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AI continues to alter the landscape across all aspects of society, and music creation, editing, and DJing are no exception. In this detailed guide, I explore one of the latest developments in the music space: a voice changer that utilizes AI to transform vocal performances to emulate some of the world’s biggest music artists.

We have reviewed and tested countless products and services over the course of our long time in the industry. The sudden surge in AI based services is by far one of the most rapidly evolving changes to the industry we have seen in a long time, and the potential applications are exceptionally exciting.

What Is LALAL.AI Voice Changer

LALAL.AI Voice Changer uses powerful AI algorithms to alter the sound of a person’s voice to mimic the vocal characteristics of a range of famous music artists.

Stylized image of two singers back to back.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer gives you access to powerful voice changing AI technology.

The AI analyzes the subtle changes in pitch, tone, timbre, and other nuances of an artist’s voice and applies that information to a recording. This gives you the power to hear your own recordings in a whole new light or even explore how some of your favorite songs might sound if another artist sang them.

How To Use LALAL.AI Voice Changer

LALAL.AI Voice Changer is exceptionally easy to use. It’s also lightning-fast with a smooth and logical flow. Before I got started I went across to my favorite record pool and downloaded some acapella’s to play with.

I also picked up a few more free vocal files from the vast library available online. With that all set I got to testing the service.

Below, I cover each step of the process so you can begin working with this powerful tool with 100% confidence.

Step 1: Select Voice Pack

The first step is to head over to the LALAL.AI Voice Changer website. Right away, you’ll have the choice to select a Voice Pack to serve as the foundation for the Voice Changer. Simply select your pack from the drop-down menu, and don’t worry—you’ll be able to change to a different Voice Pack later on if you wish.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 1.

Step 2: Upload Your Audio File

Next, select the Choose Audio or Video button to bring up a browsing menu. From there, navigate to the file you want to alter on your computer. Aim for high-quality and clean recordings (more on that later in the hints and tips section).

The Voice Changer supports MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC formats. Also, the Voice Changer doesn’t work with real-time sound, so you’ll need to have a recorded file available.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 2.

Step 3: Generate Previews

Once you’ve selected your file the magic will begin as the LALAL.AI Voice Changer begins to analyze and generate the previews. This process is swift, so you won’t have to wait too long. However, large files will take longer.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 3.

Step 4: Assess The Previews

Once the generation process is complete, you can preview the results. You can quickly jump back and forth across the waveform and alter the volume level if required.

At this stage, you also have the option to switch to a different voice pack. Select the Voice Pack you want from the left-hand side and click the Create New Previews button to start the process.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 4.

Step 5: Process The Entire File

Once you are satisfied with the preview results, you can proceed to processing the entire file. Select the ‘Process the Entire File’ button to get started. At this point, you’ll be prompted to create an account or sign in. It is 100% free to create an account.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 5 Sign-Up.

Once you complete the login process, you’ll see a processing screen showing the progress. Once again, this process is rather quick but will be longer depending on the length of your file. I tested with files between 2 and 3 minutes, and it was very quick.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 5 Processing.

Step 6: Download Your File

Once the process is complete, you can download the completed file via the big yellow “Download” button. You can also return to the Preview section or select a new file. And that’s it—quick, simple, and easy.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Step 6.

Voice Changer Results

I tested the LALAL.AI Voice Changer aggressively to see what results it generates. I utilized several acapella and jumped between different Voice Packs. I tested going from Male to Female and different genres to see how it stacked up.

I have some examples to share to give you some insight into the power of the LALAL.AI Voice Changer. First is the base file I used for one of my tests. If I had any semblance of a singing voice, I would have recorded myself, but instead, I opted to leave the singing in the hands of someone more capable and used a cover version of Haddaway’s – What Is Love.

Haddaway – What Is Love (Acapella Cover)

Below are two of the results from my testing: one with the Taylor Swift Voice Pack and the other with The Weeknd.

Haddaway – What Is Love (Acapella Cover) Taylor Swift Version

Haddaway – What Is Love (Acapella Cover) The Weeknd Version

In both instances, I can distinctly hear the characteristics of the artists I selected, and the switch from Male to Female was very smooth and authentic.

