IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Review – Precise And Compact Monitor

The iLoud Micro was a roaring success thanks to its sleek profile and excellent sound quality. IK Multimedia follows it up with the iLoud MTM. In this review, we check out where it shines and who this monitor is for.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

Front view of the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM.

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The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM offers an innovative design and built-in room correction. An appealing choice for smaller studios and one of the best portable studio monitors available.




The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM has a lot of great features. In some scenarios, it might be the ideal option. Below we take a closer look at what this monitor has to offer.

Sound Quality

The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM delivers a satisfying and neutral sound profile, making it a good choice for mixing. But it isn’t without some faults.

The top-end is fantastic, with a significant amount of clarity and precision. The 1-inch tweeter performs well, and the higher frequencies have no harshness or tinniness. I also appreciate that these are not overly bright like some neutral monitors.

The mids are also impressive. A great deal of depth and fullness brings vocals and instruments to the forefront without misplacing balance. The definition here allows for quick and accurate assessment when mixing.

But the most disappointing element is the bass response. This monitor features a dual 3.5-inch woofer system. These compact monitors don’t have richness and depth at the low end. If you are a bass lover, you’ll need to incorporate a subwoofer into your setup.

While the dual 3.5-inch woofers don’t deliver a meaty low end, there is still intelligent design here. The central placement of the tweeter in tandem with the dual woofers offers a tight and linear listening experience. Everything is coherent and correctly positioned for a smooth and satisfying near-field delivery.

These are competent monitors well suited to daily use in a small studio setup. And when combined with the unique room correcting technology (more on that later), they provide a balanced and neutral sound that you can rely on.

Build Quality

The quality of these monitors is also impressive. The smaller form factor allows for an ultra-durable injection molded plastic form that can easily handle bumps.

The polypropylene mid-woofers and the back-chambered silk dome tweeter are excellent. All the drivers also feature a form-fitting grille for added protection from wandering fingers.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Details.

The iLoud MTM is a tough and durable monitor.

All the connection points are secure at the back, and the buttons are incorporated well. The small rear port is also well integrated into the tight form factor. It’s a clean and refined monitor that won’t fall apart.

It is also worth highlighting the integrated tiltable stand. It’s robust and provides some basic decoupling from surfaces. The included stand for horizontal placement is also high-quality. 

The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM is a rugged and dependable monitor. Excellent quality, and at just 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg), it is lightweight while maintaining high durability.


The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM boasts a frequency response of 40Hz-24kHz. It’s a good range, and it performs well throughout the spectrum. A tight response that is very neutral.

Powering the unit are two class D amps. 70W for the low-frequency drivers and 30W for the high-frequency driver for a total of 100W RMS.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Specifications.

The iLoud MTM features two mid-woofers for even sound delivery.

This power level should result in decent volume levels, but the iLoud MTM tops out at 103dB max SPL. This is noticeably lower than comparable monitors. Digging deeper also shows that while it can hit 103dB, the performance at those levels significantly reduces.

As you creep beyond 85dB, the sound has distinct distortion and sloppiness. These are not monitors that you can run at high volume and achieve consistent results. While you can tweak the output to help smooth things out, it never reaches the same clarity and precision as you experience at lower volume levels.

If you don’t need a loud monitor, these are superb. But you’ll need to look elsewhere if you like to crank your music up occasionally.

Tuning Options

This is one area that is innovative and effective. Most studio monitors rely on a few basic shelving options. Some other modern monitors feature DSP with detailed functionality to tweak the output, and few allow you to adjust to your specific studio space.

The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM includes a calibration microphone. Once your monitors are in place, you simply connect the microphone and place it in your mix position. A simple press of the Calibration button at the rear, and you’ll run through a quick process that will test performance. From there, the output will adjust based on your studio dynamics.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM ARC Microphone.

The calibration microphone is easy to use and effective.

The ARC Room Calibration system does what it says, and there is a noticeable improvement in neutrality and phase coherency. Plus, you can run this calibration as often as needed. A perfect choice for people who alter their studio environment regularly.

You’ll also have access to some further options. Low-frequency extension with 40Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz. You can adjust the low-frequency output by +2dB or -3dB. For the top-end, you can access both +2dB and -2dB. 

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Tuning Options.

Low and high-frequency trim adds extra flexibility.

This combination offers plenty of depth to fine-tune the output for a near-perfect near-field listening experience. But it is worth highlighting that these are near-field monitors, which are not ideal if you need equal and consistent sound throughout the entire room. But most dedicated studio monitors will perform in the same way.

Intelligent and effective. The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM delivers on its promise to give you the flattest response possible while retaining the flexibility to adapt as your setup evolves.


At first glance, the iLoud MTM doesn’t present itself as a traditional studio monitor, and its design DNA leans heavily towards what you expect from desktop computer speakers. But I have to admit I am a fan for multiple reasons.

The first is the compact form factor. These are sleek and streamlined and capable of squeezing into tight spaces. An ideal choice for smaller studios where space is at a premium.

White IK Multimedia iLoud MTM on its side.

The iLoud MTM is also available in white.

The molded plastic offers a slightly textured matte finish. I’m happy not to see any glossy plastic that would be prone to scratches and fingerprints. These look great in both a vertical and horizontal position. A modern and clean addition to any studio. Plus, you can pick these up in white which might suit your studio space better.

