ADAM Audio T8V Review – Magnificent Entry-Level Monitor

Hot on the heels of the fantastic and successful T5V and T7V, ADAM Audio adds to the lineup with the biggest monitor yet in the series, the T8V. In this review, we take a closer look at this monitor to see what it has to offer people looking for an 8-inch studio monitor.

ADAM Audio T8V

Front view of the Adam Audio T8V studio monitor.

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The ADAM Audio T8V positions itself as the answer to several popular entry-level 8-inch monitors. Incorporating tech from their more expensive lines, ADAM Audio has delivered a sensational monitor worth exploring.




The ADAM Audio T8V is an excellent addition to the lineup. It ticks several boxes and offers an approachable entry point into the world of studio monitors. Below we check it out in more detail.

Sound Quality

I’ve already had the chance to review the T5V and T7V, and both were impressive monitors that punched way above their price points. So I was eager to see how the 8-inch version differed and if it stayed true to the ADAM Audio sound. And I’m happy to report that they have done it again.

Neutrality is the name of the game with this monitor. It’s impressive how balanced and tight the response is across the entire range. Even more so when you factor in that this is an entry-level monitor.

The bass response is a standout feature. As you would expect from an 8-inch woofer, it offers plenty of grunt. But unlike other options, it isn’t muddy or over-emphasized. It is punchy, warm, and whole.

Sub-bass frequencies present well, and clarity is high. These will be a good choice if you listen to or work with a lot of bass-heavy music. And in most instances, there is enough depth on offer that you can forgo adding a subwoofer to your setup.

The mid-range is equally impressive, with plenty of dynamic life in the sound profile. It does come across ever so slightly scooped but not enough where it will make decisions in the studio difficult. There is enough transparency on offer to deliver a satisfying sound profile.

The highs deliver precision and high clarity. The sound from a ribbon tweeter is often sharper. Some like this, while others might find it a little brittle. I’m sensitive to highs, but at no point did these feel fatiguing.

The intelligent waveguide combines perfectly with the ribbon tweeter to deliver a broad and generous sweet spot. Something you’ll appreciate if you tend to move around your studio frequently.

I already had high expectations after the impressive T5V and T7V, but this larger beast has taken it up a notch, especially if you demand a tight and full low-end response.

I’ve come to trust the Berlin-based ADAM Audio brand, and it appears my trust is well placed. The T8V is a fantastic sounding monitor that is ideal for medium to large studio spaces.

Build Quality

One of the first things I like to check when it comes to quality is the length of warranty that comes with the monitor. Nothing inspires more confidence than an extended warranty. It highlights the amount of faith the company has in its products.

With the T8V, there is a basic 2-year warranty on offer. But this extends to 5 years if you register the product. A lot more than most manufacturers are willing to offer.

It is not hard to see why when you inspect the monitor. Everything on offer features polished finishing and attention to detail, and the thick and robust cabinet has enough heft to give it a premium feel.

Adam Audio T8V Details.

Fantastic quality for an entry-level monitor.

The advanced U-Art Accelerated ribbon tweeter leverages the experience ADAM Audio has gathered from their more premium series of monitors. Likewise, the 8-inch Polypropylene woofer features clean and precise execution.

The metal back plate features secure screws, and all connection points are rigid and reliable. The switches also offer a satisfying click, and the volume knob, while small, is also excellent. Within the unit is a highly efficient dual Class D amp.

The ADAM Audio T8V oozes professional and thoughtful execution from tip to toe. No complaints in this area.


Diving into the details reveals a frequency response of 33Hz-25kHz. For such a slight change in woofer size, it is impressive how low this monitor can hit when compared to the T7V. That monitor already delivered fantastic lows, but this one takes it further. As for the top-end, things remain the same with enough reach to deliver highs accurately.

Adam Audio T8V Specifications.

The T8V features tight bass response and crisp highs.

Max SPL also sees a bump up to 118dB at 1 meter. Ample headroom and impressively low distortion as you creep into higher regions. As always, listening to music at loud levels for long periods is damaging to your hearing. But it is nice to have the room to get a little wild now and again.

Another excellent decision is the choice of going for a bi-amplification model. Two Class D amps deliver plenty of power. 70W for the low-frequency driver and 20W for the high-frequency driver. This combines for a total of 90W, which is 20W more power than the T7V.

All these elements add up to a noticeable jump across the board from its smaller siblings. A commanding studio monitor that rightfully sits at the top of the lineup.

Tuning Options

The T8V offers a refined and straightforward selection of tuning options. It follows the same pattern as the rest of the monitors in the series. While not as expansive as some of the tuning options found on other modern monitors, there is still enough flexibility here to handle most situations.

Adam Audio T8V Tuning Options.

Simple yet effective tuning controls.

You’ll have access to both high-frequency and low-frequency adjustment options. Each offers a baseline 0dB setting and a +2dB and -2dB setting.

The HF switch will be helpful if you find the top end too sharp for your liking. Also handy to tame excessive refractions in untreated rooms. The LF switch is sorely needed due to the rear-firing bass port. Trimming things off a little helps in tighter spaces. But with a monitor of this size, you’d ideally want an appropriately sized room.

More flexibility would have been welcome here, but this is an entry-level monitor, so you can’t expect all the bells and whistles.


On the appearance front, the ADAM Audio T8V delivers a refined and attractive shape that is both functional and eye-catching. There is a lack of color, with the only flair coming from the ribbon tweeter. 

The all-black cabinet might be a little bland for some people, but I like the approach here. These comfortably blend into any studio setting and present a clean and professional appearance. The bevel on the cabinet helps with sound but also adds some much-needed dimensionality to the unit.