Overall, the performance and end product are very impressive. AI continues to evolve, so I see things improving even more in the future.

Hints & Tips

Throughout my testing, I did encounter some unexpected results, which generated some unwanted issues. Still, most of this was me trying to test the system to its limits.

If you want clean and effective results, follow the following hints and tips for the best outcomes.

Stylized image of an audio waveform.

Clean, high-quality vocal files are essential to achieve optimum results.

LALAL.AI offers some fundamental tips on the website. They recommend utilizing a high sample rate and high bit depth for maximum detail and dynamic range, but by far the biggest tip is that the file should offer minimal background noise or audio artifacts.

In my testing, I used a few acapellas that featured post-processing effects on the vocal. The result was acceptable, but I did notice additional artifacts in the end results. I also found that when using files like this, the Voice Changer had difficulty with higher-pitched vocals.

For the best results, you’ll want clean recordings with no post-processing. Just remember that once you generate the file, you can always add effects to the audio in your preferred DAW.

Available Voices

LALAL.AI Voice Changer currently offers a selection of 16 different voice packs. The packs represent an excellent range of styles and genres, and they include big names like Drake, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and more. They also feature iconic and legendary voices like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

LALAL.AI Voice Changer Voice Pack Options.

There are a wide selection of voice packs to choose from.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the different voice packs, and overall, they all work very well. However, I rapidly developed some favorites that delivered the most convincing results, with my favorites skewing slightly to the artists I was more familiar with.

The fun didn’t end there either. I played with silly recordings of myself attempting to sing and even reciting nursery rhymes. Hearing my voice impacted by AI to sound like Louis Armstrong or Kayne West delivered some hilarious results. 


Currently, the LALAL.AI Voice Changer is in Beta as they continue to refine and improve the service. Since it is in Beta, it comes with my favorite price point: FREE!

All you need is a free account, and you can use the Voice Changer as much as you like. If you encounter issues, you can give feedback to LALAL.AI to help them improve the Voicer Changer further.

At this stage, I don’t know how long the Beta runs for and what potential pricing there might be down the track, so take advantage of your chance to get in and have a play while the service is free.

Creative Possibilities

After spending a lot of time testing the LALAL.AI Voice Changer, I began to consider the implications of what this technology could do and how to utilize it.

For singers, it is an excellent tool to experiment with to see what their vocal performance might sound like when sung by these mega-superstar artists. It could also provide insight into their singing technique and areas for improvement.

From a DJ’s perspective, the options are endless. I have an extensive selection of acapella that I use to create edits and mashups. However, now I can take it to a whole new level and reimagine songs completely.

Man creating music using a laptop and keyboard.

Using the voice change files can help you create unique mashups and edits.

The prospect of having Lady Gaga at my fingertips to do an AI-generated cover of any acapella in my collection really expands my choices to craft interesting and unique DJ sets.

Beyond these more practical applications, the LALAL.AI Voice Changer is fun. My wife got quite the laugh out of me sending her a personalized message I created using the Elvis Presley Voice Pack.

I’ve only scratched the surface of this tool’s potential, and I’m sure there are many other ways you could utilize LALAL.AI Voice Changer.

Our Verdict

I’ve previously reviewed the LALAL.AI Vocal Remover tool and was thoroughly impressed. The LALAL.AI Voice Changer continues the high standard of the other services they offer. Plus, an exciting workflow is available for extracting a vocal stem and then using the Voice Changer to alter it. Endless possibilities.

The tool is very powerful, and I’m sure it will continue to evolve. It’s also exceptionally easy to use and, more importantly, very fun. I’ve spent far more hours playing around with the tool than I needed to get the info for this review. However, I couldn’t stop trying different combinations and appreciating the results.

If you want to see what your vocal recordings would sound like when sung by top music artists, or you want added creative flexibility to create new acapella for your DJ sets, or if you want a laugh, you should give LALAL.AI Voice Changer a go.

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