There are also a couple of other notable design decisions that separate the iLoud MTM from other options.

The most notable is the MTM configuration of two woofers and one tweeter. A design rarely found on monitors in this price range. And also something rarely seen for most of the popular and recommended studio monitors out there.

Side view of the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM.

The built-in stand can tilt up to 20 degrees.

With the iLoud MTM, the execution is on point. It delivers fantastic neutral sound that is less prone to surface reflections. Even and delightful sound and an excellent choice for smaller studio spaces where surface reflections can be troublesome.

The other notable addition is the tiltable stand. It can tilt up to 20 degrees allowing you to angle the tweeter to align with your ears. It also adds some decoupling, perhaps not as ideal as dedicated stands or pads, but still a nice inclusion and better than nothing.

With a sleek modern design and intelligent use of an MTM setup, the iLoud both looks and sounds great.


If you are exploring the iLoud MTM, it is likely due to the compact form factor it offers. Its slimline profile is a perfect choice for smaller desks. Even compact studio monitors tend to be a little bulky, but the iLoud makes it a breeze to integrate into your space.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Dimensions.

The iLoud MTM is compact and lightweight.

I’ve already mentioned that these come in at just 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg). Super lightweight and easy to move about. But while they are light and slim, the rear-facing port could prove problematic if you need these tucked up against a wall. 


The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM keeps things straightforward in the input department. You’ll have access to a lone combo jack that supports TRS and XLR. There is also a USB connection point for firmware updates along with the ⅛ inch TS connection for the ARC microphone.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Connections.

A single combo jack is the only input option.

Beyond that, there are no additional connection options. There is no headphone port, AUX, or RCA connection. Additionally, there is no Bluetooth functionality. Many of these features tend to be more consumer orientated, but if you are coming from computer speakers, it is worth highlighting their absence.


For a compact studio monitor that performs this well, the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM offers good value. It is not the cheapest option, but the sound quality is on par, if not better than several other choices at this price point.

The addition of the ARC microphone and advanced features are also worth highlighting. The robust construction and flexible design also add value to these. An excellent choice for smaller studios where high neutrality is essential.

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of people are very happy with the iLoud MTM. Plenty of praise for the compact form factor and detailed sound. Most admit that the bass extension is not the best, but for a pure mixing experience, these are an excellent workhorse option.

A few reviews mention what appears to be an early manufacturing defect, but more recent reviews seem to highlight that this may have been an isolated issue with earlier models.

What is MTM?

MTM stands for (mid-woofer, tweeter, mid-woofer) as a driver configuration. While the initial design in the 60s had some issues, the refinements by Joseph D’Appolito have made it an enticing option, and now this setup is often referred to as a D’Appolito configuration.

MTM Diagram.

An MTM configuration can minimize reflections.

There can be time alignment issues with a classic woofer and tweeter combo. This is why a traditional monitor needs careful construction and design principles to ensure a consistent and even sound where the crossover between high and mids is balanced.

An MTM setup adds an additional woofer to help stabilize the on-axis response, resulting in tighter performance and a high level of neutrality. But at the cost of a more narrow sweet spot and odd performance on the off-axis.

Either configuration style can deliver fantastic results. But an MTM setup can especially be helpful in small studios or rooms with poor dynamics.

Other Options

While there is nothing quite like the iLoud MTM, several other enticing monitor options are still available. Below are a few different choices that might be better suited to your needs.

Edifier R1850DB Review

If you don’t need or want an ultra-neutral response, the R1850DB is a good alternative. These are more consumer-grade than studio monitors but possess some great features.

  • A rich and inviting sound that is more forgiving and less neutral.
  • An abundance of connection options makes these a great choice for various applications.
  • These are not balanced enough for serious studio work.
Three quarter view of the Edifier R1850DB speakers

Edifier R1850DB

Neumann KH 80 Review

Legendary microphone manufacturer Neumann has moved into studio monitors, and the KH 80 is a compact and powerful choice for smaller studios.

  • Superb sound quality that is dynamic and accurate. It also has a better bass response than the iLoud MTM.
  • Robust construction that is durable and reliable while maintaining an approachable price.
  • Not the most attractive-looking monitor. Overly “bubbly” in appearance.
Three quarter view of the Neumann KH 80 DSP studio monitor.

Neumann KH 80


Bose Companion 2 Series III Review

The Companion 2 Series III from Bose is another set of slimline speakers. These pack a loud and dynamic sound profile that is perfect for casual listening.

  • Loud sound output that maintains clarity and is distortion free.
  • Front-facing headphone port is a convenient addition.
  • The sound profile is not balanced, making it a poor choice for studio work.
Three quarter view of the Bose Companion 2 Series III speakers.

Bose Companion 2 Series III

Should You Buy?

The iLoud Micro was an innovative and capable option, and IK Multimedia has followed it up with another fantastic and unique offering. The iLoud MTM delivers excellent sound quality that is smooth and accurate. A good option for daily mixing use, even with the slightly disappointing low-end.

The ability to customize the output using the dynamics of your room is also an excellent feature. Plus, it is hard to find streamlined and compact monitors that perform this well. With an approachable price, they also offer good value for money. A solid choice for smaller studio spaces.

Three quarter view of the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM


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