. You’ll be well on your way to an expansive collection of instrumental tracks, vocals, sounds, and more.

Ways To Use Extracted Elements

Now that you have your hands on a bunch of stems there are a bunch of different things you can use them for.


This part is where I get excited at the possibilities that LALAL.AI provides. One of the best moments I’ve experienced as a fan is when I hear a perfectly executed mashup. Nothing hits harder than familiar vocals over a completely different instrumental track. Having access to a website-based stem extractor makes it easier than ever to create your own mashups.

You can use audio editing software to layer and develop your unique mashups. Take an instrumental track and extract a killer vocal from another. Isolate key elements to forge an engaging song that is sure to get the crowd rocking. You can even take it a step further and use AI to alter the extracted vocals, like we highlight in our LALAL.AI Voice Changer review. The combinations and creative freedom are endless.

Before you jump into making mashups, it’s good to have an understanding of EDM song structure. This will help you know what parts of a track are best for layering different elements.


Once you have created mashups you’ll be eager to try them out at your next gig. Whether it is just one song or a bunch of songs you can craft a unique and interesting set. Plus you can also do this on the fly.

DJ playing at a nightclub.

Use acapella’s and instrumentals to create unique DJ sets.

Incorporate instrumental components without worrying about clashing vocals. Trigger vocal loops to develop new remixes live. Cut the instrumentals stem into sections for one-shot samples. The list goes on and on. Having access to an app like this can be a game-changer when it comes to your performances.

It is one way to set yourself apart from other DJs and a great way to impress potential clients.


One of the most useful ways to utilize vocal-free tracks is for Karaoke. LALAL.AI makes it simple to remove vocals and create Karaoke versions. It’s a simple instrumental maker to produce audio to use for your next session.


If you opt to extract other components like guitar or piano you’ll be left with a file that is perfect for practice playing and live performances. This is a fantastic tool for solo musicians. You can play live guitar while playing backing music to fill out the soundscape or play instrumentals that you can sing over. No bandmates needed.

Pricing Options

LALAL.AI offers a selection of generous tiers.

The free version is a great way to try out the service before committing. As you would expect it does have a couple of limitations. But none of these will impact your ability to grab a song and separate various stem elements.

From there if you want to expand your collection you can make a one-time payment for more minutes. It’s affordable and once you’ve tried the free service I’m sure you’ll be impressed and want to start expanding your collection of files.

The fact that it is a one-time fee is also a great choice. You are not locked into a subscription or timeframe. Just upload your music or video files when it suits you.

Is It Worth It?

I’m impressed with how far artificial intelligence has come. And LALAL.AI is taking full advantage by providing a website that is both useful and easy to use. The ability to take a track and remove vocals this easily is a game-changer for any performer. It’s a vocal extractor that provides you with free acapellas at your fingertips.

As a DJ I want to continue to experiment and innovate my routines. And LALAL.AI is an excellent way for me to branch out and test the boundaries of my creative potential. It is an audio remover that I would recommend to anyone. A powerful online stem splitter and accurate isolator of vocals.

Just grab some music, get processing, and blow the world away with your unique sound.

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