Three quarter view of the Adam Audio T8V studio monitor.

The T8V features minimal use of color.

As with the rest of the series, the T8V does feature a few design choices that are not ideal. The most notable is the rear-facing port. I’ll admit a monitor of this size is best placed within a spacious studio, so it isn’t the most concerning issue. But even larger studios can feature a work area that might be close to walls. Front-firing ports inherently are easier to tame.

Another minor nitpick is the volume knob. It lacks an indent for the zero position. It may not seem like much, but considering it is located at the rear of the unit, it can be fiddly to get back to zero when you can’t see what you are doing.

Continuing with the minor gripes is the power indicator which also resides at the back. Once again, you’ll be unable to see it most of the time, and I’d have preferred this on the front.

As mentioned, these are all tiny flaws and, in most cases, easily overlooked. No monitor is perfect, but for an entry-level choice, the T8V gets a lot more right than many of its direct competitors.


There is no beating around the bush when it comes to the T8V. It’s a big monitor. Really big. It demands space and commands an imposing presence. But it is also not excessively large compared to other 8-inch monitors. You’ll need adequate space in your studio to give these monitors ample room to shine.

Adam Audio T8V Dimensions.

The T8V is a large studio monitor.

As for the weight department, these come in at 21.6 lbs. (9.8 kg). A notable jump from the 7-inch model. It is hefty, but that does add to the appeal. It won’t bounce around from vibrations, but you’ll need to ensure your monitor stands can handle them.


The ADAM Audio T8V features the same connection points as the rest of the series. You’ll have access to a balanced XLR connection along with an unbalanced RCA connection.

The addition of an RCA connection is a departure from other monitors. But it does give the unit flexibility for use beyond a studio setting.

Adam Audio T8V Connections.

Balanced and unbalanced connection options with a dedicated switch.

I like how ADAM Audio has included a dedicated switch to adjust output based on input choice. It’s another beginner-friendly function that helps take the guesswork out of tuning your monitor.

While I would have appreciated a TRS option, these two will be adequate for most situations. As with most production-focused monitors, there are no further connectivity options. No Bluetooth or headphone port. You’ll need to look at more consumer-orientated offerings if you want these features.


From a value perspective, the ADAM Audio T8V is a superb choice. The level of detail and the transition of advanced technology from their more expensive lines of monitors is exceptional. You’ll be hard-pressed to find monitors that sound this good at this price point.

There are cheaper monitors out there, but they pale compared to the quality on offer here. And when lined up with its peers, it punches well above its price point. An affordable and high-quality 8-inch monitor that is worth more than what they are charging. 

Customer Reviews

The T series from ADAM Audio has scooped up multiple positive reviews, and the 8-inch version is no exception. Plenty of praise for these entry-level monitors, and I’m not surprised. A fantastic offering that makes high-quality gear accessible.

Keeping Bass In Check

One of the challenges you’ll face in any studio is the possibility that the bass response will have issues due to room dynamics. This is particularly true regarding rear-firing bass ports like the one on the T8V.

Adam Audio T8V in a studio with someone working in the background.

8-inch monitors are best used in medium to large studio spaces.

While dealing with issues with a front-firing port is more manageable, it can also present its own suite of problems. Port noise and interference with the mids and highs are more prevalent with front-firing options. That is why you’ll find many professional monitors opt for a rear-firing port.

To get the most out of your rear-firing monitor, aim to place it at least 2-3 feet away from a wall. Depending on your dynamics, you may want to also roll off the bass by using tuning features. If you want to take it even further, invest in bass traps for the corners and wall panels to help diffuse and minimize reflections.

Other Options

If you are in the market for 8-inch studio monitors, you’ll be presented with a wide range of options. Below we highlight some other monitors worth checking out.

KRK ROKIT 8 G4 Review

KRK Rokit monitors have been a staple of the market for years. The latest generation retains many qualities that made them a favorite while adding new features.

  • Excellent build quality, including Kevlar driver.
  • Satisfying sound profile that is warm and rich.
  • Not the most balanced out of the box, but extensive tuning options help alleviate issues.
Three quarter view of the KRK Rokit 8 G4 studio monitor.

KRK Rokit 8 G4


Mackie MR824 Review

The MR range from Mackie is a step up from their budget offerings, and the increase in quality is very noticeable. The MR824 is the largest in the range and offers a lot.

  • Good sound profile that is reasonably balanced but not as precise as the T8V.
  • Loud output and a generous sweet spot can fill larger studio spaces.
  • Slightly off-balance sound with distinctly sharp highs.
Three quarter view of the Mackie MR824 studio monitor

Mackie MR824


Focal Alpha 80 Evo Review

If you can spend more, the breadth of options dramatically expands. The Alpha Evo series from Focal is among the best options in the 8-inch space.

  • Fantastic clarity and precision. Ideally suited to serious studio work.
  • Slick and attractive design that is a welcome change from more bland-looking choices.
  • These are expensive compared to the T8V.
Front view of the Focal Alpha Evo 80 studio monitor.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

Should You Buy?

ADAM Audio has rounded out their entry-level series with another impressive outing. The increased power and fantastic low-end set it apart from the rest of the line. Close attention to detail and a neutral response make it a great addition to any studio.

If you don’t want to fork out the big bucks for premium studio monitors, these are easily one of the best out there. Powerful, affordable, and capable. A perfect combination.

Three quarter view of the Adam Audio T8V studio monitor.

Adam Audio T8V

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